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just chatted with Zeng, and talked about what to do now. Also asked about my salary, to tell you the truth, I really can’t say anything about it. Am I still paid? So I have been working on my own project and have been doing marketing work myself. For those of us friends, we have been removed from the Internet for several years, the truth sometimes really stayed in one place not long, because our heart is throbbing. And a lot of times, we work for the company boss is a layman, not to pay attention to this area as guardian of the place to stay now, do not pay attention to online shopping, online shopping and buy a total of >

fresh electricity supplier why difficult to do, the key point is this "fresh" word, network sales of fresh food for fresh preservation, logistics, distribution are strict requirements. The traditional electronic commerce, a commodity sold on the warehouse no problem; even the clothes can also be sensitive to seasonal tail goods, or Tun until next year to solve the problem. But a day later than the fresh, not fresh. Traditional channel operators are difficult to solve this problem, if in accordance with the traditional distribution and distribution methods to do electricity supplier, then the electricity supplier will not have any advantages. This time, the cooperation between Suichang and Juhuasuan has a little "C2B" meaning. The first Juhuasuan diversion, the user orders, then according to the order of Suichang shop Association let the master of slaughtering slaughtering, cutting, packaging, and SF express delivery, the next morning to be able to serve the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai consumers. Among them, the storage and distribution of foreign MAP technology, the use of SF fresh products foam boxes, ice packs to ensure fresh pork quality. MAP packaging refers to the removal of fresh pork by acid and ventilation and the filling of CO2+O2 with a mixture of gases. This new preservation technique can last up to 7 days, even in hot summer. In this way, the delivery of logistics costs to Zhejiang, Zhejiang and Shanghai is 20 yuan per kg 3 kg.

agricultural products electricity supplier is currently a lot of start-up companies, as well as local governments are pondering the trend and trend. But the challenge is still very large; for example, this time, the Suichang online shopping Association spent a lot of extra manpower to each farmer’s home, one by one to collect pigs. Farmers in Suichang usually keep two pigs at one year, one for themselves and one for sale. It takes 10 months for a native pig to grow into adulthood. Light pig link is a big challenge, and so on, after a few thousand tons of orders a day, the need for a large number of slaughter master and helper to slaughter, cutting and packaging. The actual labor cost of finding so many butcher chefs will be higher than usual

couldn’t remember the day when she started busy every morning until one night, and finally made a decision: "go to bed before 12.". Guard Yuan Kun is a man of my word, just like, I got myself a slap in the face. Sometimes the so-called punishment is really not a punishment, just warn yourself, some things should be done, and some things should not be done.

has been in love with the Internet since he first met the web site in 08 only 06 years of sh419 and . Has studied the website operation, along with misses the Lam Ching Ying forum the decline, and studies the website operation, the profit and the sustainable development. 10 years began to focus on network marketing and Adsense profit problem, because I’m not technical origin, so more attention is the executive power. Remember, in order to study, I will stay overnight to see the webmaster’s home and A5 master’s article. To analyze whether your experience is feasible, why do you do so?. What will happen if I do it?. Because of this, I also applied for a free forum in 5d6d to do experiments. Every time I see you on the sh419 algorithm change, website ranking no, I still as steady as Mount Tai free forum. Now, with the chef encyclopedia on the line, the establishment of personal blog. That free forum has been closed by me

ten minutes, 3 days, 1000 pounds; 20 thousand pounds; it is mid April, Zhejiang created the famous Suichang soil pork in the "Juhuasuan" miracle; this is the first time in Suichang to try fresh products and network selling, 3000 households have soil pork, but also for the first time in such a way into the Jiangsu and Zhejiang Shanghai common families, the event attracted 1 million people at Juhuasuan, this is the power of the Internet, a rare success stories is fresh.

think about it. The meat I received early in the morning was just killed yesterday. I’m afraid it’s not possible to go to the local food market.

"Suichang pig growth in the original ecological culture is very suitable for the small mountain climate, every evening in the free movement of up to 500 meters above the forest, only drink the local quality of the spring, eat wild pigs and grains, meat is very delicious." This is the vice governor of Suichang Ye Zhaohui local soil pig evaluation, see out, he is very confident of their own things.

Guardian yuan Kun has a dream, hoping to soar in the Internet world. Therefore, I also actively study online marketing knowledge, in my consciousness, SEO is really just a way of publicity and promotion. For marketing, it is just one aspect of search engine marketing. However, SEO is infinitely magnified by unwitting friends, and SEO becomes omnipotent. Because in everyone’s consciousness: Internet users are through search engines, so more often, webmasters and SEO workers are only thinking about changes in search engines. How many people think about the direct audience of our website? I believe very few. Precisely because we are too dependent on search engines, so we just go to find loopholes in the algorithm, just for a good ranking, forget our website users. And stand a row of forums, homeopathy website profit trading theory, from the traditional way of SEO and users create value, optimize the website two aspects of the operation of the website. Users are the foundation of the website, and the source of all benefits lies in the users. However, too many friends have forgotten.