5 ways to increase your RSS subscriptions

most bloggers want their RSS to be subscribed by many people. Large subscriptions can be said to be a status symbol, showing the popularity of your blog and also very useful, as subscriptions can bring more readers to your blog. Getting subscriptions is not a simple job, though. Here, the author summarizes 5 methods for increasing the number of RSS subscriptions

1) excellent content

there is no doubt that the most important part of getting subscriptions is providing good content. Is your blog interesting? What’s the problem for your readers? Are you up-to-date? Every question about content is a blogger who wants to try to expand subscriptions, and should ask his questions every day.

2) socialization

is a very effective way to increase the number of subscriptions through social networking. The first is the fruit, Google Reader, 9 RSS bean submitted on the reader, promotion and publicity, then there is such as renren.com, modest, sharing and promotion of happy net SNS network, sometimes a good article will be tens of thousands of forwarding and sharing, bring a large number of visitors and subscribers to your blog.

3) contribute and invite articles

sharing is an excellent tradition of the Internet. Inviting readers and famous people to participate in blog interaction is also an important way to improve the blog’s influence. Reader submissions can not only enrich the blog content, can also strengthen the interaction between the readers and the blog, improve the affinity, and have certain appeal of the well-known ID blog is no doubt can improve the influence of blog.

4) reward for subscribers

sets some valuable content into a very efficient way to increase subscriptions when only RSS subscribers can access it. The premise is that the content is what the reader really wants to see. At the same time, if often encourage new subscription and some incentive activities launched, also can stimulate the readers to quickly subscribe.

5) optimize subscription mode

this may be an easy question to ignore in the promotion of subscriptions. Make sure you try to simplify the way you optimize subscriptions, do one click subscriptions, subscribe to multiple RSS readers, subscribe to email, and so on. Also, the subscription icons must be clear, easy to spot and use.

this is the author (reprinted, please note from http://s.ks9.net.cn) some of the experience and experience in improving subscriptions, welcome to share and share.

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