Analysis of the effect of frequency on the optimization of the keyword density


keyword density distribution, this is also the many Shanghai dragon Er debate. The distribution of keywords, which is title, keywords, description and the content of main part. The more knowledge is key, distribution of title and description in two parts of the most important, especially for the website home page, the two part must be written, generally speaking, the main part of the title keyword appears less than three times better, the best is three times, but not more than four times, some of the main keywords appear 5 – Description 6 times, but not recommended more than 8 times, the emergence of a secondary keywords. As for the content page, may be a little bit less.

content in the main part, the number of the main keywords appear should be controlled at about 6 times when the keyword density is calculated, including title, keywords and description, including the ALT picture description part, so the emergence of too many keywords, keyword density will greatly increase, may touch.

keyword density and keywords frequency, which is the important part of website optimization, because the search engine ranking rules, this is a very influential. Today is the combination of my small experiment, it said keyword density and keywords frequency.


briefly talk about the website keyword density and keywords frequency concept. In fact, the website keyword density and keywords frequency that is a concept, just view is different; the website keyword density generally use percentage statistics, keyword frequency is the target keywords in the page of the keyword frequency, the higher the frequency, the greater the relative keyword density. For a detailed explanation of the keyword density, we are interested can look at love Shanghai Encyclopedia of this Wikipedia entry keyword density.

how to control the keyword density, keyword density control is the most reasonable in many areas? For this problem, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er have different interpretations, but generally considered in the range of 2%~10%, for example, keyword density suggested value is 2%~8% Chinese station. Of course, this is not certain, keyword density is a relative value, not absolute weight, this depends on your site training, such as the Shanghai dragon keywords, Shanghai dragon industry leader Shanghai dragon why home page keyword density is 11.2% (possibly with the update will change, such as a few days ago, I see 11.5%), more than the recommended value of 8%, this shows that this interval is a relatively good range, especially for new sites and the weight of the station is not very high. I like the home station, the main keywords Chinese letter network density reached 9.2%, even approaching 10%, but considering that this station is not high, so, or around 9%. Because have done experiments, keyword density reached 17%, is in love with the sea K, but Google is still in.


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