How does a domain name blog raise Gao Quanzhong

facing the new 2013 Baidu algorithm, the new challenge, how should we do the optimization? This is a very important problem. We should be very clear, recently there are many high quality chain construction platform continues to "disappear" or increase the restriction of the release of the chain, so many specialists can not effectively carry out the construction of the chain? What to do? So small that a domain name blog created by high quality to keep standing, while doing this, need a certain economic foundation, but the effect is really very good. read more

Discussion on the bottleneck and direction of modern network enterprise development

China from the development of the Internet we can see that Chinese Internet industry has a strong cultural flavor as copycat copycat, cultural charm, it is piracy, in our real life piracy may be related to the infringement, but in the global scope of the Internet does not seem to have in the tort concept too clear, here are a few examples of

one, the boss of the Internet, Google Corporation, when Google popular, Baidu’s Robin Li master of this technology, resulting in China’s Google, that is, Baidu, the whole is Google’s flip board. read more

5 ways to increase your RSS subscriptions

most bloggers want their RSS to be subscribed by many people. Large subscriptions can be said to be a status symbol, showing the popularity of your blog and also very useful, as subscriptions can bring more readers to your blog. Getting subscriptions is not a simple job, though. Here, the author summarizes 5 methods for increasing the number of RSS subscriptions

1) excellent content

there is no doubt that the most important part of getting subscriptions is providing good content. Is your blog interesting? What’s the problem for your readers? Are you up-to-date? Every question about content is a blogger who wants to try to expand subscriptions, and should ask his questions every day. read more

Do English station and Chinese station different 5 points

domestic advertisers a climate, or thinking about the abnormal development of foreign advertisers for us! Chinese in addition to a series of "preferential policies"! Caused a lot of exploration of webmaster to find a new way of


English station is one of the road, now there are many domestic English station do very successful webmaster! But they do not love to speak out! I often found under the English site, write Chinese webmaster do website English really good! High ranking! Estimated to earn a lot! Now that a write personal summary of the experience of doing English station. Hope can be outdated. Foreign users surfing habits really. read more

Some skills of using soil eight way as station

spent a lot of time to do a website, no one visit is a very painful thing, how can let more people see? The key is propaganda! Yes, propaganda! Know your website is to let more people through the promotion, so as to improve the site traffic, make your site flow for more users! Promotion? Below I write some commonly used:

1, if you want more people to visit your site, there must be attractive things, so as to retain the user, so that he became a repeat customer. If that doesn’t work, then the publicity doesn’t make sense. read more

Thread attracts search engine skills

many people will go to the forum to post, to attract Baidu spider. We should choose what kind of post to follow, what kind of post, do not go with. The following points are my thread SEO’s experience,

1, zhidingtie must tell! Practice proves zhidingtie is a spider climb over and the maximum number of posts! You can also go to their reason to check your chain test


2, also with the popular copybook. For example, some time ago, "God seven" and other words subject to the post. Because some forums weight high, a lot of such words will be in front of the search engine, with the spider will continue to climb a few times pay attention to people’s comments, read more

Wang Munan after the nternet industry shuffle how should the stationmaster hibernate

with the rapid development of the Internet, China greatly small website has innumerable, what birds have, multi site, yellow spam sites also came, then the SARFT, the Ministry of information industry and other government departments to the Internet "mopping up" to eradicate the jurisprudence site, on the Internet industry a thorough "shuffle". To this end, many servers, websites have been shut, so many webmaster anxiety, panic. After shuffle, how should stationmaster live winter to greet the spring of 2010? read more

New Adsense how to look at some talk about the experience of the article

opening note three points,

one, talk about the article of experience, it is to point to certain stationmaster talk about his website construction, promotion and final victory those articles of great victory.

two, this is my personal opinion, for reference only.

three, this article is for those honest people like me.

, let’s get down to business,

first of all, you have to admit that everyone’s experience is different. Everyone is good at different things. You may see a webmaster do game to stand to make money, you excited, immediately ready to roll up the sleeves, do you not know that he was playing a game, familiar with the game player, he do handy, not without success. read more

The website is filed from cancellation to re examination through the whole process

September 5, 2012, the record of my blog was canceled, the filing system does not send SMS notification, because before the record is very smooth, so the matter did not pay attention, who knows I was too careless, leading to the end of the month the space station had to close. This is a deep record experience, never encountered such a troublesome thing, and after many efforts, and finally put on the website for review and approval, hereby record the incident for the majority of webmaster reference. read more