Analysis of my seven step construction idea

online on how to operate the site if the ox hair, if novice like me is very easy to fall into various views of discrimination. In fact, the novice do stand is the most important mentality, never for a moment and then flow up for space in the program become dizzy with success, do search engine promotion etc.. To step by step, step by step. New website traffic gradually increased, more and more users, search engines included more and more, these are gratifying achievements, at this time to carry out SEO, GG advertising, features module development is not late. So when you have a website of your own, the most important thing to do every day is to add content to your website to meet the needs of users, instead of looking at other people’s articles on websites and forums.

my website has just been established, the page is not perfect, the program is also a friend to help write, my idea of the station is divided into the following seven steps.

1, perfect website, during this time only concerned about the program and page problems, other problems are not asked.

2, go out publicity, optimize the SEO, and consider the possibility of online intrusion, to guard against.

3, collect user’s requirement, perfect own characteristic module.

The introduction of

4, Gg advertising, page landscaping system, and then forming.

5, the set up studio (now available, but not dedicated to the site), runs the team.

6, change space or rent a dedicated server, upgrade hardware systems, search engine advertising introduction.

7, that’s to wait for the money.

finally add ad code, I hope you webmaster a lot of valuable advice (

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