Do Shanghai dragon to let the user experience is good first of all let Baidu experience good


4, the top three to solve what user demand points, to see whether they completely solve the user demand points, if has been solved, so we must further solve the user demand point of innovation. For example, someone opened a restaurant, we also opened a home, how do we want their business goes well? First, than the price, we are.


to let the user experience is good, first of all let Baidu experience good! How can you let love Shanghai more love our website? Why love Shanghai to make our station to the keywords home? In addition to those based on TDK, 301, 404, high quality original Shanghai Longfeng essential foundation, what can we do it? Never thought for a long time also want to give you the most intuitive to share some of his own experience and experience, finally think the actual example seems more convincing! Said,

algorithm, the webmaster friends should know that from the beginning of 2015 love Shanghai K station can be seen on the website of Shanghai dragon in "user experience" era is coming! The chain like pseudo original practices in the past have already out has only now! The best user experience of the website to get the ranking and traffic

began to dry cargo!

3, to do user experience, how to analyze the top three? Of course, to analyze the demand from the user. How to analyze user needs? Yong Bao summed up the three points: first, the user needs to find the core point; second, compared to competitors have to solve user needs; third, find the maximum demand keywords.

2, if we want to let Shanghai know love our website is better than other sites, how to do? The most simple way, compared with the same industry, the same website keywords. But again, we are going to compare with tens of thousands of sites? No, we don’t need to compare with tens of thousands of websites, as long as I am with the website before three! Because no matter from which side, the top three most convincing! That is to say, we are ranked comparison: love Shanghai top three (of course, to the exclusion of love Shanghai’s own products, we all know Kazakhstan). For example, the permanent treasure now do loan industry, if you want to search for the "loan company", careful shoes will find the row in love before the Shanghai three station title in the "loan", "professional" and "regular" and other words, of course, is a method, which is your specific industry you have to try

1, love Shanghai included. Want to let Shanghai know we love recognition or at least the first website, our website must be based on love Shanghai included. (it seems a bit redundant);

With the continuous upgrading of Shanghai love

a friend asked: the user experience should start from what? Although we all know that all the dressing is based on the user experience on the basis of the website, but to really do user experience really do not know how to start… Don’t worry, and listen carefully to give you a permanent treasure:

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