New Adsense how to look at some talk about the experience of the article

opening note three points,

one, talk about the article of experience, it is to point to certain stationmaster talk about his website construction, promotion and final victory those articles of great victory.

two, this is my personal opinion, for reference only.

three, this article is for those honest people like me.

, let’s get down to business,

first of all, you have to admit that everyone’s experience is different. Everyone is good at different things. You may see a webmaster do game to stand to make money, you excited, immediately ready to roll up the sleeves, do you not know that he was playing a game, familiar with the game player, he do handy, not without success.

and you should see what I’m good at here, what kind of people I communicate with, and how I’m familiar with them. This is your direction.

secondly, the moisture of these articles. Do not deny that many webmaster friends are sincere to share his experience, but some of the headlines are very shocking, one of the characteristics is that the time is short, effective, and suddenly succeeded. Pay attention to the time you see this.

one, the title doesn’t shock, you won’t go to see

two, a lot of people think the heart is Yibudengtian, this kind of article is the so-called


three, the station in the article is so tough, you must have gone to see it. This is also an objective.

at this time, you need to cool your head and think whether it’s true or not. What are the things in the article that are useful and which are rich in H2O, and don’t take it all. However, these articles also have a benefit, that is, when you are disappointed, said, "everyone else has done this, and so can I.".

again, this can be the last second points added, see these articles every day, will not consciously produced an illusion, this is a big opportunity, and not to pay too much, I just find what in these articles, then I can be like them. This time you need to be sober.

classic speech, say one thousand times, do it once, you should do it at this time, the knowledge learned to guide your production. Finally, these are the statements of a school, is also bullish after that, I hope there is a need to look at, no need to skip.

In this paper, by watching the TXT

novel webmaster forum feeds.

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