Site promotion a week of self summary

my website is for others to do, I know nothing about promotion, after this period of study, I think these experiences for a person like me can not help in the new novice. Promotion website a week after summing up their own experience learned, and I hope to help you, but also hope that the older generation exhibitions.

1 on the QQ and find Links group, add more exchanges, strive for more high PR value links. Add more external connections, the best PR value is relatively high, of course, you think so, others hope so, so how to choose the external connection to see yourself,

2, Taobao in the online shop to sell or pat search on your site related products shop, give them information recommend your site, although this bother others, but the site was out to make others do provide sourcing, you can earn interest, a mutual help


3, on Baidu and other major website platform search for some free registered sites, and then your web site and contacts and pictures up, pictures can find something new to pass up. This can largely trace your information to Baidu.

4, and more of the products you sell related QQ group, for QQ publicity, and at the same time on Taobao publicity.

5, in Baidu space or other large websites, blogs, or post messages. Conduct publicity on your website.

6, write more original article, soft Wen, for others to help articles, or their website related news updates. But the quality of the article is high.

7, to find their own website selling the product key, you can refer to your peers, they look at the key how, then go to look at the Baidu index keyword index, and then targeted to select


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