How to locate websites and achieve profitability

I entered the Internet industry is not long, but has not stopped moving forward. So far, there have been five websites, not many, and none of the four websites are profitable. Perhaps your website is not profitable now. Maybe you are worried about how to make a profit on your website. Let me tell you first, don’t be afraid of failure. If you fail a lot, you will succeed. Here’s a talk about the process of earning money myself, and how I’ve been able to locate my website.

specifically, I should have entered the personal Adsense industry last June. It might be even later than you entered. The reason why I enter the webmaster industry is very simple. I just feel that I should have a website of my own in the Internet. At the beginning, I want to use the website to make a case, then I can find a better job by it. Later, I slowly discovered that the things I got in the process were far beyond what I expected.

first, it is suggested that novice friends, if you want to engage in the Internet industry, SEO or website operation or promotion or the like, their best to have their own website, of course, can also blog. Why do I suggest such benefits, I will not say, anyway, is very much.


know why in front of four sites are not profitable? The key lies in the positioning of the website, if a website you have no good location, after the operation in you will find a lot of places and your imagination is not the same as, or is it something you didn’t expect.

is the first site, my weight loss website, my first thought was to the point by her knowledge of SEO to operate the web site traffic, and then to give others advertising, then this is positioning, then I am also fearless, do it every day, the hair of the chain, very careful very carefully the pseudo original, but the effect is not as much as I want. You know, not included, massive long tail will not go up. It is impossible for a man to update and not collect. So, the first website died so young.

but I was not discouraged and met some friends, see him do industry website, do is China chestnut, know him, not profitable, know after two months to start making profits, sold more than 6000 dollars of advertising. I admire, and I began to ponder over the banana, a period of time, I have found a new problem, banana is not on the Internet, even the Internet also just browsing, after ripening of banana will also have buyers directly to pull goods. You don’t have to advertise with me at all. So, I failed again.

after the failure of the above two times, I a little experience, should consider the industry website industry market demand, so I started again, fitness equipment network, I think that there will always be people who do advertising? And these are the contact on the Internet, I started again. The result failed again. Do you know why you failed? That’s because the fitness equipment store is doing

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