Primary community operations how to train active users

whether a community is active or not is directly related to the survival and survival of the community. There is only a question of time. However, even a more user community, there will be such a problem, the less active users, silent users more, but these silent users are not really "silent", most of them only when playing the "onlooker" role, occasionally express ideas. For a primary community, having active users is important for early community stability.

leads users to produce quality content on their own initiative

currently known, and watercress is a comprehensive quality of users relatively high-quality community. Watercress, you will see all kinds of high quality book reviews, its unique cultural feelings, let users unconsciously will love it; to know, you can see a big world, it may not be the correct answer, but its answer except more rigorous professional degrees, various the full range of brain hole wide open questions, even if you thought Daniel can industry minute you are invited to answer, which will make you feel in front of it, so knowledge is the lack of vision is very small.

how to guide users to actively produce quality content, first of all to determine the product positioning, it is necessary to identify the target users of this product, as well as product selling points, and core strengths. If a product does not have a clear positioning, let the user can not find a sense of belonging, strengthen the liquidity of the community, can not effectively precipitate users, such as today in a user, he may have some interest in certain products, tomorrow he found that these so-called interest but only a community of 1%, so he went away, mobility is not conducive to the cultivation of the community of loyal fans very good.


the product selling points and the core advantage, put some good content on the user easier to see the plate, then you can find some circle of friends (also please Navy) help irrigation, and some industry professionals please deep, veteran compared with a unique view of the help content driven manufacturing. For example, knowledge is driven by Li Kaifu, and micro-blog is driven by stars. Then, the early outbreak may take advantage of some of the so-called "star effect"".

Wait until the

community began to have some popularity, and then selected the target user, and then go to the publicity from the target user active community, forum, Post Bar, into another group of target users into the community, this part of the user can be referred to as seed users. The longitudinal Sok Wang said, relatively speaking, the most close to the user because of seed products, so they produced content is high quality, so for this group of users, may be appropriate to decentralization, right, the right to speak and release."

After the

gave them some rights, must be appropriate to give them some opportunities for self-expression, love is not a disadvantage, but the common human, can establish a rating system, like Sina’s V certification, so that they feel obligated to create more high-quality content for the community, and community atmosphere campaign to do publicity >

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