Micro blog electricity supplier VS WeChat electricity providers homogenization of competition unde

recently, Sina micro-blog led the micro business summit revealed that micro-blog will jointly sell Ali, micro partners and three party, mobile social business platform to build interest oriented, trying to copy WeChat electricity supplier. Micro-blog electricity supplier VS WeChat electricity supplier, which one do you prefer?

in July 7th, led by Sina micro-blog micro business summit held, the meeting revealed that micro-blog will jointly sell Ali, micro and three party key partner, mobile social business platform to build interest oriented.

in order to give the new appearance of the micro-blog CEO platform, Wang fly at the meeting even shouted "please forget shocking social product" of the language, and flaunt said: "micro-blog is one of the main entrance of the mobile, there were more than 5 years, our electricity supplier in the action on the strict sense only two and a half. For the first time in 2013, accepted Ali investment, and Taobao reached a strategic cooperation. The other half is at the beginning of 2014 and Alipay reached a cooperation based, we use Alipay as a platform for micro-blog to pay. These are actually provided for micro-blog electricity supplier services to do the basic work."

of course, this time remaining, is the stage of micro-blog electricity supplier (in order to avoid ambiguity, the main form of WeChat’s current micro circle of friends will be summed up as the following electricity supplier, WeChat electric, Sina micro-blog and WeChat Tencent) another contest is about to start, and in the name of profit, social opening.

merits, a comparison may be easier to see.


salon style spread VS square big horn

in general, people tend to define micro-blog as "weak ties" and "strong influence", while WeChat is "strong relationship" and "weak influence"". The reason is simple. Micro-blog is an open square for all the half – grown people and even strangers, while WeChat is a semi closed social circle defined basically within the boundaries of a friend.

this creates a difference in the way the electricity supplier force. Micro-blog Electric is quite similar to some fans accumulated opinion leaders in the micro-blog square, as a product or brand, propaganda platform, the radiation surface is great, but not many people really listening; WeChat electricity supplier is a circle of friends in the circle of users, can be said to himself a product, a brand, as the circle of friends, most of the value orientation of convergence, but the spread of the arrival rate is higher.

more importantly, simply put on advertising, any group will have resentment, and if the face of unfamiliar people share your experience, their influence in general is far less than friends.

therefore, in the micro business point of view, micro-blog is "weak relationship and weak influence", while WeChat is "strong ties" and "strong influence"". This also determines the efficiency of its initial stage.

high efficiency penetration VS gradual training


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