Do English station and Chinese station different 5 points

domestic advertisers a climate, or thinking about the abnormal development of foreign advertisers for us! Chinese in addition to a series of "preferential policies"! Caused a lot of exploration of webmaster to find a new way of


English station is one of the road, now there are many domestic English station do very successful webmaster! But they do not love to speak out! I often found under the English site, write Chinese webmaster do website English really good! High ranking! Estimated to earn a lot! Now that a write personal summary of the experience of doing English station. Hope can be outdated. Foreign users surfing habits really.

personally think that foreign users search we didn’t develop so fast, they did not use search we so frequently, they find a lot of things is to find the forum is special, so you won’t SEO you do not be afraid, as long as you adhere to some forum, flow to 2 BlogBlog it soon! Things like in foreign countries we use QQ so frequently, I have statistics in a forum, ask them how many of their personal blogs, answers frighten me, an average of about 3 US Chinese! This thing is certainly not to the degree that they can develop, because we Chinese have their own characteristics that is, the instant chat tool is specially developed before QQ, now for the powerful Fetion, so you do English station when must not be neglected in the blog to be abroad. To go to another blog, and then leave your address! 3 domain name in the pursuit of Chinese website website domain name should be short, but when you don’t want to do the foreign your website domain name should be short, most of the foreign domain name is very long with the domain name for crazycollegegirls crazy female students. Although long, but they will be very easy to remember, but also conducive to the search space! 4 foreign space is very cheap, don’t get free to get


or you will The loss outweighs the gain. if you can’t find the good foreign space, I can introduce you to a hezudaigou for the other and the home station did not have too big difference, according to the domestic stand that can do it, of course, do you understand these English, I English special blue, but my translation the software used a good show my junk English website is done with the Dede English picture stand template is their own translation to template friends can leave your email now. – a good translation forum template, just want to test, want to say, I to you with the type made in the past. So hard, I hope you take

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