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my reflection, why now such false free can large formal advertising on some postage, indeed is not a small expenditure, but since you are advertising, but not to sell products, advertising or sales behavior? A lingerie postage postage? 25–30? Experience a webmaster 1-2 yuan is the commission? Is an international courier sent us?

the next step is to continue to improve the software, but users have added to the toolbar Amoy some commonly used software to go inside, and then submitted to the software download site, so users will be easier to download and install, became my user. Of course, you can also use some tempting way to allow users to download and install, not too honest, huh, huh,

a person’s power is limited after all, I hope we can communicate more. My is: 1173007225. Let’s make progress together,

do Wangzhuan have long done, click, investigation, opened a shop, don’t deceive everyone, do not earn money, I also grow up in failure, sum up is to do Wangzhuan, really tired! Now join the Taobao customer care.

looks forward to the results network, dark horse, and so on, the trust of the excellent alliance to make their own advertising features, so that in a free promotional CPA and disguised sales of CP* back to his position, in order to the credibility of the majority of the webmaster!


as a small webmaster, seems to have no right to question, put forward to the advertising alliance class CPA advertising but remember DHC free trial to apply makeup, a surprise to many webmaster, similar to the pure CPA receive free advertising is really good, tiger also belong to this, some do not say.

I want to

do now is Taobao search promotion and channel promotion, Taobao IE tool is made, the need to find a way to let the user install, then contact the several familiar download station, let them help, half of the Commission, they are more help, more than a week, there are more than 100 people downloaded this tool, after a few days, finally, finally Ali mother have the income, not much, just a few yuan, first tasted the Wangzhuan joy, I have to earn money. After the good, because the software is installed, the user base is relatively fixed, so my income will be relatively stable,

is already no longer have to apply for a free class to let the webmaster excited the advertisement? But I found the trial network still has many activities, advertising advertisers lose trust? All the union lost? I tried to apply for a free newspaper I have no name, but also should not pay the postage to apply for a free

Adsense’s reputation is earned by sweat and blood,.

issued a document on grassroots webmaster web games do you say the station is too soft, or bring hundreds of traffic, so we should not be with colored eyes to see the soft, soft text is very ingenious ways of promotion. I have several small, is not made. Interested friends can add my :503577703. good advertising the Union also hopes to recommend me, honest do stand, make friends with.


day in the use of shlf1314 IE tools, I suddenly thought, why not do Wangzhuan their strengths? I am writing software, write the code is my good, why don’t I develop a shlf1314 tool similar to the Amoy toolbar? Toolbar advantage is that user viscosity is high. As long as the user installed, and provides some function, the user will not easily uninstall, can be said to be once and for all things, do find the Taobao toolbar, imitate the above format, looking for some IE tools development information, but unfortunately, this information is not online, can only rely on their own MSDN, check, write code, test, code….., after several days of unremitting efforts, the tool made, as follows:


, a long time after, but did not see the Advertising Alliance launched a new free to apply for advertising, but there are some grab the eye " free " for products, such as what underwear, cosmetics and the like, but the users see advertising slogan, that is free of charge, and then registered, fill in a form, a series of the work finished, they found " select the postage payment, that is " experience not feel cheated? This is not a negative effect on the website, have some small, basically some friends or some people trust web browsing, and in this case, my friends was repeatedly asked, free advertising your site is fake? I admit, when I saw the advertisement that the need for postage, but did not think, I finally know, this wide .

! !


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