Network remediation across the board the webmaster is silent lamb

introduction: since November, the nationwide network of pornography and anti pornography has spread to all over the country, and it has been called a "one size fits all" by the industry, which has caused many small and medium-sized webmasters to fall into panic. The so-called "one size fits all" means that some provinces and cities in the IDC room, in order to investigate violations of the website, all directly broken network inventory, identified no problem, then re launched. In all this, do you continue to be a silent lamb or a warrior in pursuit of truth?

in December 26th, when I landed on the server, I found that I couldn’t access it. I contacted IDC and the server was blocked. The last one or two months, I do not know how many webmaster and I have the same experience, remember, if the site before the emergence of excessive content, IDC will notify the designated time to delete, and now directly pull the line, break the network, one size fits all. Even the personal leaders such as A5 are in charge of the rectification, the forum closed for several days, and now there is no comment. This "one size fits all" approach indirectly reflects the personal webmaster’s position in the Internet, "they" that you are right, you say you are wrong, you are wrong, the rules are completely in their hands. Individual stationmaster and IDC, just like the plaything in their hand, he likes how to play, how to play.

personal webmaster is a vulnerable groups? Look at this vulnerable groups, at the beginning of the Internet into the moment China, who is the only Chinese website the tiny spots to the current development of massive scale; who is on the Internet silently selfless dedication to provide convenient and efficient service for hundreds of millions of users who are one step; step down from the personal website into a portal, a mainstay of the Internet Chinese; who is the crisis in the country to lend a helping hand for the party and the government no worry…… All in all, we grassroots webmaster witness, pro best, hope to use their own hands, to support themselves; hope to use their own knowledge to the Internet as a force for Chinese; hope to use their own efforts to improve the current employment pressure. However, what can we do in return: we only hope that we can water and caress the flowers through our own hands and sweat, not so bright and withered.

as a webmaster, I also hate that kind of greed, dishonesty, violence, pornography, reactionary radical virus trojan website, I also very supportive of this website, should be clear on these sites, but also the Internet in China a healthy and harmonious atmosphere to the. But the webmaster without forethought, no matter anyway, regardless of the long-term development of the Internet, your cat is black or white, you webmaster or IDC there is a problem I have a knife to kill them, I think is the manager of a brutal, incompetent performance.

as a more than 10 years of webmaster, although no achievements, but for the site still have some experience, and also know some websites after the story. Join me and see what a website has to do. Domain name — the server — daily maintenance — advertising — income. This is a station to do all

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