How to develop local forum

As one of the most important services on the Internet,

BBS plays an important role in the formation of network society. The emergence and popularity of online forums have largely met the need for communication. Through various forms of online forums, communication between people breaks the space and time constraints.

1. Why should local forums be developed?

is different from the general large forum, the local forum is vertical segments again in the network forum in the process of development, they are in a certain area of a field to discuss, can greatly satisfy a part of indigenous people’s sense of belonging. As everyone knows, all have its unique cultural customs and geographical conditions, life in which people already know, so for the region’s tourism, food, shopping, gatherings, many people have too many words to talk, which largely avoided due to unfamiliar and no words can say the scene.

two, how do you develop local forums?

although the Internet without geographical restrictions, but because the local forum of market segmentation is relatively clear, so the flow of people to areas outside will have a certain impact, and now a lot of local portal website was established, the formation of a certain impact on the local forum, for sure it is not local news portal but now, many local portal is a local government official or telecom maintenance and construction, they update information, information authenticity, entertainment is not strong, more focus on policies and regulations of the propaganda and so on, if you can highlight the entertainment and interaction (exchange of information) and watch. The development of local forum will have a different kind of.

1, based on local culture, so that users have a clear sense of belonging.

uses geographical proximity to make the user’s sense of belonging more intense, so that a large number of fixed users can be gathered. Such as Xiamen fish, fuel, emotional life what are discussed.

2, the use of geographical advantages, from time to time to hold offline activities.

although many forums will hold various kinds of activities irregularly, there is a distinct advantage for local forums, such as gathering activities in the city, which is more practical. Such as poly Shanghai Forum (, every week for a meeting of local organization in Shanghai, so far has successfully paired 10 pairs of person.

3, highlighting the innovative features of entertainment

The interactive function of the

forum is self-evident, but how to achieve the ultimate entertainment function is many people and not the cudgel thinking how to do the entertainment function, I do not want to do too much discussion, but must have innovative thinking, and recreational activities in Shanghai is a popular, it has a pet center, online pet on the stock market, to simulate the real market, and community banks and so on, the world of virtual reality, chat, friends, Party Goods are available in all varieties.


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