Wang Munan after the nternet industry shuffle how should the stationmaster hibernate

with the rapid development of the Internet, China greatly small website has innumerable, what birds have, multi site, yellow spam sites also came, then the SARFT, the Ministry of information industry and other government departments to the Internet "mopping up" to eradicate the jurisprudence site, on the Internet industry a thorough "shuffle". To this end, many servers, websites have been shut, so many webmaster anxiety, panic. After shuffle, how should stationmaster live winter to greet the spring of 2010?


has timed Mu Nan believes that the national rectification is correct, but also to ensure the feasible countermeasures, the benign development of the Internet through rectification, can attack and eliminate those speculators disrupt the molecular network market, make the formal legal quality web site to healthy growth. It is reported that the country is about to intensify its crackdown once again, many owners are in panic and anxiety…… In fact, as long as you avoid the following points, you will definitely be able to live through the Internet in winter".

tip: author information, Wang Munan, Internet industry veteran, everything, founder of the network, many years of network marketing and planning experience, more authors can search Baidu author name.

one, compliance, discipline, integrity do stand

as the saying goes, "a man is not afraid of changing his shadow.". As long as our webmaster strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the state, the integrity of the station, do not touch yellow, garbage information, do not covet temporary profits, national re rectification, then strike hard, you do not worry. Yes, the garbage station is can bring a lot of traffic, but also it can bring you a lot of advertising, but that you are equal to the chronic Dutch act is self defeating. Secondly, the card to take the initiative to do the procedures must be complete, some sites are not even the record, countries can not? You like everything we have, the record information, record number are published on the website home page under the most conspicuous position, a formal, and Internet users also assured that the country has good for yourself.

two, original content, efficient experience

in the face of the Internet industry such a competitive situation, a website must adhere to the original content, must not be a Ctrl+C Ctrl+V, do not say Baidu spiders see your content does not capture, even netizens at your old information, also do not want to visit your site. Also as a webmaster must take the user experience as the center ", website design must be concise and practical, I see a lot of website to register an account to spend a few minutes, and fill in the ID number and fill the mobile phone number, you still dare to say the netizen through your website also? There are also some sites eyebrows beard, what are, what to do, netizens to his website do not know what to do, this website can do? Twenty-first Century, only professional and innovative talent development.

three, online promotion, interactive

many webmaster are feeling: "easy to promote, difficult to do!" is really so, want to put a.

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