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there used to be a station friend, and our station was basically made at the same time, but his station was sold directly. The flow rate is very high, and the speed of development is several times higher than that of my station. "Why?" he said. "Advertising revenue is too small.". There is one, only more than 2000 members every day, traffic is only about 5000, every day more than 1US income. My PS station, when more than 7000 member, only then has 0.5US income. The difference is on the subject.

first select the content. Secret Love Island is related to the health class website, the highest click price is 0.8US a GG. I also built a PS forum, which was only about 0.05 at that time. So do GG, want to think well, which kind of GG unit price is relatively high?. General health and trading classes are relatively high. My feeling is that. Do not build a web site, each time only 0.1, the unit price enough to click on your site several times.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

content is not only directly related to the unit price, but also directly related to your website, future development, and traffic. To integrate all aspects of the site to do a good job positioning, and then set up. is the leading search engine business, including a comprehensive collection of Alibaba, HC, thousands of business web business, organic integration, so that users make the Internet business. Believe me, I pay by phone advertising is a new type of online advertising service which pays advertising fees according to the number of valid telephone calls. The letter calls me pay advertising your ads, even more users to browse, click, do not need to pay any cost of advertising, only received a valid telephone consultation when customers will have the advertising expenses, advertising has been effectively protected, pay for customers to achieve a lower risk of advertising. I believe that I pay for the ad, while adding a convenient, simple way of communication, so that prospective customers are more willing to take the initiative to inquire. The webmaster simply adds a small piece of simple code to show me my paid – in AD and gain the benefit of a phone call from a web user.

nine wins and Shanghai letter I network science and technology limited company through friendly consultations, reached a cooperation agreement, the two sides will conduct cooperation, I believe the call will be fully on-line advertising.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

I believe

said, "GG, don’t mention my website.". I now call the station Secret Love Island Is a health advisory, emotional chat as the theme of the forum. There used to be a PS station, and the one with the lowest price was starving. Fortunately, I didn’t quit my job. Otherwise, if I just want to feed myself on GG’s income, I wouldn’t have the chance to write this article for everyone today.

then please login League official address:

third is a good way to increase the click rate of GG. This method is only one, according to their own site, constantly changing advertising colors, location. The premise is that your website ads really have a high degree of compatibility with your website theme. No matter how you change it, at least someone will be interested in it. You can’t make a profit by being late. Unless you’re behind the times. And click on a successful once, so that there will be high income.

many webmaster are living by GG, keep web site, make dream, wish you success.

second select the topic. No more than three subjects for one station. Do not be a health station, but also pour out the station, or irrigation station, it would be meaningless. This determines your site’s matching ads.

more League information is available:


release: 2007-12-12

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

talking about shlf1314 advertising revenue, listen to a lot of prawns who say that the daily income can be more than 100 US. I didn’t want to rely on GG to change my destiny and become a millionaire. Just one day, a dozen US income to improve the little days.

if you want to do GG, then I have a few suggestions here.


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