Soft Wen Webmaster should how to see you

soft, we first thought is not to see the ads? Well, in the value of the original article and introduce myself into the station, but when we are very stressed that no ground for blame, highlight the "soft" concept, to the bitter is mingled.

this is some webmaster friends unable to accept others their own promotion, on the other hand, is the concept of soft too stressed, imagine, if a few years ago, someone wrote a few articles, write their own middle station, together, who would say that is soft article no, because, at that time? This concept is not strong, now spread, as long as the holding site statistics called soft wen. No matter your article writes good and bad, in short is the soft Wen! Webmaster will not like you!


write articles, write soft text, but did not play the role of promotion, but caused resentment,

soft, you let the webmaster how to accept you? How to treat you? It is possible that there is a lot of garbage article, serious rape stationmaster eye, raped station time, let the owners of this point is not good. So that the soft Wen published most places is 

I have written three soft Wen in recent days, be scolded by stationmaster, it is rubbish standing machine, I do not blame this stationmaster, I can say in his concept only, it is right. We have no way to let anyone accept you, to recognize you, because no matter what your article written good and bad, as long as the folder is the web site, that is, soft text, that is garbage. I don’t know what to do about it. Perhaps, is the webmaster to soft Wen should review, and may be soft, the author should stop in the hands of the keyboard.

in the BBS advertising, we think that is normal phenomenon, in the valuable article in a web site, but it can not accept. This logic, who has no way, who let everyone "soft Wen" fried so deified,

?In this article I

, not to mention their own station, do not write their own web site, is not a soft? Just add a few letters that let the webmaster friends so annoyed, as to react so strongly? Your webmaster friends in a promotion, the other is right to accept their own. How to consider it


soft, this noun removal, it no longer exists, but since there is, should have the right to know the soft! I think the soft is fine, because in order to seize the attention of webmaster webmaster only to write some valuable articles, let us note, to recognize themselves, if a look is the garbage article, who will look at


so, soft Wen is only to enhance the value, rather than the value down into advertising, is not more than a few letters, you do not see the letters, see webmaster friends to write something valuable for yourself is always a good thing, of their useless, can not see. I soft Wen is such view, hope webmaster friend also to "soft >"

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