Talk about why Adsense ORG domain name as a station

Preface: always want to write things, do not know we know,.Org not. Let me first introduce that.ORG was originally a country top-level domain, but it has now been widely used as a general domain. .ORG is the new global international top-level domain, which has the same nature, function and registration principles as.COM,.NET and.ORG (suitable for individual and unit applications). .ORG – applicable to all types of organizations, including non-profit organizations. Anyone can register the domain name.ORG, meaning clear, easy to remember. The.ORG domain is rich in resources, huge commercial potential, and users need not also install additional software, as a global top-level domain, which is more convenient for people to recognize and remember, has been a new generation of Internet users is widely recognized and accepted.

1.ORG domain name features, ORG is the new global universal domain name, and with.COM,.NET and.CC exactly the same nature, function and registration principle.

2.ORG can be understood as English,.ORG is a category of top-level domain,.ORG domain and.COM and.NET are the general name format at the international most popular, simple and easy to remember.

3.ORG is one of the latest fashion trends, the.ORG domain is rich in resources, huge commercial potential, a new generation of Internet users has been accepted and adopted.ORG as their designated brand, such as Nike, Coke, Goodyear and Intel have registered the domain name.ORG, and has been put into use.


4.ORG domain name is a valuable asset. Last June, the domain name of Beauty.ORG was successfully bought by a Losangeles company for $one million. As more and more people expressed their favor to the.ORG domain name, the value of.ORG is increasing day by day.

station, is love others can quickly remember their own website, so the domain name as simple as possible, but there is no good domain name?.com,.Cn has long been the majority of growers registered out ~ ~ but now.Cc has very good resources. Now there are 3 digits and three letters ~ ~ pinyin is more abundant. In terms of price, the three digit.Com and CN move tens of thousands of thousands. Even hundreds of thousands, millions. But.Cc is now rich, as long as 168. Of course, you can buy.Com if you have money. I like it very much.

now has a lot of people do use.ORG station, a few days ago a.ORG website in Hunan Guardian advertising (I don’t say is that website), the site also has a lot of, with more and more people use.ORG to do stand, I believe more and more people will love..ORG

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