How to further tap and expand the marketing promotion of product websites

product class e-commerce website goal is very clear, that is, the product through the network sales channels sold. Although there are many successful cases and a lot of relevant information about online marketing of product websites, there are few really convincing things, and few successful cases are also very few. Therefore, the product e-commerce website in the network to achieve good sales performance, but also need to further excavation and expansion of product publicity, and increase new marketing means!


we currently know the Internet marketing model

Is a very classic

popular network marketing mode, including paid and free, there is some brand advertising, mainly invested in major portal advertising; keyword bidding, in the major search engines can often be seen, especially Baidu, enter the keyword, suffix words are the promotion of the a type, usually row in the first home page, if the same keyword bidding, who is out of the high price of who in the first row; marketing, soft everywhere. This is one of the three most effective ways, along with blogs, micro-blog, forums, electronic magazines, social networking sites, SNS, mail, and the like.

whether these network marketing way to achieve the ultimate

brand advertising efforts, on the site to the maximum let the target customers see, keyword bidding only less than the opponent a penny on the second place, the soft put enough continuity…… The details of these flaws can be corrected in time, because of the need to pay the way, in the network of many products enterprises have put more money in advertising on the Internet. Compared with traditional media, even these inputs are less than 1/10.

in the use of free internet marketing, such as Baidu account, generally more advanced account authority is higher, whether to quantify it?. Try electronic publications, magazines do very fine, if taking into account the user’s opening speed, the extension process of the message, how to effectively reduce spam probability in the blog? Especially in the popular micro-blog, have not found promotion mode mature, why foreign SNS website is very good marketing stage. In China has not formed climate……

in addition, use of network marketing means is single means or a variety of media mix delivery, there is no use of some specific marketing tools, or develop a detailed marketing plan, before the promotion, whether very convincing to the product, if skeptical to promote, how can win the hearts of customers


how to avoid the same marketing tools, effectively rid of homogenization

in the Internet, homogenization is particularly fierce, and the final result is a copy of the same version, the user after reading no impression. What’s the effect of this approach? Do you really respect the value of the product itself? Online marketing isn’t simply selling it, using it

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