7 classic laws guide website operations

I have always advocated a point of view, only a little attention in the Internet the Internet circle of friends do not, or only focus on some of the so-called Internet marketing techniques, and all Internet unrelated articles or techniques are directly or skipped without attention, this is a misunderstanding. In fact, many Internet marketing skills is a high technology, there is no foundation and excessive precipitation, most of the time we called "cheats" is also out of their own to explore, and can not be said to be a theory or law.

however, compared to the Internet thinking young, many ideas of traditional enterprises is indeed an untapped treasure, regardless of management or marketing and so on, the essence is through the test of time, and effective. Personally, I think, if we can learn from the traditional enterprise marketing, management master of accumulated theory, and applied to the site operation level up, I believe, will certainly be helpful to us.

to some extent, managing a website is similar to managing a company. Stationmaster is CEO, the content of the website looks like the product of the company; the page of the website is like the package of the product; the promotion of the website looks like the propaganda of the product, the outside catenary of the website is like the popularity of the company, etc.. Today I want to combine some classic management, marketing law to guide the website operation thinking strategy, and hope to help everyone.

1, Murphy’s law,

‘s "Murphy’s law" comes from an American captain named Murphy. Because he thinks that a colleague is unlucky, he inadvertently said a joke: "if a thing may be wrong, let him do it will mess up." Later, this sentence will be extended, there are some other forms of expression, for example "if something bad happen, no matter how small the possibility, it will always happen, and cause the maximum possible loss", "will go wrong, it will go wrong" and so on.

applications: ask yourself, "what’s your biggest fear of what’s wrong with your website?" Some people say that hackers, and some people say that there is no traffic, some people say that the search engine is K, some people said it was malicious acquisition, and so on. These are all right, but this is not the most critical reason, in fact, many webmaster have experienced these problems, but the site is still very good operation down. In fact, everyone is most afraid of the problem is that the site does not make money. Why do most people give up their hard work for many years, most of the reasons for this site here?.

so if you just want to play, or want to know some friends, or want to try something new, and never think that their website will make big money, will be profitable. So I can tell you, the site in the future will not give up because of money, no matter how much you up now, how much of a big ambition and ideal. So, webmaster or site operators friends must learn how to Wangzhuan (if you really.

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