A special five thousand month history of blood station profit

don’t know if I can be a successful webmaster, in their own feelings in the webmaster at least, I will not, I do almost all rely on interest, in order to share their own to do something out of a sense of pride to praise, he began to do when the site is 06 years, the second year, no girlfriend, class is not much room to run every day, monthly living expenses of 2/3 have contributed to the school room, the beginning is the personal homepage, with free space, speed and stability can be anxious I cry, but at the time of interest I was quite high, the dormitory called room slave, especially on the weekend, I will bring a cloth pad and the room to eat, for a whole day, for their own interest I fail the exam, truancy, miserable, I was also very happy. Want to do a website of their own, but could not find their own direction, has several efforts have failed, the website was not popular, horse, sad I want to cry, but I still insist on down, I choose to do when I love beyond net and not to think I love money, beyond band, often found on some of their own data, I think why not build such a website, when interest and hobbies hit together, give me a lot of power, and in order to earn money to the website I own university bought a second-hand computer, there are the computer I like, I have almost the whole investment in construction site, about a month and finally put up the construction site, and then to borrow money to buy buy space domain name (www.52beyond.net), sophomore next semester I have been doing the whole website, add songs, videos, articles by fans, the construction site and I have been a fan of beyond, does not stop at Baidu Post Bar, other web forums such as who I can get to the place I have to promote their own websites, web site and dynamic website traffic together so, (say I was ashamed and traffic is not very high, every day just 500-800ip), he was quite a dish, do not understand do not understand the traffic statistics, optimization. Only know how to keep sending posts, and constantly add QQ publicity, of course, did not know to put ads to make money. The website has accumulated certain popularity, I can’t keep going, let me pay attention to economic tensions Wangzhuan, initially put eFriendsNet advertising, now remember the first time to advertising the excitement of appearance, not much, just one hundred, and I can’t pay for the site for comparison, but I like to see the dawn every day, less than one thousand of the IP brought me income just enough for their own expenses, but this is among the students caused a sensation.

through their own unremitting efforts, when the popularity of the website in the third year has reached 1500, about pv16000, then every day the advertisement fee is about 20 dollars, he has been very satisfied, every day is still like to take care of the baby. I love beyond network maintenance (52beyond.net) I have not been.

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