Be a station dig a hole and bury yourself

ha ha, still in the afternoon because the server business warning, no record to close the station and worry, now instead of worry, don’t know why,


08 years from the beginning of November, due to bad boss, quit the job, stay at home, then do.Net development, now like us programmers is the equivalent of the workers on the site, it is very tired, but by the gas but also can attack


then took a ASP program, he mended, modified, and then a station on the line (of course, in this a few years ago, there are SEO things more than half months), to feel the station optimization, optimization of, and then began to

on the line!

self feeling okay, now to the Baidu home page second, GG home page sixth, traffic usually more than 2000, week 6, 74000, nearly 5000, and another keyword has not come up, estimated fast,


is now three months, but this three months, really, all of their efforts are on the inside, sleep late morning, now suddenly to close, heart good uncomfortable, a little cry, but cry, not happy, not happy, perhaps a beginning do any things that are difficult to prefix on


is still feeling lucky to find another server, but the server is easy to find, pay all year pay, or half a year, can not afford to pay ah,


said this is nonsense, we wasted time, learn a little bit about my personal stuff, master please pass it, not on the basis of the thing, see only delay your time ~


sometimes look at a ranking is very near, flow very big station, from this station learned some things, rules, but compared to another station, and not so feel, change myriad


actually, I personally feel that optimizing this stuff is really something like that. (personal view)

words, layout program, I will not say


is early, do optimization, early high density can be some of the more than 7% points, and then spend 100 dollars to buy some foreign companies, such as Baidu (Baidu, Baidu said in the case of normal included), you can put down the appropriate keyword density 3-3. 3%, personally feel that this is the most appropriate,

!Two months before

, Baidu hard every day included your page, now you have to do is update it, one day a 2-3 update on the line, the original, more meaningful, he is too tired, and updated content to a certain value, if there is no amount in. You one day update 100 article is useless, original thing, the most important is the text, if it is a novel station, it is needless to say, the small game station, from the introduction of the writing, the number of characters in the 200-500 character can control! Much too tired, the effect is !

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