Talking about the station building feeling in these years

05, 31, I wrote an article about what is the most important thing to do. It says, "if you follow this line of thinking for half a year and don’t succeed, contact me. I’ll give you advice for free, and then leave my QQ."". For the next two days, I spent most of my time chatting with my QQ webmaster. This experience has given me a lot of emotion.

I added

QQ station is divided into three categories: have their own station, do a period of time, not what big breakthrough; also does not have its own website, want to do one more hope that their website after it can rise quickly, preferably overnight; the third is to optimize their own company site. This also further verified my conjecture: all day in the webmaster network, especially A5 such large-scale professional website mix of people, most of the station is the novice level character, need a lot of relevant knowledge to enrich themselves. Remember long ago when I saw an article written by Wang Tong, really make money webmaster is not out to speak, because they don’t want more people to own cake. That makes sense. Remember, ZZ magazine said that before the fish made IM286, one of his friends found the opportunity to use foreign union to brush money and did not tell the fish. That’s one reason fish makes IM286, too. Share it.

is far away. And these webmaster exchange of emotion is my writing this article the most important reason. Here are a few parts of the webmaster often made mistakes –

is not well planned before the station. It is absolutely reasonable to think twice before you leap. A site without a good plan, when the webmaster encountered bottlenecks in the development of the time, he is easy to choose to give up. Any successful web site, before doing, the webmaster has his own blueprint, at least know oneself step by step how to go, these strategic level things, before doing, must think well. Otherwise, after a period of time, you will repeatedly ask yourself, insist on the reason, there is the need to adhere to it? After a few months to give up, this is the most regrettable. A QQ website for my friend a few years ago, was in the Baidu ranking is very good, traffic is also very good, but at that time for graduates to find jobs, no time to get up, give up, I have felt sorry for him. After the stability of the work, and with the old tricks to do a few similar sites, because of traffic on the do not give up, and this makes me feel even more regrettable.

the spirit of getting rich overnight. There are more than two people in this world, and I don’t think you should think this person is you. It’s hard to get down to business, not to mention success. I can’t see such people, and of course they don’t see me, because I don’t have a successful website yet.

there is no curve to stand, perseverance spirit. From 06 years ago, I wanted to have my own website. I made my first website in 07 years

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