Wangzhuan novice how to adapt to the changing time nowWhether the popcorn alliance really more and m

here, I would like to say that we should be as young as possible mature as soon as possible, I think it is very simple, is to see more posts, thinking more, search more. I read this post separately, needless to say, think more about this person, some by post payment figure others can relate to what is the station, some people only see the boy made a lot of ah, hey, this example is somewhat obvious, but the reaction is a mode of thinking a thought. How much is the sh419 search, shlf1314, sh419 and shlf1314 of the 2 search results is the same, more analysis, do not understand can post for help, you can also ask your understanding of an expert, but not as good as the simple search, to direct. Oh, of course you know who would like to explain to you, for you that’s expert are willing to guide you, you are a newbie? so your search is the best teacher.

above is only a personal point of view, friends with different opinions are welcome to discuss, thank you.

      after I published "popcorn Union became more and more trash" admin5/article/20071013/58562.shtml article, the webmaster friends comments that "although the money is not the popcorn alliance how much, but still can do". Well, I’ve been working with the popcorn Federation’s Web site to integrate several 1000ID owners from the popcorn League and screen the league’s earnings.

do you want to do Wangzhuan others know what you are doing, but you cannot do, only with your work, this is the master. It is higher.

      ID717 fenggwx 06 years data: 129.24-414.63-678.54-639.48-1737.06 -540.24-307.14-209.79-562.05-283.14–322.17-396.45-105.42-182.88.
765 lexiu 06 years -182.76-167.94-518.46-490.68-426.72-07 630.42-238.8-118.17-155.1-158.91-188.07-3>

, but any veteran, master, are from the novice, the novice still exist.

      ID404 91live 679.8-1165.3-1397.08-1298.91-1671.55-1287.11-932.67-1643.30–583.18 January 17, 2007 -373.01-558.22-486.47-239.39-213.62-297.85-646.04-271.62-228.18-226.05-129.29-152.85.

novice just contact Wangzhuan, very dizzy confused not pornographic and violent ah, ha ha what all don’t know, some nouns do not understand, everywhere beg no help, find some master at the forum, home of , often more than a dozen people to return a message but, to the critical time for nothing, a word not easy: " ".

      ID622 vvyy 06 -305.59-634.2-886.76-1281.81-2477.17-1877.13-1106.07-2007-1-10 1731.51-634.09-532.76-1090.73-622.02-1511.94-166.62-181.59-5 on day 29 365.67-267.72-314.58-286.68-271.68-382.83-496.14-335.04-351.42-267.06.

      their income from joining until October 2, 2007, these data may be missed; fortunately, the official data is still there, you can verify each.

hold on for 2 months, and your abilities will be different. You may not make any money. But you have the ability to make money, which is to say to the calm: some people at best is only a senior coolies, not a businessman.

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