Start with user requirements and design web pages of different types

in front of "from the community interaction design and analysis of user needs" in the article, we analyze the user demand analysis should consider three aspects from social, interactive and other information display, page design, refined to web pages, different types of user needs are different.

1, navigation page

navigation page type has two forms, one is a pure text form, the other is a pure form of pictures, but no matter what form of navigation page, its ultimate aim is to help the user to determine where to find what they want, and provides access to the corresponding direct.



two forms of the navigation page, in the design process to ensure that the user easy to leave, because the main function of web page navigation is the user from one place to another, the guiding function is the ultimate mission of navigation.

2, consumer page

literally, the consumer page is where the user is spending.


users can read articles, read news, and design consumer pages as much as possible to allow users to immerse themselves in it.

3, interactive page

interacts with users and allows users to participate, and the most obvious interaction page is the payment page for e-commerce sites.


also has the search engine’s search box, which allows users to input data, delete, edit, and so on. The interactive page emphasizes the ease of user use.


Three different types of

web pages, users have different needs, pay attention to the consumption of page immersed in atmosphere, only have more and more attractive to retain users, which meets the needs of users more efficient than. The navigation page, which needs to provide users with a more efficient way, interactive page is more complex, both the atmosphere of immersion, but also efficient operation environment.

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