Analysis of the current situation of domestic and foreign Wangzhuan ClickEFriendsNet crackdown cheat

click Wangzhuan can be divided into foreign click Wangzhuan PTC or Bux station and China click Wangzhuan, mainly carries on the analysis system of the two click Wangzhuan:

why many PTC have such a system, where is the station PTC source of interest? 1, most of the webmaster PTC benefits from membership investment income: all PTC stations offer upgrade services, there will be a lot of concessions after the upgrade, such as lifting line Commission and 50% to 100% or even 200%, you can rent line in fact, is the webmaster robots and so on many benefits. Drawback is: investment risk, investment payback period in 1-3 months, during this period if you can return to this, on behalf of your profit, if you do not stand failure, you can recover the investment losses, PTC! Why station closed, very simple, his membership benefits from investment income, with the passage of time, a member of the investment will be more and more, his income will be more and more, at the same time, owners also pay first investment member, when investment peaked, owners will earn a lot of money, slowly spending will be greater than the income, owners began to play to depend on not paying members, appeared to collapse. In the early days, many PTC stations did so, and the interests of the first, if you want to do a long-term station, such as NeoBux, is not easy, lies in how the owners deal with money. 2, PTC another income alliance promotion income: that is, we click 4 ads every day, is also the webmaster’s source of interest. 3, advertising revenue: for example, click ads at the bottom of the page or above, there are BANNER ads, but also the source of interest for the webmaster. However, the benefits of these two points are far less than the member’s investment income.

first talk about foreign Wangzhuan Click:

  cheating announcement: as long as the registration website does not open, did not find the registration site advertising, a page on more than 2 ads or malicious code, modify the advertising force or induce malicious click brush advertising, according to cheat, not to pay the Commission confiscated! Please cooperate site seriously according to the provisions of the implementation of

foreign Wangzhuan click also known as: PTC or Bux station. Mainly in English, because English is the language of the world, so most of the PTC are in English, and there are some German and Japanese stations. Here, I mainly speak English, PTC. Most of the English Bux score in about 0.5 to 1 cents, 1 are more beautiful, the minimum billing amount between 1 to 2 U.S. dollars, generally every day there are 4 or more advertising. For example: the best PTC station: 4 ad NeoBux every day, every ad 1 cents a minimum of $2 payment, after each payment of an additional dollar cap of $ten, is the first time we need $1, second times we need $2 to $ten and so on… No increase in. Some credit station is 0.5 cents each ad, every day about 4-10 advertising, a dollar payment to $ten cap.

why I didn’t cheat account was K, because you do not invest, there is a lot of offline, your income is far greater than your investment, the owners did not make money, not K you K? Owners only allow non investment members earn 10>

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