Location and profitability of web user groups

if your site is just making pocket money through some advertising associations, then it’s only a waste of your time to keep looking. If you want to change your website’s profit margin or want to make a living on your website, then it’s about whether you succeed in a topic: the location of the site and the potential profitability of the site." Remember the brand question of a website written in front of you, but if the site doesn’t have a good location, it means the site doesn’t have any brand. Site positioning here refers to the positioning of the content of the site, the location of the site’s user groups.

a lot of website content in the mixed state, for example a small website which not only contains the delicacy, recipes in the content, but also contains IT information, will be more ridiculous for you to some international news on the whole. For such a small website can only say that it is not only a waste of resources such as servers, domain name, and a waste of time and in a few seconds a visitor clicks on the limited bandwidth resources, don’t talk about the site has a good user experience, but not to talk about the future of the web site and the possibility of profit, even if to put Google AdSense advertising. I’m afraid there’s no chance of a few clicks a year, or no browser at all.

network marketing, regardless of whether the site is shopping or advertising, the most concerned topic is the conversion rate of the site, and the conversion rate of the site and the location of the site has a direct relationship. Website user group is fixed, conversion rate is natural also tall. Another example: remember two years ago, there was a friend of Zhejiang who was a college student. Then just ahead of College Students’ network money boom time, many students have to do a website, make flow, some even flow to thousands or tens of thousands of years, but advertising costs down but also thousands of yuan, enough pocket money. And he was just his hobby, built a college students in the fashion BBS, BBS no other content, mainly about fashion and so on. Because he was a college student at that time, the website spread through word-of-mouth marketing among students, and in less than one month, the number of registered users reached more than 500. In the end, the forum was valued by a very good local clothing store owner. After an agreement, the two sides reached a joint venture. Therefore, the forum posted the clothing store clothing advertising, and can book online, the two sides agreed to sell every piece of clothing on the website, Party B (BBS owners) 20% commission. Just a year later, he won the website advertising revenue reached more than ten million yuan. For a college student, it is a matter of course.

generally grassroots website, because there is no proper positioning of the site, even if the site traffic to do more high, you can only through a number of so-called advertising alliance to win negligible advertising fees. So why don’t we start from our own hobbies and build websites that are targeted and able to meet certain user groups?. For example, the main content of the web site is to discuss computer configuration and computer accessories, and then there is always a web site

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