Does Chinese nternet White Paper mean the arrival of personal Adsense

"Chinese Internet status" white paper means that personal Adsense good arrival,


2009 is an extraordinary year for many webmaster, pornography, vulgar countries vigorously remediation site, but due to certain sectors or certain access providers to reduce trouble, take a broad brush approach, deeply hurt the individual owners, in pornography, vulgar websites almost disappeared at the same time, due to the influence of the regular primary and secondary rectification enterprise station, forum, blog confidence also needs further recovery, June 2010 Chinese News Office of State Department issued 8 "Chinese Internet" white paper said: China citizens enjoy full freedom of speech on the Internet according to law. This will be a good signal for national forums and blogs to be recognized by the state.

in December 2009, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) introduced new regulations, individuals banned registration CN domain name, to register, must produce enterprise business license or organization code certificate. To the subsequent forum special record (operating website must apply for ICP operating permit). The first condition of the ICP certificate is that the registered capital of the operator shall be 1 million or 1 million. ), leading to a large number of grassroots entrepreneurs want to run through the Internet, hoping to burst, and then came the tens of thousands of small and medium-sized forums were closed

, the white paper on the status of China’s Internet, issued by the Information Office of the State Council on 8, said that Chinese citizens enjoy full freedom of speech on the Internet in accordance with the law.

the constitution of the People’s Republic of China gives citizens the right to freedom of expression. Chinese citizens’ freedom of speech on the Internet is protected by law and can be published in various forms on the internet. Active communication on the Internet is a major feature of China’s Internet development. The amount of forum posts and blog articles is huge, which is unimaginable in all the countries of the world.


white paper said that China’s Web site pays great attention to providing Internet users with services for their comments, and about 80% of the sites offer electronic bulletin boards. Chinese existing millions of forums, 220 million blog users, according to statistics, every day people through forums, news comments, blog comments and other channels to reach about 3000000, more than 66% of Internet users often Chinese speech on the Internet, to discuss various topics, fully express ideas and interests.

white paper said that the Internet’s new applications, new services for people to express their views to provide a wider space. Blogs, blogs, video sharing, social networking and other emerging web services have developed rapidly in China, providing more convenient conditions for Chinese citizens to communicate via the internet. Internet users actively participate in online information dissemination and participate in online content creation, which greatly enriched the information content on the internet.

white paper also said that the Chinese government actively promote sound relevant legislation and Internet business service standards, and constantly improve the personal online privacy protection system. Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on safeguarding Internet Security

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