Discussion on several elements of CMS website operation website of single genre

type CMS website, remember also seen a lot of CMS website, more or less have such or that some of their looking place, so here, according to a military theme CMS himself has done recently for the introduction of a single write write CMS type theme website how the website operators, and we are in the process of operation should grasp what for the whole website. After all, now more and more like the world website subdivision direction, as long as you gain a foothold, then there is definitely a big market, not much gossip said, I have to analyze what factors for the single type


first of all, the website function module is adjusted according to the theme of the website,

website structure according to the theme of the website to adjust the column, how to say? Direct screenshot


believes that familiar with military friends all know that this is what website, this is a military theme do great website, Tiexue Tiexue, now also opened a store channel, dedicated to provide their own love military items for users, so as to improve their profitability. Check out the website


believes that belongs to everybody know this is what website, this is the biggest website, weaving weaving life, his foundation is built in the CMS system, but also opened a store channel.

But as we are familiar with the

A5, he also play their own advantages, to the webmaster information as the basis, have set up the webmaster SEO diagnosis, A5 group purchase, A6 advertising, A5 art, IDC evaluation, training and so on the basis of the webmaster.



is based on the basis of CMS generated by the incidental effect, which is a single type of CMS site advantage, do so in the single type CMS system, sometimes it should make use of information infrastructure itself to extend some of the new features, which will be the single product bigger and stronger, this is the website function module to adjust according to

website theme

secondly, the CMS system needs forums to cultivate popular

Tiexue, military leader in the site, the number of direct online forums; then turned to look at the A5 forum in popularity, this is the two picture direct interception of the popular map, can look at the two site of the popular forum are also high, illustrates the two website for popular culture attention.


from this point of view, a single type of CMS system does need a forum to cultivate their own popularity, and thus for their main station far from the flow, Bi

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