How does a domain name blog raise Gao Quanzhong

facing the new 2013 Baidu algorithm, the new challenge, how should we do the optimization? This is a very important problem. We should be very clear, recently there are many high quality chain construction platform continues to "disappear" or increase the restriction of the release of the chain, so many specialists can not effectively carry out the construction of the chain? What to do? So small that a domain name blog created by high quality to keep standing, while doing this, need a certain economic foundation, but the effect is really very good.

is one example: now some high weight level domain name blog, such as the weight SEO 1 day and Lu Songsong blog, blog and so on these stone interaction is very good. If you pass such a high weight blog construction of the chain, what do you think the effect will be? I believe no one will not be tempted. So, how exactly should we raise such a high weight blog?.

first, to set up a good blog, theme and direction must be clear, a child like a newborn, want him to get a good, easy to remember, has the connotation of the name, so that others can easily remember back. The same is true of blogs. A good theme and direction can guide the right development of the blogger, and it can also reduce a lot of trouble and save a lot of time and effort.

secondly, since the theme and direction of the blog have been determined, then choose keywords. Choose a good keyword keyword more meaningful than of no importance. The emphasis here is on what people often refer to as "title", "description" and "keywords". Because many browsers are through search engines search related keywords and find the corresponding blog, or information platform. Very few people enter directly through the input url. Unless you do a very good blog, it’s very impressive and may be collected and accessed by direct access to the web site, but such access is not the main one. The main thing is through search engines. Therefore, choosing good keywords is very important.

then, the overall design of the blog must be in line with the people’s perception, that is, better user experience. No matter the blogger is done through what kind of blog, the overall layout of the page must be clear, brief and generous, there is a "first impression" things like between man and man, if one day in rags, with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, who would have been the first time I think to stay away from him although, a lot of people say that people can’t judge, and the conclusion can not only see the appearance of a person, but the first impression is really important. Therefore, bloggers must make their own blog design in line with their own theme.

then comes the other most important part of Blogging: content. If there is no content, just one

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