How to achieve the perfect standard station

do a few years of stationmaster, also met many webmaster friends, I now look at the occupation standard, if there are one hundred counterparts in the word, I can only pick 10 of the standard, it will be perfect in thousands of people to pick up the.

I admit that I am not perfect, but I have reached the standard, evaluation ability, as one can play basketball well, can also do the same decision, because I am familiar with the rules, I don’t want to be the owners of the "Song Zude", I just want to those who do not reach the standard by learning learning, raise.

why 95% of people are not up to the standard? I analysis is derived from their education and personal preferences and other causes, such as DW, is a need to learn the contents of the webmaster, and I think is generally on the line, if you want to learn it. Spend a lot of time, and neglect other things, and used on the site is only a little, even can not, if you know only DW, the other half understand, it is difficult to achieve the standard, there are some abnormal some schools, open an e-commerce system, like ASP are not large, attack DW I do not know where to throw those DW talents.

station itself is a very general occupation on the site, what to do, in the network company, may divide the program and art, and in the company, especially some small company, this position is undoubtedly a person, program and art have a person to engage in, and rarely see the program the artists are cattle people, can reach the standard of people look a lot less.

webmaster, it is different from other occupation, it requires a lot of knowledge, knowledge is not enough if the "will"! Explore the range more widely, you will find yourself too little knowledge, we have a problem to say.

said the first art, art is the HTML language, the language is very simple, not what depth, but the site is now slowly turning to CSS+DIV CSS+DIV, HTML is not easy to understand, most afraid now people are still asking what is the CSS+DIV? CSS+DIV well, it will be difficult to make a beautiful website, can make a beautiful the website, display a variety of display, to each browser can display, everything is normal, there is a Chinese version of the style, but also think about foreigners aesthetic and customs, to have too many things to explore, art itself is an independent discipline, what golden, progressive arrangement. Half a year has not started, how to perfect the method mentioned above, Flash is just a small part of the art of.

said another program, the program has ASP, PHP, JSP, it is best to master a, the other to understand some of the need to master a language, hard, know the language, and ACCESS and SQL database, the database is the base of dynamic website, not need to know who told you, alas! Is engaged in this line


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