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RecSports ‘holiday’ supports fitness goals

first_imgIn celebration of National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day today, the Office of Recreational Sports (RecSports) is encouraging students not only to be fit, but also to inform its directors on how they are using campus facilities to accomplish their fitness goals.  Mary Strebinger, communications and marketing coordinator, said RecSports will ask people who use their facilities to fill out sheets of paper with their planned activities or fitness goals for the day.  “They’ll see these slips of paper that say ‘It’s your day, celebrate your way,’” Strebinger said. “We’ll post the stories throughout the day to share with our community.” Strebinger said this is RecSports’ second year celebrating the day started by the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA).  “It’s our national holiday, not just for RecSports, but for any recreational program [in a] collegiate or university institution,” she said. “NIRSA started this initiative about 10 years ago, and it’s growing in the community as a day to be recognized.”  RecSports is also using the day to promote the activities and programs it provides throughout the year, Strebinger said. Signs around campus athletic and exercise facilities will share statistics about RecSports’ events and users.  RecSports offered 372 programs during the 2011-12 school year, according to the office’s Year in Review report. Rolfs Sports Recreation Center and Rockne Memorial had 245,676 and 137, 217 recreational users, respectively.  RecSports also raised $8,500 for local charities and partnered with the women’s basketball team and the College of Science to sponsor the Pink Zone Spin-A-Thon.  Strebinger said RecSports offers opportunities for all community members, including non-students.  “It’s not just for students,” she said. “I think they [the community] think we do a lot of intramural sports, competitions, fitness classes,” she said, “but we also have family programs, swim lessons and outdoor sports programs.” Strebinger emphasized RecSports is a service-driven business and hopes to better learn its users’ goals through National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day.  “We want to know a little bit more about the people who do come in,” she said. “I hope people enjoy the day, and even if you can’t celebrate on Friday, find another day to celebrate.”last_img read more

Trail Dog Reviews: Jack explores Greensboro Watershed Trails

first_imgSorry, I was daydreaming about puppuccinos. We started the race at Bur Mil Park which has great parking and restrooms for my pawrents. So sad they can’t just pee on a bush like me. We take off and hit Owl’s Roost Trail first. You know what the weather had been like all of February and early March with rain? It made this trail muddy. We stick to the inside fire lanes of the trail instead of skirting the lake. It is a rolling trail and coming back at the end of the race is going be tough here with all the mud. Flea and tick preventative is a must!  There is lyme disease and many other other tick diseases out there.  Fleas are present out there and they too carry nasty diseases, remember the plague came from those nasty buggers! There are a couple of reasons why these trails are great for me… Running races with your dog~ ALWAYS ASK the Race director!! Most races that do allow your dog require you to be on a short leash so you don’t impede other runners.  You will need to have a poop bag ready in case nature calls while you are running. So we ran a trail marathon on these trails in March. Yes, my pawrents asked and were given the okay by the race director to let me run. I don’t like races because of having to wait around too much at the start. I just want to go. Some days I have a little trouble getting moving I am 10 years old.  For those days, my pawrent gives me an Adequan injection. It is an injectable Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan, that I get from time to time for a joint supplement.   After Owl’s Roost, there is short stretch on the paved greenway and then we hit Nat Greene Trail. This trail skirts Lake Brandt and ends at the marina. Then we cross onto Laurel Bluff Trail. I think this is one of the prettiest trails in the system. It has great wooded areas as it follows the creek and then gives way to the Lake Townsend. There is usually lots of birds on this trail. The Peninsula Trail is pretty cool too, there are deep thickets of rhododendron and really close in on you. There are some open spots along the Osprey Trail as it is dotted with several large powerline towers. Next we turned onto Reedy Fork, starting the return trip to the finish line. This trail is a lot like the Laurel Bluff Trail. When we make to the end of Reedy Fork Trail, we turn back onto Nat Greene Trail. Those hills get you on the return trip. Trail reviews for you by Jack the Trail Dog First; they follow the lakes in the city, so there is always plenty of water stops either in the lakes, or the streams that feed into them. I also require my pawrents to carry my food and gear for me.  I require figgy pops (banana almond butter flavor) broken into appropriate sizes, a taste of their stroopwafel or Cliff Bar.  Pack a water bowl~ my favorite is Ruffwear Trail Runner bowl~ Duh! Water is a big concern with many of the trails and over time I have learned to drink out of the water bowl and my pawrents can give me some of their water so I can drink on the run.   Oh yeah, back to the race. Before starting long distance running or multi day hiking with dogs we had to ensure that I was safe a protected against diseases that are found in nature.  I have been vaccinated for outdoor exposure that is found in my area. Talk with your veterinarian to get the appropriate vaccines for your area and activity plan.   Lastly, I love these trails because that means after the run I get a puppuccino from Starbucks! It’s awesome and so good. Hmmmmm. Yummy whip cream! I was happy to see the finish line. I was tired but it was a good run and great weather for me out and about. I was even given something called a finisher medal. It looks like a large dog tag to me, but people seemed happy I had it. I would have rather had a treat. And I really wanted that puppuccino. Not huge climbs, but rolling. Bur Mil Park and the Lake Brandt marina are great starting locations, but limited parking lot access along the routes. Proper Rabies tags and ID- always have a current rabies vaccine and the tag/certificate.  I have nice tag that has my name on it and pretty picture of the mountains. Second; we can pick the distance that we want to run on the trails. Third; they are great natural surface trails with plenty of rocks, mud and roots, (oh man, the mud and roots on Owl’s Roost).   You need to build up to the milage.  With using a model of building up to the goal distance over the prior few months, you too can run with your pawrent.  I helped my pawrent train for one of the toughest 100 milers on the east coast. We run on these trails a lot for training. They are easy to get to from our house with plenty of options for routes and distances. The City of Greensboro, it’s a big city with street crossings on some trails, maintains these trails and they are always busy. They say you can get 40 miles on them, but I am not really ready for all of that. last_img read more

Dean on Drugs in Crash That Killed 2, Cops Say

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A Suffolk County Community College dean is facing upgraded charges of criminally negligent homicide and drugged-driving allegations stemming from a crash that claimed two lives on the Meadowbrook State Parkway.New York State Police said Robert Beodeker surrendered to investigators Friday before he pleaded not guilty to the new charges, which also include vehicular manslaughter and driving while ability impaired.Tests showed the 50-year-old Aquebogue man had methamphetamine and amphetamine in his blood at the time of the March 4 crash that killed two men fixing their broken-down vehicle on the side of the parkway, police said. He  reportedly had been taking the prescription sleep aid Ambien.The victims, 76-year-old John Elder of Freeport and 65-year-old Edward Ross of North Bellmore, were pronounced dead at the scene.Beodeker, an associate dean of student services at SCCC who’s been suspended, was also driving with a suspended license at the time, police have said. He was initially charged with reckless driving and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.His bail was set at $1 million and he faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.last_img read more

Are you a “rising” credit union leader?

first_img 22SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Jim Bouchard “THE SENSEI LEADER is not just another leadership development program. It is a movement.”Our programs support this movement and help us fulfill our vision and mission…                                                                     The best leaders are always “rising” leaders. The best, most effective leaders are always learning, growing and looking for more ways to serve and bring value to others.They embrace this philosophy:“Perfection is not a destination––it’s a never ending process!”Now I’m always glad to talk philosophy––and I can go off for hours! But today let’s focus on the practical…Are you trying to do any of the following?Prepare for your first leadership position.Get noticed by decision makers.Move up to your next position.Take on more leadership responsibility in your current credit union position.Be a more effective leader right now.Before we go any further, you’ve got to make a decision. It may be the most important decision you’ll ever make in your career.Do you want to be a leader––or a manager?It would be nice if all managers were also effective leaders––not so much. And sadly, too many “leadership development” programs focus much more on management and very little on genuine leadership.Admiral Grace Hopper said it perfectly:“You manage things. You lead people.”The fact is that people today respond to leaders––not managers. Now don’t get me wrong, management is important, it’s just not leadership. You’ve got to take care of business––but if you don’t take care of your people, there will be no business to take care of!The traditional “manager” is a vestige of the age of command and control. That age is over.Your success as a leader is measured by one thing and one thing only: The success of your people. Think about it! Your job is to help people perform at their best.And the research is clear. People perform at their best when––and only when…They know their leaders care.Their work has meaning.They have a real chance to learn, grow and develop.To accomplish these things, leaders today need:Emotional intelligence.Strong interpersonal skills.A well developed sense of self-awareness.If you want to rise in leadership––those are the things you should focus on! To cut to the heart of it, if you want to be an effective leader, work on being more human.Always.I’m still amazed at how much time, energy and money is invested in“hard” technical management, and how little is committed to the so-called “soft” or human-centric areas.As you prepare for your first––or your next position, make sure you invest in these areas. You can learn all the process and technical skill in the world, but now you’re rising to the challenge of leading people to employ those skills in a united effort.If you choose to only be the “manager”, your job is pretty easy. Just start telling people what to do and make sure they’re doing it. See how far that gets you.The strange thing is that some people can be very effective as managers––to a point. But management is always about meeting expectations. Leadership is about transcending expectations.I started this piece by asking, “Are you a rising leader?”You are if you focus on cultivating the most human aspects of leadership:Compassion and empathyCourageWisdomMentoringEffective communicationUnderstanding othersPutting the needs of others above your own self-interestSharingI could make this list a lot longer. Just note there’s nothing there about staying on top of the latest technology, analyzing the competition, market research, compliance and regulation or organizational structure. Those things are all important. They will make you a successful manager––but not a leader…A genuine leader is someone with the ability to attract WILLING followers. Note the emphasis on the word “willing.”If you can’t relate to people––if you can’t rally the troops––you’re wasting your time.Richard Branson said it beautifully:“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business. It’s as simple as that.”Help others rise and you’ll always be a Rising Leader. Vision: To promote … Web: Detailslast_img read more

The legend of the love of a sea fairy and Odyssey inspiration for a perfume that has become a sought-after souvenir of Mljet

first_imgPerfume as a souvenir? Absolutely yes, especially if he is authentic and tells a special story.Tamara Luković, a woman from Zagreb in love with the island of Mljet, especially Goveđari, where she and her husband Zoran from nearby Dubrovnik decorated an old house, a former school, where they live and have a gallery, created a perfume that combines the scents of this wooded island.For the eau de perfume “Nymph Calypso” which can be bought exclusively in the Mediterranean Art-Gift shop in the hotel Odisej on Mljet in the National Park Mljet, it is inspired by the legend of love of a sea nymph and Odysseus who was imprisoned on an island and many are convinced that it is the island of Mljet that has become part of the tourist story of this southern Dalmatian island. “For years I worked in Zagreb as a representative of the most famous cosmetic brands, so after we made several Mljet souvenirs such as Mljet shirt, traditional jewelry, snake ring and earrings Mljet gradas, hand-woven bags, pillows, belts, I thought about a new souvenir and remembered the legend of Odyssey. I found inspiration in the legend of the passion, love of the sea nymph Calypso and Odysseus, who swam after the shipwreck and stayed there for seven years because of love. Smell is a very important aspect of human relationships, so I contacted the French perfume company Aromara Fragonard and told them how I imagined the fragrance and they sent me a few samples made on my ideas from which I chose the one we named Nymph Calypso. Lukovic points out.When we look at the bigger picture, tourists who bought perfume from the island of Mljet, will use it throughout the year, ie for special moments of their lives. So the story and memory from Mljet is alive, present throughout the year because whenever a customer sees or puts on perfume, they will remember the island of Mljet. And those are strong emotions and a special experience. Also, whenever someone asks a proud perfume owner where they come from and what kind of perfume it is, the story again takes on a new dimension full of emotions and experiences. Thus, the story of Mljet is multiplied by word of mouth, and it has always been and will be the best advertisement.What is a special story is that it is a wild and medicinal plant from the island of Mljet, and thus the perfume tells an authentic and unique story. “At the heart of the fragrance are delicate accords of herbs from the island of Mljet sage, carnation or garoful, green apple, lemon and grapefruit, lavender, while woody and musky notes of fir, cedar and patchouli provide a feeling of peace and relaxation as deep, cold Mljet forests. The essence of the fragrance contains jasmine, geranium”, Explains Luković, the author of the perfume that has become a favorite souvenir of tourists visiting Mljet.He adds that every scent takes us somewhere, even when we don’t travel that often, and with the scent of Nymph Calypso we always return to the island of Mljet and the mystical journey with legend can begin. “I think it is a good tourist story that promotes the island of Mljet, so we plan with a men’s cosmetic line, and a men’s fragrance because I see this as a resumption of love between the nymph Calypso and Odysseus in a new tourist way with the best presentation of Mljet”, Says Tamara Luković and reminds that in her gallery, in addition to exhibitions and concerts, she organizes numerous workshops where attractive souvenirs are created and where they will be created, which, like Tamara’s perfume, will remind tourists to stay on Mljet.And the story has another added value and mystery, the perfume can only be bought on Mljet, so if you want to buy it, you have to visit Mljet.last_img read more

I’m not dying, Maradona dismisses daughter’s concerns

first_imgRelatedPostsNo Content Available Diego Maradona has insisted that he is “very healthy” despite his daughter’s claims that the Gimnasia La Plata manager is “dying from the inside”.Gianinna Maradona, Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero’s ex-wife, publicly voiced her worries over her father’s deteriorating health on social media last week.The 30-year-old wrote: “He is not dying because his body has decided so, he is getting killed from the inside and does not realise it.“I do not believe in the parameters of normal, but that is far from the reality of what he deserves. Pray for him. Please! Thank you!”She added in a second post: “Do you remember a zoo where you could take pictures with a gigantic lion?“You could go into its cage and ‘cuddle’ it. They had it pilled-up, otherwise, it would have been impossible to tame the wild animal.“Any resemblance to reality is a pure coincidence.”The Argentina legend has suggested that he is not sure what his daughter “meant to say or what she had interpreted”, but he does not share her concerns over his own physical wellbeing.Maradona posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday, with it his desire to assure the public he is “not dying at all, that I sleep peacefully because I am working”.He added: ”As you get older, people worry more about what you’re going to leave behind than what you’re doing.“And I tell everyone that I am not leaving them anything, that I am going to donate it. All I earned during my life, I’m going to donate it.“For now, I am very healthy, very healthy.”The former Barcelona and Napoli superstar is currently working as Gimnasia La Plata’s head coach in Superliga Argentina.Maradona made headlines last week for sitting in an extravagant throne-like armchair on the side of the pitch as he watched his side thrash Newell’s Old Boys 4-0.He has been dogged by health issues since hanging up his boots and has endured a long battle with alcohol and substance abuse in the past. Tags: Gianinna MaradonaGimnasia La Platalast_img read more

GOtv presents UCL quarterfinal clash between Man City, Lyon

first_imgRelatedPosts Aguero could be out of action until November, Guardiola says Exciting EPL, La Liga, Serie A matches this weekend on DStv, GOtv MultiChoice unveils sport channels, content line-up Customers on GOtv Max and GOtv Jolli will witness the wrap up of the UEFA Champions League as the last quarterfinal match between Manchester City and Olympique Lyon is played at Estadio Jose Alvalade in Lisbon on Saturday at 8pm on SuperSport Select 2 (channel 32).Speaking on the live broadcast, Chief Customer Officer, MultiChoice Nigeria, Martin Mabutho said: “Our GOtv Max and Jolli customers can tune in live to watch one of the most anticipated games this weekend, the UCL Quarter-Final match between Man City and Lyon.” Mabutho also said the live UCL match is one of the ways the company is giving GOtv customers a great football experience.City were able to complete an impressive triumph over LaLiga champions Real Madrid, winning 2-1 at the Etihad Stadium, thanks to goals from Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus, to take their round of 16 tie 4-2 on aggregate.The Citizens look more than capable of winning the Champions League for the first time in their history.“I think just energy, passion [were key]. It is one of those competitions we want to do well in and we said if we play our football but the most important thing was to run our socks off and the result would follow,” said Sterling, who will be a key figure again for Pep Guardiola’s side.Their opponents will be Lyon, who upset Juventus on away goals. Their tie ended 2-2 on aggregate, with the Italian giants winning 2-1 in the match in Turin last Friday, but exiting on the back of Memphis Depay’s controversial penalty for OL.The French club are the clear outsiders for the mini tournament in Portugal, but goalkeeper Anthony Lopes has warned that they should not be underestimated: “We must look to go further and we have the right to look deeper into the competition. A lot of people don’t think we’ll go further but we have the firm belief that we can do it.”Tags: Champions LeagueGoTVLyonManchester CityMultiChoice NigeriaTV Schedulelast_img read more

Perfect day for Osman

first_img West Ham, who began the day in fourth place, loudly and correctly complained the first-half opener was offside and although it was allowed to stand the Toffees would have dropped another two points had it not been for Osman’s late contribution. Everton’s resources in midfield were limited with Gareth Barry and Darron Gibson sidelined by injury but Osman calmly held the central ground with James McCarthy, who showed no ill-effects from the hamstring injury which kept him out of the Republic of Ireland’s recent matches and provoked stinging criticism from assistant manager Roy Keane. West Ham, like their hosts significantly depleted by injuries and were crucially missing the attacking influence of Stewart Downing, Enner Valencia and Diafra Sakho, massed their defence with five across the back in an attempt to deny any width. Roberto Martinez attempted to counter that by deploying Kevin Mirallas, on his first appearance since September 27 after a hamstring injury, as an out-and-out winger to stretch play but that just meant there was even less room for full-back Seamus Coleman to charge into in characteristic fashion. The first time he did get forward, picked out by a brilliant Osman through-ball, his cut-back presented Steven Naismith with a good chance which he ballooned over. Osman then put Naismith in with a helpful rebound off a defender but the Scotland international’s shot was from such a narrow angle that when it went through the legs of goalkeeper Adrian the ball continued on a path away from goal. Barkley, who incurred the fury of Hammers captain Kevin Nolan with a blatant dive to win a free-kick, had a hand in the opening goal but not as much as the assistant referee who failed to spot Lukaku was in an offside position from the initial shot. Via the aid of deflections off James Tomkins and Winston Reid the ball dropped to the Belgium international who rammed home his 21st goal in 50 appearances for the club. Everton have not been entirely comfortable going ahead this season and Sylvain Distin almost contrived to present Morgan Amalfitano with an equaliser trying to pass out of defence but the Frenchman fired wide. Even though Lukaku had the ball in the net again from a quick counter-attack, ruled out because both he and Barkley from whom he nicked the ball off were offside, there was a growing sense that Everton had lost control. That was confirmed when McCarthy’s over-the-top tackle to take the ball and ankle of Amalfitano sparked a melee with almost every member of the West Ham team looking to confront the Republic of Ireland midfielder resulting in he and initial aggressor Reid being booked. In his first start of the season West Ham striker Andy Carroll’s most significant contribution in the first half had been a perfectly-placed raking crossfield ball to pick out full-back Carl Jenkinson whose cross was hacked clear by Phil Jagielka. However, the introduction of Zarate in the 51st minute produced an instant impact as four minutes after coming on he weaved his way to the edge of the penalty area and unleashed a shot which took a looping deflection off Jagielka and over Howard. McCarthy responded with a shot from distance which flew just over the crossbar while Amalfitano had low shot tipped wide by Howard. The decisive moment came in the 73rd minute when, having blundered for the opening goal, the officials got it spot on as referee Mark Clattenburg played a good advantage when Collins brought down Lukaku and substitute Samuel Eto’o crossed for Osman to turn the ball home at the far post. Even then it required an instinctive reaction save with his leg by Howard to deny Collins. Everton midfielder Leon Osman picked the perfect way to mark his 400th appearance for the club as his first league goal since March ended high-flying West Ham’s five-match unbeaten run. Press Association The 33-year-old, who in reaching the landmark joined an elite group of a dozen others led by the great Neville Southall, capped a controlled and creative performance with the winner 17 minutes from time. His intervention prevented his side from squandering another lead this season after substitute Mauro Zarate cancelled out Romelu Lukaku’s controversial goal. last_img read more

Plastic Bag Causes Rare Whale to Die in Fort Pierce

first_imgA rare whale beached itself in Fort Pierce as a result of ingesting plastic trash that kept the whale from being able to eat. Researchers at FAU’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute say the plastic in its gut caused the whale to starve to death. Adam Schaefer, an epidemiologist, conducted the necropsy.“It’s a larger [plastic] bag. But, it was folded up within the stomach and blocking the esophagus,” Schaefer said. “So essentially, the animal starved, which is why it was so emaciated.”Plastic bag beaches, kills rare whale in Fort Pierce via @MeghanWPTV— WPTV (@WPTV) June 6, 2019 A kayaker discovered the 11-foot, 600-pound, young, female beaked whale beached in the mangroves near the Fort Pierce Inlet Sunday.Beaked whales, according to FAU Harbor Branch Institute, are occasionally found along the coast of North America, typically in the Gulf Stream.They are one of the least known groups of mammals because of their deep water, offshore habitat. Population estimates for Beaked whales are not recorded because they are rarely seen. For a Beaked whale to be stranded in Florida waters is very unusual, according to experts at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.last_img read more

Fine allegations | Allred, Davis to hold news conference regarding request to NY attorney general

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Bobby Davis and attorney Gloria Allred will hold a news conference Friday to discuss a request made to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to open an investigation into Syracuse University.The conference will take place at 12:30 p.m. in New York City, at 305 Broadway, Suite 607, according to a news release issued by Allred Thursday. Davis and Allred will explain why they believe it is important Schneiderman investigates into whether or not SU violated a law that failed to protect children.Her request is based in part on facts and conclusions in SU’s own 2005 report that was released earlier this month to the Board of Trustees, according to the release.Davis, a former SU ball boy, alleges he was molested by former men’s basketball associate head coach Bernie Fine.Fine was fired from the university in November. He has denied all wrongdoing and has not been charged.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text Comments Published on July 19, 2012 at 12:00 am Contact Marwa: | @marwaeltagourilast_img read more