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many people will go to the forum to post, to attract Baidu spider. We should choose what kind of post to follow, what kind of post, do not go with. The following points are my thread SEO’s experience,

1, zhidingtie must tell! Practice proves zhidingtie is a spider climb over and the maximum number of posts! You can also go to their reason to check your chain test


2, also with the popular copybook. For example, some time ago, "God seven" and other words subject to the post. Because some forums weight high, a lot of such words will be in front of the search engine, with the spider will continue to climb a few times pay attention to people’s comments,


3, the original post, with the value of. After all, originality, I believe we all know, BD most favorite or original spider, climb the number of times must be more and more important!


4, a lot of hot thread will follow if the original post I wrote with you to help me crazy thread, will be regarded as the natural spider card is very important. More or less craw your signature link!


5, for keywords to do word links, don’t follow. There is a word called "traditional characters" such words are very fire, many stations do this keyword. But there are only a few of Baidu’s first pages, and many will be treated as garbage stations. You follow up. It could be considered a garbage dump. There are papers, nets, models and so on, there is no title of the site, do not follow, with the link post must pay attention to the site name. The uniqueness of the site name, so as to better attract search engine spiders.

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