Expose the shady story of CPA’s advertising fraud softwareWeChat marketing small assistant let your

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WeChat marketing came into being a new way of the Internet, and many enterprises and individuals have tasted the sweetness of many, the development prospects are also very worth looking forward to, so compared with the traditional Internet marketing, WeChat has the advantages.

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PA broadcast

is currently a lot of CPA advertising on the Internet,

principle is one, that is, all the CPA ads tied together,

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many people are asking what kind of marketing assistant, WeChat good ah, a small series to introduce two good use of WeChat marketing assistant.

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while a WeChat assistant software called one hundred software, this software marketing batch friends is specifically for marketing use, the use of one hundred software can be batch , one day can add 1000 people, with 1>

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Hello everyone, I win in the starting point, 752342, bbs.admin5, ID, reputation is the hard truth,

first, competitive world Wang WeChat marketing software, this software is designed for the apple IOS system, can achieve a variety of WeChat marketing software, compared many software installed on the IOS, is already a great advantage. Use WeChat assistant can batch add friends to friends, targeted advertising, multiple accounts to turn operation, and implement the IP address, random delay automatic switching of mobile phone waiting, random selection verification language and other powerful features. Mainly divided into two modules: first, automatic powder; two is automatic marketing that is, automatic advertising. Automatic powder is mainly automatic to greet people in the vicinity, automatically adding group member as a friend, add a friend WeChat mobile phone mail list, batch import mobile phone number / micro signal / associated with a number of WeChat friends etc.; automatic marketing is to chat in the mail list, WeChat group, friends chat interface automatically send text ads or is the public platform links etc.. In addition, there are automatically in the circle of friends comments of praise and comments etc.. These days, push cards, friends circle, auto send pictures and language and so on.

huge user base, according to reliable data shows that, in the WeChat marketing after more than a year, the number of users of WeChat reached one hundred million huge development space, called a terrorist, there is no doubt that WeChat has become the most hot Internet chat tools, and according to the development of Tencent . We have reason to believe that the amount of users of WeChat is not limited to the number of one hundred million, the development of space is still very wide.

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software is very simple, so we don’t have to buy it,

interactive information exchange is more prominent, although a few years ago, the fiery interactive marketing blog and also the fans, but not in time, unless you can keep every day in front of the computer, and WeChat is not the same, WeChat has interactive timeliness is very strong, no matter where you are, as long as you can with a mobile phone. Easily with your future customers interact very well.

of CPA ad fraud software

sh419 has a lot of software like this,

these are easy to implement,

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, such as the industry’s well-known cheating CPA plug-in,

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, in fact, the so-called CPA advertising plug-in is a downloader,

exposes the shady.

with intelligent mobile phone is becoming more and more popular, WeChat has been slowly from the high income group to the masses, a few years later, perhaps there will be such a scene, Chinese intelligent mobile phone software market, WeChat stands became the dominant position, is similar to today’s computer chat tools in the position, can not shake.