Do Taobao customers with the wisdom of the mindAdsense talking about the winter of advertising allia

? is better than not

my reflection, why now such false free can large formal advertising on some postage, indeed is not a small expenditure, but since you are advertising, but not to sell products, advertising or sales behavior? A lingerie postage postage? 25–30? Experience a webmaster 1-2 yuan is the commission? Is an international courier sent us?

the next step is to continue to improve the software, but users have added to the toolbar Amoy some commonly used software to go inside, and then submitted to the software download site, so users will be easier to download and install, became my user. Of course, you can also use some tempting way to allow users to download and install, not too honest, huh, huh, read more

Excellent League recommendation Fifth visionFor stationmaster the acme of profit is contracted

1. is just because it’s simple, simple enough that you can’t go beyond it. – Robin Li,


· fifth The5V | horizon advertising media was founded in March 2005, has its own network advertisement core ADS-Container technology and applied to various advertising products, won the unanimous praise from the industry! Is a non official website alliance has a leading position, with thousands of members.

· fifth The5V | horizon advertising media supported by modern science and technology, standardized management as a means to high-quality personnel for the foundation, to provide perfect service for customers. The alliance developed rapidly since its inception, and now owns a number of high performance servers, and has a group of experienced technical development personnel, information management and customer service to improve the management system, with strong technical strength and economic strength, have enough ability to fulfill every customer service commitment read more

Chen never left and never regretted selling Shanda gamesBlue Tower WAP point of view wireless WA

Ma Yun Ma Huateng, the people often understood as a greater success, the grand and Chen Tianqiao is attributed to the lonely camp, in the Tencent’s reading group acquired the grand literature, and read the group to be listed on the occasion, and is more, Ma Huateng realized the ideal of Chen Tianqiao.

Chen Tianqiao in the overseas market also frequently have the layout, investment fund management Legg Mason Capital an Management, the United States listed company LendingClub, was another success. < > read more

On the nternet about entrepreneurial team HaitaoPlease start makeup looks very beautiful commercial

saw some entrepreneurs to participate in the contest, is a busy year, business of third party payment companies are now doing Kara, angel investment Sun Taoran is worried, such entrepreneurs will become specialist.

is like two sides of a coin.

entrepreneurship and business should and can intersect, but at the moment, seems to have been "birth", "crash", "myth" of suspicion.

the emergence of many entrepreneurial training programs and institutions has created a problem: entrepreneurship can be trained, entrepreneurs can copy it? read more

Giants on the chicken the inevitable outcome of the road to entrepreneurshipAnalysis of bidding and

entrepreneurs, you have only one road: do the personnel, listen to the "day" life users that day, work hard!


many days not to update the 100 group, especially miss new friends here, because the old friends in the group, each other every day can still keep in touch, and recently to Qingdao friends more, occasionally to the guest, so hundreds of groups have less opportunity, I put some of you lately concerned about making a system summary:

A: Wang Tong teacher training in Beijing, said to understand is silly, anything to share, the result is I don’t get a chance to do, always give people the feeling is the dreamer, so I always want to do one thing, is to do the bottom of things, and a step by step to go up, but we must choose the most love thing, at the same time to have some meaningful things, so I chose the first theme is hilarious picture stand, first I love comedy picture stand very much, also can bring happiness to other people, and do things in terms of traditional opportunistic past in this sense, than in the past to any one thing meaning to. So now I will finish every day 100 funny pictures, and give the corresponding joke, I feel extremely happy, I mainly want to put their own past about the flow method, applied to the station next to the picture, see can bring much profit. read more

The5v new creative advertising materialSearch home recruit 30 thousand enterprises to join leading

"before Jiangsu hinder the development of B2B market and enterprise network environment consciousness has been completely changed, our current development momentum is very fierce. Soon, we have the ability to launch a strong challenge to the Alibaba and the hc360." In April 10th the formal trial operation of

> statistics, Jiang

Jiangsu found Home Furnishing, less than 3 months, the total number of absorbing enterprises have more than 3 million, reversed the Jiangsu nearly 5 years without the embarrassing situation of e-commerce trade platform. read more

Explore the development strategy of e commerce in small and medium enterprisesshlf1314 Adsense exper

e-commerce refers to the realization of the electronic trading activities, is refers to the transaction between the parties including the enterprise and enterprise, between enterprises and consumers by using modern information technology and computer network, in accordance with certain standards for various types of business activities. Electronic commerce is a kind of business activity using the modern information technology era. Small and medium-sized enterprises mainly engaged in general consumer goods, small scale, product variety, in line with the characteristics of network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises; at the same time, due to more simply, than large enterprises in personnel management, easy adjustment, convenient management, rapid implementation of the new marketing concept and not by the original enterprise culture bound, can quickly adapt to the trend of the times to update the concept of operation; and the technical basis, the electronic commerce practical basis and enormous economic benefits. As a result, many small and medium enterprises are eager or have begun to experiment.

"from them." indeed, most companies are not profitable, and even some have been closed. In some mature areas, network marketing has brought about obvious economic benefits. This kind of polarization is complicated, and it must be analyzed and studied from the enterprise’s present situation and the whole social environment, pointing out the problem, and then can do the strategy research.

I do not read more

sh419 also out webmaster statistics personal statistics will go from hereHKEx disclosure Mito PO i

November 2, 2007,

sh419 statistical system beta has been formally launched in November 1, 2007. Thank you for the support and love of sh419 alliance, we will be 2007-11-2 to 2007-11-8 period for members of the association of statistics Easy Access opened sh419 account, you only need to send the alliance account, domain name, estimated daily visits, contacts, phone, EMAIL, to tongji@sh419. After the audit, within three working days, you can open sh419 statistical testing account.

loss, as of June 30th, the first half of 2016, the United States figure net loss of 2 billion 200 million yuan, compared with the first half of 2015 1 billion 300 million yuan of net losses of an expansion of 69.2% beauties; 2> read more

Wangzhuan novice how to adapt to the changing time nowWhether the popcorn alliance really more and m

here, I would like to say that we should be as young as possible mature as soon as possible, I think it is very simple, is to see more posts, thinking more, search more. I read this post separately, needless to say, think more about this person, some by post payment figure others can relate to what is the station, some people only see the boy made a lot of ah, hey, this example is somewhat obvious, but the reaction is a mode of thinking a thought. How much is the sh419 search, shlf1314, sh419 and shlf1314 of the 2 search results is the same, more analysis, do not understand can post for help, you can also ask your understanding of an expert, but not as good as the simple search, to direct. Oh, of course you know who would like to explain to you, for you that’s expert are willing to guide you, you are a newbie? so your search is the best teacher. read more

On the importance of website positioning and how to pinpoint the location

is like a shop. It’s very clear what you want to do before you do it. The website that a lot of stationmaster builds on the net is more disorder, do not have a central idea. If you really have little talent and less learning do not know the direction, but must be clear, is to this station especially the station to provide products or services, in which the advantages of disadvantages which have to be very clear. We set up the purpose of the station, to achieve what objectives, target customer base where, must be very clear. The most important thing is where your profit point is, because it relates to the survival of the site. In short, these should have good ideas. read more

Primary community operations how to train active users

whether a community is active or not is directly related to the survival and survival of the community. There is only a question of time. However, even a more user community, there will be such a problem, the less active users, silent users more, but these silent users are not really "silent", most of them only when playing the "onlooker" role, occasionally express ideas. For a primary community, having active users is important for early community stability.

leads users to produce quality content on their own initiative read more

Discussion on several elements of CMS website operation website of single genre

type CMS website, remember also seen a lot of CMS website, more or less have such or that some of their looking place, so here, according to a military theme CMS himself has done recently for the introduction of a single write write CMS type theme website how the website operators, and we are in the process of operation should grasp what for the whole website. After all, now more and more like the world website subdivision direction, as long as you gain a foothold, then there is definitely a big market, not much gossip said, I have to analyze what factors for the single type read more

Discussion on the ratio of input to output for the owner’s investment shop

now open a Taobao shop, do not want to spend money to open a good shop, it is almost impossible to do, Taobao shop currently has many versions, respectively support edition, standard edition, expanded edition and ultimate, is a free version of support when you drill, shop finally rises to a drill that will be charged. Here is how to operate Taobao store how to control costs, and let the cost of maximizing the interests of the strategy.

1: Taobao store version selection,

for the four version of the Taobao store, we should choose what version? I think, to expand version than the standard version is more cost-effective, because the function is more abundant, and the cost is only two times the Standard Version, one is 30 yuan per year, the other one is 68 yuan per year. Although expensive two times, but the price standard is relatively low, so two times, and not very high, but ultimate more than 2000 year costs for our small and medium-sized webmaster, investment is still relatively. Therefore, comprehensive comparison, or expansion of the highest cost-effective version. read more

Why Baidu snapshot in constantly updated and Baidu collection does not increase

believes that many webmaster friends have encountered similar problems, "Baidu snapshots constantly updated, but the amount is not increased."". Here I will give you a detailed analysis of the reasons:

1, Baidu will be updated once a week, updated 4 times a month, which is certainly Oh, and Baidu included in the amount of search engines to determine.

Included in

two, the site may have reached a certain number in a period of time, but because there is a certain repeat included so every day in the update, even if there are new included but it may be related to previous repeat included the contents of the substitution phase. So there will be no change in the number of included. Just like a DNS cache, it takes a while to process it, read more

How to develop local forum

As one of the most important services on the Internet,

BBS plays an important role in the formation of network society. The emergence and popularity of online forums have largely met the need for communication. Through various forms of online forums, communication between people breaks the space and time constraints.

1. Why should local forums be developed?

is different from the general large forum, the local forum is vertical segments again in the network forum in the process of development, they are in a certain area of a field to discuss, can greatly satisfy a part of indigenous people’s sense of belonging. As everyone knows, all have its unique cultural customs and geographical conditions, life in which people already know, so for the region’s tourism, food, shopping, gatherings, many people have too many words to talk, which largely avoided due to unfamiliar and no words can say the scene. read more

Soft Wen Webmaster should how to see you

soft, we first thought is not to see the ads? Well, in the value of the original article and introduce myself into the station, but when we are very stressed that no ground for blame, highlight the "soft" concept, to the bitter is mingled.

this is some webmaster friends unable to accept others their own promotion, on the other hand, is the concept of soft too stressed, imagine, if a few years ago, someone wrote a few articles, write their own middle station, together, who would say that is soft article no, because, at that time? This concept is not strong, now spread, as long as the holding site statistics called soft wen. No matter your article writes good and bad, in short is the soft Wen! Webmaster will not like you! read more

Personal experience; the importance of telling a story about a website

different people have different views on how to establish a good website, so how to operate their own website? This problem I have in the forum also discussed, everyone I think each one airs his own views, content is the foundation of a website. I was in a village doctor forum when bamboo is mainly responsible for publicity, but I felt weak, a person tired on the mobilization of other propaganda, fed to publicity, and they did not do what I mean, traffic is still good, I wonder how to flow their read more

How exactly is a full time station owner at home

has recently been to see many new Adsense network in order to make money and give up the real life, working to resign at home full-time website, including direct selection of many did not graduate and graduate to work to give up everything for the site, see the enthusiasm of the people I was moved China with a batch after batch station for the development of the Internet emerged Chinese made a huge contribution, but I also worry that many owners have fallen. I am not an old timer, just like everyone else, for the sake of money, for the cause of hard work in the web site. It always is an amateur website, 8 hours a day in the office to the company website operation and management, is to find a way for the company is the website development, then is the management company operations staff, daily life is very busy but I want to fight once, after the earthquake in May 12th this year, I really feel that the original human life today is so fragile, not hard when. So I am determined to make a decision to quit full-time website, time flies are now in July 15th in the past 2 months my movie download site finally a little look out! You must think I would say on my website how much money I earn in this website the money is enough to feed me, 2 months without the company’s wage, but my income is not less but a lot more, that’s the money I earn the construction site list! Many webmaster said the website advertising does not make money is not money, not really!! if you choose to know the risk aversion in the home business, the site does not make money the case to find a way, I usually do not run out of business for the construction site was only observed in the list. We have a very distinctive local foreign trade clothing store, stores a open, but not their own web sites, I detailed analysis planning went directly to their boss my idea is to show him the file, and the effect of the home page map, and then give him a reasonable quotation 3000 dollars to do a shop including domain name. The boss was directly agreed, that I was an accident, then she said she wanted to make a website just had to ask the site construction company, is making cost is 12000 of the price, and the space charge, domain name fee, maintenance fee. So she hasn’t been put down in to do this thing, I see today to give her prepared materials so detailed, the price is very reasonable, the most important is I give her a free website operation guide, and all of her clothes in the store are sold by Taobao agent. This I not only made a 3000 dollar bill, but also opened a Taobao store business is good because her clothes are better in foreign trade goods repeat many, now Taobao monthly net profit of 2000 is not a problem, I had a penny goods do not pressure, because I only put photos of Taobao someone bought me directly, every time go to her shop for goods, second days of delivery would be finished, with my reputation I 15 days to give her an account, capital operation is very easy. Later, she also introduced me to several clothing wholesalers have website list. read more

Does Chinese nternet White Paper mean the arrival of personal Adsense

"Chinese Internet status" white paper means that personal Adsense good arrival,


2009 is an extraordinary year for many webmaster, pornography, vulgar countries vigorously remediation site, but due to certain sectors or certain access providers to reduce trouble, take a broad brush approach, deeply hurt the individual owners, in pornography, vulgar websites almost disappeared at the same time, due to the influence of the regular primary and secondary rectification enterprise station, forum, blog confidence also needs further recovery, June 2010 Chinese News Office of State Department issued 8 "Chinese Internet" white paper said: China citizens enjoy full freedom of speech on the Internet according to law. This will be a good signal for national forums and blogs to be recognized by the state. read more

How to further tap and expand the marketing promotion of product websites

product class e-commerce website goal is very clear, that is, the product through the network sales channels sold. Although there are many successful cases and a lot of relevant information about online marketing of product websites, there are few really convincing things, and few successful cases are also very few. Therefore, the product e-commerce website in the network to achieve good sales performance, but also need to further excavation and expansion of product publicity, and increase new marketing means! read more