Personal Adsense tell the station those bitter things

I do personal search, also have half a year to pull, these six months have been really too…… I don’t know what to say, pull,

I think everyone knows what it’s like. From the start, the site, the program, the touch board, the corn, the space, it was a real hassle. From that few days later, I was looking for articles, changing articles, and writing articles, so that after more than one month, my station was finally on the shelves. Add some content behind the work is every day, do website internal optimization, in bolg, BBS in what were removed every day, and every day to see is not included, I remember that time in the forum when there will be a big update this evening, I suddenly got 12 points then, look, is not my station information, I thought: smoke slowly, etc.. God is like this, the more anxious you are, the less anxious it is, so that when 2 or more, or not.

              then know, pull, my station this week, not a can be included in the pull, first rest for a few days!! that time feel doing this thing is really boring!


morning, friends called me to accompany him to go out to play, I want to play, play, included this week is not what to expect! But I still play on the read, to the forum to send something with friends out to play that day, what not to do, a play is a all day, until 11 before returning home, crazy day, a little tired, ready to wash sleep, accidentally see study computer, ah, or take a look at


yes, I was, site: ***.com Oh!! more than 10, I finally included pull.

, I think you have personal webmaster also have such a thing, today wrote these meaningless, that is written, when it is to their own memories, later when there are free time can also see!!!


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