Analysis of 404 examples of page three points you should pay attention to the details of the product

cannot access the page we should first find the cause, and make timely treatment, if it is unable to display should use 404 error page to tell the search engines and visitors related page no longer exists. We need to design a friendly 404 error page. In the production of 404 error page, don’t just go to make a simple page, or simply to jump to the home page. This will give visitors and search engines to leave a good impression. So we should pay attention to what the details in the production of 404 error page? The author on this issue in a 404 error page A5 webmaster nets for example three share some of their own experiences.

when the visitors understand that this is an error page, you’re thinking about going to.

as a webmaster I clearly understand that due to the site upgrade, system changes, changes in the structure or server replacement and other reasons will lead to some page cannot be accessed, dead links, many new Adsense may ignore this problem, think it a few pages open. But the damage to the internal optimization of our site is great, too frequently can not open the page, the search engine will think you this site is not stable, and the search engine spiders will not know how to index your site, your site will finally give up.

if your site has a uniform page head and at the bottom of the design, so in the production of 404 error pages on your will try to fit the style of the page at the same time we also need a prominent position at the site of the Logo logo plus to enable visitors to be able to more clearly identify this is an error page we on the site.

I think this


two: in the 404 page where the most eye-catching display detailed error information

three: the chain

in style of making the site error page should be consistent with our site, don’t let our visitors know I entered into our site in what the error page. The search engine more and more intelligent, as long as we are on the one hand, improve the user friendly experience, believe that get the favour of search engine is not a difficult task.


: a 404 page style and layout should be consistent with the site

page error message below and provide choice for visitors

also lists several possible causes of the problem on the page, such as the address you entered is wrong, the site is under maintenance and so on.

when the visitors entered the 404 page, the first time to see the detailed error information, clear up to prompt the user, you visit the page no longer exists. As the A5 error page will provide the following information.

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