The past such as wind talk about webmaster mentality

Hello, I am

in the wind

thanks, as long as there’s one person I’ll talk about,

do standing for 5 years, technically is rookie, will only use CMS, talk about as webmaster should have mentality, if speak bad, can ignore my existence. My previous net name, ha!

today, I’d like to say 5 points,

1 webmaster’s body is more important than website. Webmaster is hard, not necessarily earlier than the chicken, but sleep certainly later than the dog, no matter how good your body is now, every day or an hour to exercise it! Smoke less, do not squander your youth, and overdraw your health. There is a saying " remember to mix up, sooner or later " I believe the same here as effective

2 affection is more important than website. Never be too busy to spare some time to your lover, your parents, your children don’t " when I earn money I must accompany you, will take you to travel alone " " mom and Dad, I’m too busy, so I must go to see your idle " " alone; children, etc. dad busy these days, will take you to the zoo… " sometimes, we don’t have tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow because of your indifference, she left you, they left us forever and your children have an insurmountable generation gap

3 webmaster must be honest, kind and helpful. Integrity, kindness, we do when the station will not because of the temptation of money and break through the moral bottom line, the bottom line of the law, lost their direction. It is only with integrity and kindness that we are able to resist the constant expansion of our desires, resist our greed and be ready to help others. You know, helping others is helping yourself, and you may get more when you help others. Also can design a concept, a website time for visitors to consider, as much as possible to create value for customers, and truly meet the needs of users, the only way to succeed. I would like to take one of my station as an example, if Baidu 12 days to include my new station. Address is not addressed, so as not to suspect ad. Web site is easy to do the system, I will write a small tool to share the forum, obviously this tool is useful to everyone, that post is hot. Some of my friends used to link me unconditionally, and from that post to my website, there were more people. There are friends about how to be easily transformed into site navigation and supply and demand. I try to answer them, Baidu 12 days of collection should be the best reward for me

4 webmaster to find the right direction. If you’re going to do your website as your lifelong career (as a station, just for fun), then I suggest you stay away from the Internet for a while, go to the real world, find directions, and do some research. To explore the next 3 years, 5 years, 10 years after the hot, people’s needs, so that you can stand out of life. Such a goal is worth fighting for. Not for a moment, bai>

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