Fab future is uncertain the founder and made a flash shopping site


Fab, the founder and former creative director of

, an e-commerce business specializing in designer products, Bradford, Shellhammer, recently made headlines again in major media outlets. The site, which was founded in June 2011, had a brief scene in the early days, but then declined rapidly.

that’s why Shellhammer decided to leave in November 2013. 1 years later, he brought his own new venture – Flash shopping site Bezar. "No one else would want this guy to start a Fab’again." Shellhammer, in an interview with Re/code, recalls the idea that he had just left office. But then he decided quickly, no matter what other people thought.

Shellhammer admitted to the Bezar website started in spring in many aspects and the original Fab is similar: the creation of new Bezar will remain focused on flash purchase. The focus will be on four aspects: graphic arts, jewelry, home furnishings and accessories. The naming of Bezar includes the two starting points of the website: Bazaar and Bizarre.


the difference is that Bezar does not place too much emphasis on the discount. Its profit model is no different from that of an average Retailer: two at wholesale prices and then sold at retail prices. Bezar site activities do not like Fab on discount, but will be more emphasis on product designers and behind its story, there will be time planning and project sales — from some value and the price is not very expensive brand design selected. The site will focus on a number of new designers and create a genuine relationship with consumers".

is exploring a new business model, Shellhammer hopes the site can support small businesses and designers, so that designers can really expand their business on the site, and help other designers and other brand fans. The website will plan each selection, 4 designers from different fields will be recommended as the key point.


"from the first day, our products come from all over the world."." Shellhammer says the site will focus on international elements and hopes to expand its business all over the world. It is reported that most of the goods on the site will be less than $100, of course, do not rule out a few exceptions. Shellhammer wants Bezar to be a budding incubator for new designers. "I think it’s going to be a big deal."." Shellh>

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