Excellent League recommendation Fifth visionFor stationmaster the acme of profit is contracted

1. is just because it’s simple, simple enough that you can’t go beyond it. – Robin Li,


· fifth The5V | horizon advertising media was founded in March 2005, has its own network advertisement core ADS-Container technology and applied to various advertising products, won the unanimous praise from the industry! Is a non official website alliance has a leading position, with thousands of members.

· fifth The5V | horizon advertising media supported by modern science and technology, standardized management as a means to high-quality personnel for the foundation, to provide perfect service for customers. The alliance developed rapidly since its inception, and now owns a number of high performance servers, and has a group of experienced technical development personnel, information management and customer service to improve the management system, with strong technical strength and economic strength, have enough ability to fulfill every customer service commitment

1 good reputation and experienced website alliance operation experience.

, obviously, whether it’s good 123 or ip138, meets the above two points. Now many webmaster more desperately to engage in site, articles, the quality is not high, not what website features, development is difficult to let visitors to the site. The end is, the body is bad, no flow.

3 good reputation and brand, with the majority of web owners and advertisers together to build a

there are two criteria for a good website: 1., unique and unique service content; 2., automatic dissemination ability.

"in August 31, 2004, when 2004 Chinese Internet Conference and the Asia Pacific Digital Technology Expo held in Beijing," sh419 hao123 "! sh419 invested 50 million yuan, plus part of sh419 shares, transaction price belongs to the mainland China which involves a large amount of money site acquisition."

well, 123. How simple is it? It’s pure form, not even a graphic artist. It’s simply surprising. And later imitators can’t go beyond this model, so now almost all of the mainstream navigation station, their style is to imitate the good 123 to make, to go beyond the good 123 natural is very difficult. Here we look at the evaluation of the Li Xingping website Li Xingping partner Cai Wensheng hao123: "do not say, he made a IP138 query IP address, it is not even a website, just a simple", but very useful, there are millions of traffic for 1 days. I think he is very understanding of the Internet in China users, and I understand the webmaster, very understanding of products." This text attracted my attention, is another site, says Cai Wensheng Li Xingping of IP138, you open to count, which can make numerous masters of art is absolutely dumbfounded, this is entirely a table frame + a form created, for a skilled programmer, perhaps no fee for a long time, will be able to frame a.

· fifth The5V | horizon advertising media is the Internet advertising and online marketing solutions provider, mainly for advertisers, website owners to provide a fair and equitable trading platform.

2 owns ad surveillance technology of self owned intellectual property, and successfully applies alliance monitoring technology to various advertising platforms such as CPA, CPC, CPS and so on.

· fifth | horizon advertising media The5V has experienced marketing team, and continuous innovation in the marketing operation mode, launched the rich marketing mode, to meet the diverse needs of the webmaster friends.

Li Xingping is that he knows the user. Before 123, users find a website is very troublesome, after 123, we used the site have been listed above, saving a lot of time, so the 123 will develop so fast. Later ip138 has also become a popular tool for some strange mobile phone calls or IP addresses, we all have the desire to find. Ip138 mobile phone number and the function, even a professional I engage in numerology buddy love watch. Li Xingping >

2. do not know visitors, nor qualified to make excellent sites.

contact fifth has more than half a year horizon soon, in this half a year and looked at him steadily, watched him grow slowly, joined from several webmaster at the beginning, to dozens, hundreds to thousands now, fast payment, arrears owners wages. A lot of money to create value for all types of enterprises and individual owners, by the majority of owners and insiders praise, owners of all union loyalty is also in the forefront of the New Year approaching fifth year horizon launched webmaster registered Ji song 30 promotions. the5v/index/reg.php welcome stationmaster to throw in.

· fifth The5V | horizon advertising media platform by virtue of the system stable, reliable and secure payment credibility, establish a good reputation in the industry. We will be customer satisfaction as our responsibility, to achieve more intimate, more perfect service, unremitting efforts. We believe that we will have a happy cooperation with our webmaster friends and advertising service providers.

Another thing about

a paragraph above is 04 years of sh419 acquisition of 123 of the event. But more surprising is that the 123 really worth 50 million? 123 what

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