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Ma Yun Ma Huateng, the people often understood as a greater success, the grand and Chen Tianqiao is attributed to the lonely camp, in the Tencent’s reading group acquired the grand literature, and read the group to be listed on the occasion, and is more, Ma Huateng realized the ideal of Chen Tianqiao.

Chen Tianqiao in the overseas market also frequently have the layout, investment fund management Legg Mason Capital an Management, the United States listed company LendingClub, was another success. < >

. "All my energy is thinking, that is, how we look forward, never look back."."

Chen Tianqiao long ago put forward the concept of network Disney, but as he left the Internet industry more and more far away, many people think, Chen Tianqiao from their network, Disney dream more and more far away.

When asked about Chen Tianqiao’s evaluation of himself, Chen Tianqiao said, "there is very little time to evaluate yourself as a question that is not considered of great value to you."

wireless marketing industry confusion, a large number of companies can through informal access to a large number of mobile phone users, the exact number, because of the lack of rules, sending messages flooding, leading to the mass of the first wireless marketing cognition is the mass mass SMS, MMS, WAP, bulk mass and the cognition because of the large number of spam messages the existence of reputation declined again. Of course, because the mass has precise positioning mainly rely on the precise number of mobile phones, or from the big brand advertisers to SP Pro gaze. It is said that the focus of the wireless to BMW do accurate WAP PUSH, because the accuracy of the group BMW 3 series of target groups, the effect obtained a high degree of recognition of BMW, of course, the value is not expensive. While on a certain level of WAP site advertising, because of the early Free Wap to survive, reduced to SP promotion way, with a large number of pornographic relevant information, from a certain angle to >


Chen Tianqiao has a very open-minded attitude, said the game, literature, payment, prepaid card that many businesses are started by the grand, gradually bigger, see today Chinese games, literature, online payment, e-commerce boom is also happy.

over the past few years, Shanda has sold Shanda, Shanda, literature and other assets into a professional global investor. And Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng different, Chen also faded from the Internet arena.

Chen Tianqiao believes that he has never left the dream that he has been looking forward to. The so-called "network Disney" does not represent animation, comics, games, cartoon characters.

the real network, Disney, should represent the ultimate sense of happiness for everyone. How to create happiness, how to enjoy it, and how to make it truly sustainable.

"we wish the reading group the former grand literature can be very successful on the way of listing."

, "frankly, I’ve never left, or I feel I’ve never left anything I love. I just never want to repeat what I’ve done."."

no age depended on communication tools as it is today. Although the distance between people in remote, but we can’t stand lonely and lonely, so the mobile phone has virtually become a indispensable tool for people, the more open mobile phone is becoming more and more. Today, China has more than 508 million mobile phone users, and this figure is expanding with the development of the vast rural market. Mobile Internet users are growing at an annual rate of 50%, leaving the growth of traditional Internet far behind. Cell phone has become a veritable "Pocket PC", it is not only the most important mobile communication tools, but also the most efficient tool for information acquisition. It is no exaggeration to say that a mobile wireless era has arrived.

"fifth media" is increasingly recognized by more and more people, and everything seems to be full of business opportunities. Wireless marketing based on mobile phones has become a recognized gold mine to be developed. Any industry, from confusion to order, wireless marketing industry so. How to enjoy the wealth brought by digging gold mines, we must continue to follow the emergence of new technologies, as well as comply with the rules of the game, we can really laugh at the end.


in fact, Chen more enjoy this life the current state, and the family life together, enjoy a good environment, and his wife donated $115 million to the California Institute of Technology to build brain science research institute.

at today’s "Sheng fighters" activities, the long appearance of the founder of Chen Tianqiao through video means to reveal their aspirations. Chen Tianqiao said, he never left, and never regretted the sale of Shanda, Shanda literature.

lady Lei Jianping July 30th reported

at the last Southern China wireless marketing salon, whether it is the industry or AI, are more optimistic, agreed that by 2008 will be the entire wireless marketing growth period, 2010 will enter a mature period. I will be relatively pessimistic, the growth of wireless marketing extended to 2010, which mainly consider a few questions: who leads the value chain, who will draw up rules, how to distribute the benefits, etc.. The channel is China Mobile, but from China Mobile in 06, 07 years of action, they refused to become a simple channel provider, and Free Wap, a large number of growth of sending spam messages has affected the normal conduct of business, whether they will do what action? And the Ministry of information industry will start from what point? Radio and television, press and publication administration, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce they will

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