How should the stationmaster look squarely at the website that he manages now

actually, now do more and more people, whether there is no contact with the website construction of knowledge, the influx of a large number of people have this deep mire, some are directed to their majors, some are fooled in, in fact many are looking at those to make the number of days how many articles in, however, it is not easy to make money.

is not easy to make money, and if you do not have the perseverance of the website operation, it is impossible to achieve profitability. Now 80, 90 more or less than their predecessors more rebellious, more items have a relaxed way of working, freedom, so many of my friends want to Dangdang SOHO, similarly, I also think so, no matter how poor their operator site, more or less to learn some knowledge from this website, get the point return. This is the psychology that we build a station.

so, how should we face our own site, how to clear their own direction, face up to their motives, and how to operate


, for their own site, regardless of whether we are garbage station, if the business is up to you, and the effort and money, I think we are not necessary so easily to give up him, even if he is poor. Since you have chosen him, why not stick to it, to give up all his negative so early; second, the website set up, not their own direction of development is not enough, even ordinary garbage station, or there is a clear orientation of the site, you have to give yourself a goal and task, for example every day how much advertising, increase the number of friends of the chain and so on, hard work pays off, there will be harvest; thirdly, it is how utilitarian social ah, I (but then Da Cong eyesight) website as a hobby is the motivation to learn, and I would later become real, I want to make money not only, not aware of ads, links to sell, of course I do not deny that their motivation is wrong, but because of the little benefit, ruined my life in Hangzhou information network (, now My site PR is 1, lost 2, traffic is also much worse than before. Of course there are also many factors in it, which is the search engines and their updated revision reasons, now do not want to go far to the road, this is the wake up, found myself to learn too much, now slowly in contact. I believe we all have their own purpose, think about it; fourth, the station does not make money, now that it was a joke, the network is so big, you do not make money to drink the northwest wind?? so, you think about how to manage their own websites, and rely on advertising to make money, a development by Taobao customers, by maintaining the shop, there are bigger success, this is not set, if the same model can be copied, so everyone is a millionaire. Web site to do a sense of accomplishment, to do happy, to learn things, to friends, the webmaster to live free and easy, the real webmaster’s life is full, live very wonderful, is also very crazy!


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