Discussion on the bottleneck and direction of modern network enterprise development

China from the development of the Internet we can see that Chinese Internet industry has a strong cultural flavor as copycat copycat, cultural charm, it is piracy, in our real life piracy may be related to the infringement, but in the global scope of the Internet does not seem to have in the tort concept too clear, here are a few examples of

one, the boss of the Internet, Google Corporation, when Google popular, Baidu’s Robin Li master of this technology, resulting in China’s Google, that is, Baidu, the whole is Google’s flip board.

two, Im ICQ first, when the Chinese people understand the emergence of Chinese chat overlord Ma Huateng QQ, won hundreds of millions of people Chinese favor. Wait。

just came to China time on the Internet, what you copycat can be successful, but for now, with a population of 1 billion 300 million people is country, any one of the things you can find a copycat version of n. When you go to compete with the N, not only you can’t make money, but also everyone can’t earn money, and finally go to decline. It is now China network companies have no way out of it, the answer is obviously not, what key to break the current bottleneck in the development of the Internet business now is what I think is the imitation, as long as there is a network form of success, you must also follow him to succeed, but you must go beyond him you to have more room for development, so at the same time to learn to imitate innovation, only innovation, it may have a broader space for development.

believes the Witkey industry we are not unfamiliar, do now have a relatively large zhubajie.com, Witkey China, task China and several large Witkey platform, and zhubajie.com won ten million in venture capital, a local IT industry the largest single financing. According to the truth that the field of Witkey should be done about it, and then to imitate that only one, but a wise friend might find some problems of these sites, there are many restrictions, there are so many times I submitted by the audit task results will not be returned to. What’s the reason? First, because people have done so much, without you, a task can not only live, but also live well, because they have one hundred thousand of the talent pool, millions of participants. The man in the arena, involuntarily, after all they are big companies, is to get venture capital Finance Companies, any decision is not your master of a person to say, all do everything carefully, there can be no mistake, otherwise may cause great loss.

This kind of formal

reason to hinder the development of these companies, believe that these things will lead to the development of the entire company, give a simple example, eachnet.com, was not listed before the development in the well, and a thriving. But since the listing, so far has not seen too much development, while the little-known Taobao has developed to the peak, has become the most popular areas, occupied almost all of China’s market!


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