Some skills of using soil eight way as station

spent a lot of time to do a website, no one visit is a very painful thing, how can let more people see? The key is propaganda! Yes, propaganda! Know your website is to let more people through the promotion, so as to improve the site traffic, make your site flow for more users! Promotion? Below I write some commonly used:

1, if you want more people to visit your site, there must be attractive things, so as to retain the user, so that he became a repeat customer. If that doesn’t work, then the publicity doesn’t make sense.

2, have good icons, let’s have a look at them.

3, exchange some friendship connection, own page also want to leave the corresponding position to do the connection. Don’t make the connection too much, though. The picture connects 3 to 4, enough to connect the text to 5 or 6 OK, or your home page will hit a record high. Really want to do the connection, can also do a friendship page opens, the more connected to go inside, also can do some of their ads on them, and does not affect the page opening speed, shoot two hawks with one arrow. But you put people’s LOGO on the second page, and they will treat you like that.


said, let some stations for you connect. Of course, don’t look for sites where visibility is too large, such as Hua Jun, to find some major stations of the connection itself is enough, even if you add one, only the sea in a needle, not what effect. So it is necessary to find some certain traffic, and not particularly well-known station connection. Of course, people will disagree at first. After all, your visit is too low. But you can talk with each other, you make him home pictures connection, let him give you any word connection. Don’t think you suffer, think about his visit is how many times you? A day can bring you many people? You


5, release spam. In fact, this is the best way to propaganda, but it will bring certain side effects, so do not advocate, but it’s really very effective! Go to some special sites to find the E–MAIL address book, come down, someone must have! Someone will call you a letter. But there is not much complaint in the letter that the letter will only be sent back.

6 advertising in virtual communities, BBS, forums. This has a very intuitive effect, but it will not bring long-term benefits. And there are dangers of Title management……

7, landing your site in search engines. Go to Sohu, Sina and some other famous engine stations to log on to your website and try to make it a little better. Key words more, don’t exaggerate the correction! Is summed up in my own experience, finally remind one: slowly, don’t want to eat into a fat, realistic, there will be bread, everything will be OK! copyright declaration: welcome free reprint, reprint >

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