A special five thousand month history of blood station profit

don’t know if I can be a successful webmaster, in their own feelings in the webmaster at least, I will not, I do almost all rely on interest, in order to share their own to do something out of a sense of pride to praise, he began to do when the site is 06 years, the second year, no girlfriend, class is not much room to run every day, monthly living expenses of 2/3 have contributed to the school room, the beginning is the personal homepage, with free space, speed and stability can be anxious I cry, but at the time of interest I was quite high, the dormitory called room slave, especially on the weekend, I will bring a cloth pad and the room to eat, for a whole day, for their own interest I fail the exam, truancy, miserable, I was also very happy. Want to do a website of their own, but could not find their own direction, has several efforts have failed, the website was not popular, horse, sad I want to cry, but I still insist on down, I choose to do when I love beyond net and not to think I love money, beyond band, often found on some of their own data, I think why not build such a website, when interest and hobbies hit together, give me a lot of power, and in order to earn money to the website I own university bought a second-hand computer, there are the computer I like, I have almost the whole investment in construction site, about a month and finally put up the construction site, and then to borrow money to buy buy space domain name (www.52beyond.net), sophomore next semester I have been doing the whole website, add songs, videos, articles by fans, the construction site and I have been a fan of beyond, does not stop at Baidu Post Bar, other web forums such as who I can get to the place I have to promote their own websites, web site and dynamic website traffic together so, (say I was ashamed and traffic is not very high, every day just 500-800ip), he was quite a dish, do not understand do not understand the traffic statistics, optimization. Only know how to keep sending posts, and constantly add QQ publicity, of course, did not know to put ads to make money. The website has accumulated certain popularity, I can’t keep going, let me pay attention to economic tensions Wangzhuan, initially put eFriendsNet advertising, now remember the first time to advertising the excitement of appearance, not much, just one hundred, and I can’t pay for the site for comparison, but I like to see the dawn every day, less than one thousand of the IP brought me income just enough for their own expenses, but this is among the students caused a sensation. read more

How should the stationmaster look squarely at the website that he manages now

actually, now do more and more people, whether there is no contact with the website construction of knowledge, the influx of a large number of people have this deep mire, some are directed to their majors, some are fooled in, in fact many are looking at those to make the number of days how many articles in, however, it is not easy to make money.

is not easy to make money, and if you do not have the perseverance of the website operation, it is impossible to achieve profitability. Now 80, 90 more or less than their predecessors more rebellious, more items have a relaxed way of working, freedom, so many of my friends want to Dangdang SOHO, similarly, I also think so, no matter how poor their operator site, more or less to learn some knowledge from this website, get the point return. This is the psychology that we build a station. read more

8000 people news team BBC how to use the nternet thinking transformation

lead: an old broadcasting and television institution born with the traditional British Conservative blood, how can you open your arms and accept the alien Internet thinking in the painful transition,


is different from Time Warner, news group, Disney’s multi format giant media group, BBC is only a relatively single media organizations. Even so, BBC’s position in the world press can be difficult for any other media to shake. In China, this "public broadcaster" is once seen as "national broadcaster", become China media industry when talking about the ability to enhance international communication and building a world-class media is constantly mentioned in reference to the largest object. read more

Micro blog electricity supplier VS WeChat electricity providers homogenization of competition unde

recently, Sina micro-blog led the micro business summit revealed that micro-blog will jointly sell Ali, micro partners and three party, mobile social business platform to build interest oriented, trying to copy WeChat electricity supplier. Micro-blog electricity supplier VS WeChat electricity supplier, which one do you prefer?

in July 7th, led by Sina micro-blog micro business summit held, the meeting revealed that micro-blog will jointly sell Ali, micro and three party key partner, mobile social business platform to build interest oriented. read more

How to achieve the perfect standard station

do a few years of stationmaster, also met many webmaster friends, I now look at the occupation standard, if there are one hundred counterparts in the word, I can only pick 10 of the standard, it will be perfect in thousands of people to pick up the.

I admit that I am not perfect, but I have reached the standard, evaluation ability, as one can play basketball well, can also do the same decision, because I am familiar with the rules, I don’t want to be the owners of the "Song Zude", I just want to those who do not reach the standard by learning learning, raise. read more

How to open a convenience store to make money convenience store business skills analysis

open a convenience store to facilitate the lives of ordinary people, but also to earn a lot of money, is a good choice for entrepreneurship. So how to open a convenience store to make money? What are the tips for opening a convenience store? The following Xiaobian for everyone to do some analysis, we hope to help.

According to the reasonable arrangement of goods stores peak planning to open a convenience store read more

How does a domain name blog raise Gao Quanzhong

facing the new 2013 Baidu algorithm, the new challenge, how should we do the optimization? This is a very important problem. We should be very clear, recently there are many high quality chain construction platform continues to "disappear" or increase the restriction of the release of the chain, so many specialists can not effectively carry out the construction of the chain? What to do? So small that a domain name blog created by high quality to keep standing, while doing this, need a certain economic foundation, but the effect is really very good. read more

Discussion on the bottleneck and direction of modern network enterprise development

China from the development of the Internet we can see that Chinese Internet industry has a strong cultural flavor as copycat copycat, cultural charm, it is piracy, in our real life piracy may be related to the infringement, but in the global scope of the Internet does not seem to have in the tort concept too clear, here are a few examples of

one, the boss of the Internet, Google Corporation, when Google popular, Baidu’s Robin Li master of this technology, resulting in China’s Google, that is, Baidu, the whole is Google’s flip board. read more

5 ways to increase your RSS subscriptions

most bloggers want their RSS to be subscribed by many people. Large subscriptions can be said to be a status symbol, showing the popularity of your blog and also very useful, as subscriptions can bring more readers to your blog. Getting subscriptions is not a simple job, though. Here, the author summarizes 5 methods for increasing the number of RSS subscriptions

1) excellent content

there is no doubt that the most important part of getting subscriptions is providing good content. Is your blog interesting? What’s the problem for your readers? Are you up-to-date? Every question about content is a blogger who wants to try to expand subscriptions, and should ask his questions every day. read more

Do English station and Chinese station different 5 points

domestic advertisers a climate, or thinking about the abnormal development of foreign advertisers for us! Chinese in addition to a series of "preferential policies"! Caused a lot of exploration of webmaster to find a new way of


English station is one of the road, now there are many domestic English station do very successful webmaster! But they do not love to speak out! I often found under the English site, write Chinese webmaster do website English really good! High ranking! Estimated to earn a lot! Now that a write personal summary of the experience of doing English station. Hope can be outdated. Foreign users surfing habits really. read more