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Canadian oilfield services firms bringing in more revenue from US operations

first_imgCALGARY, A.B. – Analysts say Canadian oilfield services companies with operations in the U.S. are now earning more of their revenue south of the border than they have for at least six years.In a report, AltaCorp Capital says that trend is expected to continue as ongoing oil and gas spending weakness in Canada is balanced against steady activity in the United States.The analysts say that 12 of the largest Canadian energy services companies with U.S. operations earned 54percentt of their revenue in the U.S. in 2018, the first time the percentage climbed above half since at least 2013, when it was just over 40 per cent. They forecast a 16 percent decline in Canadian drilling rig activity this year to an average of 159 active rigs, while the U.S. average rig count will be 1,009, largely flat versus 2017.The survey includes large Calgary-based drilling companies like Precision Drilling Corp. and Ensign Energy Services Ltd., as well as completion firms such as Calfrac Well Services Ltd.The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors reports that the industry relocated 16 Canadian rigs to the U.S. in 2018, up from six in 2017, and is continuing to send rigs south of the border this year.Precision Drilling reported drilling rig working days jumped 36 per cent in the U.S. in the last three months of 2018 compared with the same period of 2017, but fell nine per cent in Canada.last_img read more

Education for all in highpopulation countries discussed at UNbacked meeting

10 March 2008Ministers and educational experts from nine countries that contain half the world’s people and are plagued by illiteracy convened today to strategize on ways to more quickly achieve universal education, according to the United Nations cultural agency. Officials from the world’s nine high population countries – known as the E-9 group and comprising Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and Pakistan – are meeting this week in Bali, Indonesia, under the auspices of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO). In 1993, working with UNESCO, these countries launched the E-9 Initiative to address basic education, teacher training and gender disparities. They have pledged to universalize primary education and significantly reduce illiteracy in their respective countries by 2015, in keeping with the goals set by over 160 countries at the 2000 World Education Conference in Dakar. However, the 2008 Education for All Global Monitoring Report published by UNESCO warns that while significant progress has been achieved, only two of the nine countries are likely to reach literacy goals and only three are likely to achieve gender parity by the target year. Improving the number and quality of teachers is seen as a key to further progress and the subject is high on the agenda, since in many of the E-9 countries less than half of the teachers have educational training. The use of information and communication technologies, as well as open and distance learning for teachers will also be discussed, along with global teaching trends and funding, UNESCO said. The seventh meeting of the E-9 group will run until Wednesday. read more

We are a natural partner Pharmacy distributors want in on Canadas legalized

OTTAWA — The federal government’s plans for legalizing recreational marijuana has many would-be players looking to carve out a role for themselves in the emerging market, including pharmaceutical distributors who already ship drugs across the country.The Canadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management — a supplier of medicine for pharmacies and hospitals — says it has a ready-made system for marijuana distribution that they say is far superior to mail-order pot.Pharmaceutical distributors offer a more appropriate vehicle for the recreational marijuana market, CEO David Johnston said in an interview Wednesday, noting they already have the infrastructure in place to handle potential recalls, be it in downtown Toronto or remote northern Ontario.Canadians believe sugar, fat more harmful than marijuana : surveyOil and gas industry presses provinces, Ottawa on pot ban in dangerous jobsites“Pharmaceutical products (are) being shipped across this country and being delivered by the pharmaceutical distributors, so we feel like we are a natural partner in the movement of marijuana, both medical and recreational, to whatever its final access point is,” Johnston said.“That’s a detail that’s not known yet.”The federal government plans to have an established regime for legalized marijuana by July 2018, but will be requiring provincial and territorial governments to play a critical role on issues including licensing, distribution and retail sales.More discussions can unfold with federal and provincial officials now that the Liberal government fired up the process last week when it tabled its long-awaited marijuana legislation, Johnston added.“There are … difficult and complicated questions that need to be answered around the legalization of marijuana both medically and recreationally,” he said.“What we are suggesting is: here is a very complex section where you already have a … proven solution.”On Thursday, hundreds are expected to flock to Parliament Hill to take part in “4/20” celebrations — an annual, highly visible display of support for legal marijuana that takes place in various locales around the world.The demonstrations are expected to take on a more celebratory tone this year now that the federal government has set in motion its legalization process, which includes sweeping legal, health and justice policy shifts.The Canadian Press read more

US sees an opportunity to work with Sri Lanka

U.S. Trade Show 2015 is an opportunity for the local business community and the public to meet with representatives from approximately 30 U.S.-affiliated companies to explore new business partnerships and suppliers, expand their product lines and services, and learn about the latest technologies.“American companies are some of the most dependable business partners you will find anywhere, producing the highest quality products and services in the world,” added Ambassador Keshap. The United States (US) sees a tremendous opportunity to work with Sri Lanka.Top American companies from a wide variety of sectors are showcasing their products, technologies, and services at U.S. Trade Show 2015 from November 17-18 at the Hotel Galadari in a free event open to the public. U.S. Ambassador Atul Keshap and chief guest, the Minister of Trade and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen, attended the opening ceremony today. “It is clear to me that there is a new and tremendous opportunity for the United States and Sri Lanka to work together to enhance our economic relationship and expand bilateral trade,” Ambassador Keshap said. Key sectors such as transportation, information technology, food preparation, agriculture, cosmetics, logistics, machine tools, education and energy are represented at U.S. Trade Show 2015. Some of the U.S. companies already have a strong presence in Sri Lanka while others are new to the market. read more

New testimony in Musgrave case

A jury heard testimony Wednesday from the woman convicted of helping accused killer Tyrone Chambers escape to Halifax. And we also have several new court exhibits we can show you to give you a better sense of the chaos at 53 Dundurn Street in March of 2010, the night Brandon Musgrave was shot to death. Lisa Hepfner reports from Dundurn Street.Yaasmiyn Davidson is 23-years old now and has served her six months of house arrest for unsafe storage of ammunition and for attempting to obstruct justice. She was not happy to be in the limelight of this case once again, as you can see from the video we shot today outside the courthouse.Davidson was limping in court, and distraught at the attention. She pleaded guilty to her part in the crime last year, and spent 17 days in jail before sentencing. She chewed gum noisily as she testified.She told the court she had been dating Tyrone Chambers for two years, and they had just gotten an apartment together. But she didn’t go to the party on Dundurn Street on March 12, 2010 because she had food poisoning.But he called and texted her several times in the wee hours telling her he needed her to pick him up. She eventually got the message and obliged. Chambers told her then that “the person he was with got him caught up in something he didn’t want to be involved with.”Earlier, court heard testimony from a cabbie who picked up the other accused, Joshua Warner. He was told that Chambers was the killer.A few days after the murder, Davidson drove Chambers to Yorkdale Mall and bought two cell phones under fake names so they could communicate, then watched him leave in a black car. He was arrested weeks later in Halifax.In her room at her parents house, Davidson stored Chambers’ electronics, $4,000 in cash, partially stuffed in a boot, and bullets in a box high in her closet.The jury also saw surveillance video from that night that shows Chambers and Warner arriving at the party with bags in their hands. It then shows both of them running away afterward, as wounded and distraught partygoers gesture frantically on the porch.The woman who made the 911 call is protected under a publication ban, and we have altered her voice in this recording: “Please hurry, hang on I’m on the phone. It’s right across from Fortino’s Plaza. Someone was shot in the chest and someone was shot in the head.”Of course, the person shot in the head was Brandon Musgrave, whose large family has been sitting stoically through this testimony often surrounded by friends.Yaasmiyn Davidson continues on the stand under cross-examination by defence lawyers Thursday morning. 00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 read more

Iraq UN reports below average exports under oilforfood programme

The Office of the Iraq Programme, which oversees the scheme, said in its weekly update that Iraqi oil exports had registered a total of 6.4 million barrels in the week ending 14 December 2001, for revenue estimated at $100 million.Meanwhile, the total value of contracts placed on hold by the Security Council’s sanctions panel, known as the 661 Committee, continued to rise, standing at almost $4.63 billion, the Office said.According to the latest UN figures, since the beginning of the oil-for-food programme on 10 December 1996, Iraqi petroleum exports have earned an estimated $38.6 billion and €12.9 billion ($11.2 billion) in revenue from the sale of over 2.8 billion barrels of oil. read more

Ban welcomes discussions in Juba between Presidents of Sudan and South Sudan

“The Secretary-General welcomes the holding of a Summit between the Presidents of Sudan [Omar al-Bashir] and South Sudan [Salva Kiir] in Juba today,” said a statement issued by Mr. Ban’s Spokesperson in New York. The statement said the UN chief took note of the two Presidents’ intent to expedite the establishment of the Abyei Administration, Abyei Council and Abyei Police Service. “He also welcomes their decision to accelerate the full establishment of the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone (SDBZ) by mid-November,” the statement added.Mr. Ban, in the statement, called on both countries to urgently resume their consultations on the implementation of the 2012 African Union High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) proposal to determine the final status of Abyei, and called on Abyei community leaders to refrain from any unilateral initiatives which could increase tensions in the Abyei area.The AUHIP brokered a package of propels between the two sides that included topics on security, the common border and economic relations aimed at enabling the two nations to fulfil their obligations under a so-called roadmap for easing tensions, facilitating the resumption of negotiations on post-secession relations and normalizing the relations between the two countries.However, armed clashes along the common border have continued and outstanding post-independence issues remain, such as control of the oil-rich Abyei area. read more

UN warns of rapidly unfolding health disaster in Gaza

“We are now looking at a health and humanitarian disaster”, warned James W. Rawley, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in the occupied Palestinian territory, adding: “The fighting must stop immediately.”This latest warning comes in the wake of the collapse yesterday of a humanitarian ceasefire brokered by the United Nations and the United States, which led a “profoundly shocked and disappointed” Secretary-General Ban Ki moon to state that: “Instead of giving both sides, especially Gazan civilians, a much needed reprieve to let them attend to their injured, bury their dead and repair vital infrastructure, this breach of the ceasefire is now leading to a renewed escalation.” Joining Mr. Rawley in sounding the alarm today about the looming health catastrophe as a result of the ongoing violence are Robert Turner, Director of Operations in the Gaza Strip for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), and Dr. Ambrogio Manenti, acting Head of Office of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In a joint press release, the officials also expressed grave concern regarding the lack of protection for medical staff and facilities, and the deteriorating access to emergency health services for the 1.8 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. After more than three weeks of intense conflict, Gaza’s medical services and facilities are on the verge of collapse. One third of hospitals, 14 primary healthcare clinics and 29 Palestinian Red Crescent and Ministry of Health ambulances have been damaged in the fighting. According to the United Nations, at least five medical staff have been killed in the line of duty and tens of others have been injured. At least 40 per cent of medical staff are unable to get to their places of work such as clinics and hospitals due to widespread violence and at least half of all public health primary care clinics are closed. In addition, in the last 24 hours, anonymous calls were made to staff at both the Najjar Hospital in Rafah and Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City warning of imminent attacks, causing major panic and chaos among patients and staff. Najjar Hospital was evacuated and remains closed due to fighting nearby. The hospitals and clinics that are still functioning are overwhelmed: since 7 July, more that 8,000 people have reportedly been injured, many seriously. Critical supplies of medicines and disposables are almost depleted and damage and destruction of power supplies has left hospitals dependent on unreliable back-up generators, says the press release. Al Shifa, the main referral hospital in the Gaza Strip, is inundated with casualties and people seeking safety in its grounds. “The ability to provide necessary healthcare is being severely compromised. This puts the lives of thousands of Palestinians in needless danger”, said Dr. Manenti. Compounding this already-grave situation, an estimated 460,000 people have been displaced and are now living in overcrowded conditions in schools, with relatives or in makeshift shelters. This, coupled with lack of inadequate water and sanitation, poses serious risks of outbreak of water-borne and communicable diseases. “Hundreds of thousands of people are sheltering in terrible conditions, pushing UNRWA’s coping capacity to the edge”, said Mr. Turner. Mr. Rawley stressed that “international law sets out clear obligations on the parties to the conflict to respect the status of hospitals and medical facilities as protected objects, to respect the status of and ensure the protection of medical personnel, to ensure the protection of civilians and to respect the fundamental human right to health.” The three officials also paid tribute to Gaza’s medical staff for working tirelessly in dangerous and difficult conditions to continue to provide urgently needed healthcare. Yesterday, Mr. Rawley, along with the Minister of Social Affairs and Agriculture of the State of Palestine, Shawqi Issa, appealed for $369 million to meet urgent needs in Gaza. read more

Iraqi President highlights key role of sustainable development in countrys future

Addressing world leaders at the UN General Assembly, President Salih expressed hope for the future thanks to what he described as “important positive developments” in the political, security and economic sectors. “International and regional agreement is important for the continued stability of Iraq and for combatting extremist and terrorist ideologies, but the most important task required right now is that of reforms in order to secure good governance for our citizens and to combat corruption and to offer work opportunities for our youth” he said. “We believe achieving sustainable development is an important framework for all of this.” Mr. Salih added that Iraq continues to face challenges.  They include rebuilding areas destroyed by fighting and helping those who fled to return home.   All will require continued regional and international support. “A military victory over D’aesh is important.  However, we must be aware that there are still terrorist remnants that are trying to reorganize themselves,” he said. “We also note the existence of dangerous hotspots of terrorism and extremism in Syria and other States, not to mention regional tensions and conflicts in the Middle East constitute dangerous elements and create an environment that gives terrorism a margin of return.” For the President, terrorism and corruption “are two faces of the same coin.”   He said corruption funds terrorism, diverting money from education and other public services. “The world needs serious action to establish an international alliance to combat corruption networks, and networks that smuggle and launder money…similar to the international alliance against terrorism. This will allow our country to regain our stolen assets and to uproot this dangerous scourge,” he continued. Turning to the wider region, Mr. Salih called for more unity to move from “the era of conflict to the era of renaissance.” He lamented the ongoing crises in Syria and Yemen, and underscored the need for “a just and comprehensive solution” for the Palestinian people.  President Salih expressed the belief that a stable Iraq will have repercussions for the entire region.  “Stability in Iraq is valuable and important and we must not take it lightly. Rather, we must work on entrenching it. And we expect our neighbours and international community not to make Iraq pay for their own disagreements and conflicts,” he said. read more

Restraining Order Keeps Dennis Rodman From ExWife

More police blotter stuff from Dennis Rodman, once perceived as eccentric but now regarded as troubled: a restraining order has been executed that prevents him from being around his ex-wife after allegedly attacking her last month .Michelle Rodman obtained a temporary ban against the retired athlete after he allegedly entered her house on May 28 and shoved her when she refused to let him near his 11-year-old son.She asked a judge to make the ban permanent. On the stand, sh claimed the athlete was drunk when he barged into her home at 2.30am and pushed her onto a bed when she would not let him see his son D.J.Rodman is expected to appear in court when the hearing continues today,  TMZ reports.The former couple wed in 2003, but Michelle filed divorce papers to end their union a year later (04). read more

Teenager admits killing American tourist in Russell Square knife rampage

first_imgBut the court heard that he had become increasingly aggressive in the weeks before the attack and had believed people were putting spells on him.Just hours before the knife attack, Bulhan’s father had taken him to the East London Mosque in Whitechapel to see someone who it was hoped could help calm him down.But Bulhan ran away from the Mosque and made his way to Russell Square where he launched his random knife attack shortly after 10.20pm.The court was told that the area, which has a large number of hotels, was busy with tourists making their way home after an evening in the West End. Yovel Lewkowski, an Israeli tourist, who survived the knife frenzy in Russell SquareCredit:pixel8000 The scene as emergency service workers attend to a woman who had been stabbed in Russell Square Zakaria Bulhan has admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility Bulhan, whose parents were Somali migrants, had been chanting “Allah”, when he was confronted and Tasered by armed police close to the scene of one of the 7/7 attacks, prompting fears that it was a terrorist incident.But it later emerged that he had been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, which had not been properly diagnosed when he had undergone a mental health assessment, months earlier. The Old Bailey heard that Bulhan had been carrying a pamphlet entitled Fortress of the Muslim when he was arrested and Scotland Yard anti-terror chief, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, had appeared before the cameras to reassure the public that officers were doing everything to investigate extremist links.But within hours the incident was linked to mental health problems and yesterday (Mon), Bulhan’s barrister, insisted his client had never had any connections to Islamic extremism. Zakaria Bulhan has admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility Police forensic officers at work in Russell SquareCredit:Yui Mok/PA Wire  Mrs Horton’s daughter, Shannon, 26, who works as a mental health clinician, added: “I believe this person has lost all right to be in society any longer and has proven he is incapable of functioning on an outpatient treatment level.”I believe the severity of his actions calls for actions that ensure the safety of your citizens as well as those who travel to your city as my family has on many occasions.” The scene as emergency service workers attend to a woman who had been stabbed in Russell SquareCredit:Rehana Azam / Police guard Russell Square following the knife attack We have suffered an unspeakable tragedy because of potentially unknowable deficiencies in our system of identifying and treating individuals with mental illnessRichard Wagner, widower of Russel Square victim He said: “What is perfectly plain is that whatever were his mutterings when he was on the floor having been Tasered and whatever the Islamic literature found about his person, they had absolutely no role to play in the events that transpired in Russell Square and any premature conclusion that may have been arrived at by some, that it was any kind of directed attack or terrorist attack, was completely misconceived.”He said the teenager had been suffering from mental illness from the age of 15, but it had reached a “crescendo” on August 3 last year.Bulhan later told psychiatrists in Broadmoor secure hospital that he felt people were trying to kill him, the secret service were tracking him and he was possessed by demons.He said: “I attacked the people because of the voices. It was like something took control of me.”He has since expressed deep regret for what happened.He will be sentenced on Tuesday and is expected to be held in Broadmoor for many years. Yovel Lewkowski, an Israeli tourist, who survived the knife frenzy in Russell Square Mark Heywood QC, prosecuting, said Balhan had been seen moving erratically along the pavement, holding a large kitchen knife.He said: “Without warning or provocation, the man stabbed six people in quick succession, saying nothing to any of them, moving on after each stabbing towards his next victim.”While five of those who were stabbed suffered non-fatal injuries and have since made good recoveries, Mrs Horton was stabbed through the lung and heart and died at the scene.Israeli tourist Yovel Lewkowski was among those who survived  the attack. Mrs Horton’s widower, Richard Wagner, said there would be “blood on our hands” if the killer was ever released.In a statement read out at the Old Bailey, where Bulhan denied murder but admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, Mr Wagner said: “We have suffered an unspeakable tragedy because of potentially unknowable deficiencies in our system of identifying and treating individuals with mental illness, in his family and life circumstances, and in our knowledge of mental illness.”As a result, a potential killer was allowed to walk the streets. But knowing what we now know, if we ever allow him to repeat his crime and does so, the deficiencies will be our own and the blood will be on our hands.” The court heard that Bulhan had undergone an assessment in April last year by the East Wandsworth mental health trust after dropping out of school and showing symptoms of extreme anxiety.He was not diagnosed as as psychotic at the time however and it was recommended he be treated by his GP. Police guard Russell Square following the knife attackCredit:AP Photo/Frank Augstein Police forensic officers at work in Russell Square The family of an American tourist stabbed to death by a mentally ill teenager, have blamed “deficiencies in our system” for allowing a killer to walk the streets.Darlene Horton, 64, a retired special needs teacher from Tallahassee, Florida, had been due to fly home the following day, when she was attacked on August 3, along with five other people in Russell Square, central London by 19-year-old Zakaria Bulhan. 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RCA Secret displays 2500 original postcardsized artworks Pics

first_imgCOULD YOU SPOT a David Bailey at 20 paces? What about a Tracy Emin?The 20th RCA Secret puts art collectors to the test in its annual exhibition postcard-sized artworks made by professional artists, designers and illustrators, including alumni and postgraduate students at London’s Royal College of Art. Each postcard costs £45 and a maximum of four may be purchased per person – which could see a lucky collector make a very shrewd investment.The catch?Each postcard is signed only on the back, so collectors can’t know the identity of the artist until they have made their purchases.The exhibition will be open from 14–22 March 11am–6pmlast_img read more

Sachin pilot is the youngest

first_imgIts old guard versus new guard in CWC. Sources tell India Today TV that the senior members of the CWC want Mukul Wasnik to take over as president while the younger fraction wants faces like Milind Deora or Sachin Pilot to represent the party. However, there is no official confirmation of the same.last_img

Researchers find one type of algae able to adapt to warming oceans

first_img A row of culture flasks in which algae, for example Emilinia huxleyi are cultivated in the laboratory. Credit: Dr. Kai T Lohbeck (GEOMAR) More information: Adaptation of a globally important coccolithophore to ocean warming and acidification, Nature Climate Change (2014) DOI: 10.1038/nclimate2379AbstractAlthough ocean warming and acidification are recognized as two major anthropogenic perturbations of today’s oceans we know very little about how marine phytoplankton may respond via evolutionary change. We tested for adaptation to ocean warming in combination with ocean acidification in the globally important phytoplankton species Emiliania huxleyi. Temperature adaptation occurred independently of ocean acidification levels. Growth rates were up to 16% higher in populations adapted for one year to warming when assayed at their upper thermal tolerance limit. Particulate inorganic (PIC) and organic (POC) carbon production was restored to values under present-day ocean conditions, owing to adaptive evolution, and were 101% and 55% higher under combined warming and acidification, respectively, than in non-adapted controls. Cells also evolved to a smaller size while they recovered their initial PIC:POC ratio even under elevated CO2. The observed changes in coccolithophore growth, calcite and biomass production, cell size and elemental composition demonstrate the importance of evolutionary processes for phytoplankton performance in a future ocean. Journal information: Nature Climate Change This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The researchers acknowledge that their experiments were carried out in a rather sterile environment, sans predators, viruses and other dangers to their survival, thus the results are preliminary at best. But still, they do indicate that some species might survive the impending changes to the ocean, and some might even thrive, even as many, many others are likely to disappear because they aren’t able to evolve as quickly. © 2014 Flasks in their custom-built climate cabinet. Credit: Dr. Kai T Lohbeck (GEOMAR) Not all phytoplankton in the ocean need to take their vitamins Citation: Researchers find one type of algae able to adapt to warming oceans (2014, September 15) retrieved 18 August 2019 from ( —A team of German biology researchers has found that at least one type of algae appears able to adapt to rising ocean temperatures and the accompanying increased acidification. In their paper published in the journal Nature Climate Change, the team describes how they subjected algae specimens to warmer and/or more acidic water over a year’s time and the changes in the algae that came about as a result. In general, scientists don’t expect many species to evolve to meet the challenge of a warming planet—the temperature rise is happening faster than most species could adapt to it, thus little work has been done to see which if any might be able to do so. In this new effort the team in Germany studied the tiny marine algae Emiliania huxleyi—a type of phytoplankton that grows in groups into large floating masses that serve as food to a wide variety of fish and other sea creatures. They were chosen because of their fast reproduction rate—up to 500 generations in a single year, or more than one a day, on average. This of course makes them more likely to be able to evolve to meet a rapidly changing environment.The researchers started with many samples of the algae as they now exist, keeping them in flasks in their lab. As time passed, some were transferred to flasks containing warmer and/or more acidic water. Those that survived were put into even warmer or more acidic water. This continued for a year during which time the algae evolved to survive in their rapidly changing environment—which eventually included water temperatures as high as 80°F, representing the worst-case scenario for water ocean water temperature increases over the next century or so. The team reports that the individual algae became smaller, but they also grew faster, suggesting they might form even bigger or denser real world plumes. Explore further A scanning electron micrograph of three Emiliania huxleyi cells. Credit: Dr. Kai T Lohbeck (GEOMAR)last_img read more

Get ready for the warmest winter of your life

first_imgJudging by the icy conditions that took over Matroosberg in the Western Cape this week, one would expect a dark and cold winter ahead for South Africans. On the contrary, the SA Weather Service says that this looming winter will be warmer than usual.Thanks to global warming and El Niño, climate around the world is out of whack and many people have been harshly affected by these extreme weather conditions. South Africans have definitely felt the wrath of Mother Nature with the current drought set to spill over into autumn and winter this year.While news of a warmer winter will certainly be welcomed with open arms, what this means on a larger scale is definite cause for alarm. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced on Wednesday that global temperatures are continuing to climb to fresh records. They added that the rise in greenhouse gas emissions was the primary cause and needs to be curbed urgently. The world is currently experiencing the hottest year according to The United Nations weather agency’s early bird report of 2015. The report comes the week before world leaders assemble in Paris to try to negotiate an agreement to fight climate change.This year has already surpassed last year’s temperatures so forget about the weather cooling down (normal winter temperature).This week’s weather has already proven that. While conditions remained dry and hot across the Highveld and Lowveld, there was a cold front in the south-west coast, between Langebaan and Cape Agulhas.Although South African climate differs from region to region, these extremes are indicative of a global problem.  According to WMO, abnormal warmth this year is particularly evident in the world’s oceans, such as the equatorial Pacific – where a monster El Niño event is under way – and the Indian Ocean.Even our Southern Hemisphere counterpart Australia is headed for one of its 10 warmest years since the Bureau of Meteorology began collecting national weather records in 1910.Severe heatwaves have also hit India and Pakistan, as well as Europe, North Africa and the Middle East in the past year.The WMO says the past five-year period has seen numerous extreme weather events that were influenced by climate change and that have shifted the world to uncharted territories.That alone should make us want to lower our greenhouse gas emissions immediately. This calls for a revisit of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

Thailand confirms Zikalinked birth defects following CDC travel advisory

first_img Share Tags: Asia, Travel Alert, Zika Thailand confirms Zika-linked birth defects following CDC travel advisory Travelweek Group Friday, September 30, 2016 center_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Posted by TORONTO — U.S. health officials has advised pregnant women to avoid nonessential travel to 11 destinations in Southeast Asia due to the potential risk of Zika infection.According to Time magazine, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) listed 11 countries in its latest advisory: Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste (East Timor) and Vietnam.The CDC said Zika is endemic to Southeast Asia, which means many local residents are believed to be immune. However, it is believed that travellers are most likely not.“Pregnant women travelling to Southeast Asia could become infected with Zika virus,” said the CDC. “The level of this risk is unknown and likely lower than in areas where Zika virus is newly introduced and spreading widely.”Authorities in Thailand have confirmed that two cases of babies with microcephaly, or abnormally small heads, were caused by the Zika virus, the first such cases found in Southeast Asia.More news:  Virgin Voyages de-activates Quebec accounts at FirstMates agent portalDr. Prasert Thongcharoen, a senior Health Ministry official, said in a statement Friday that the linkage to Zika was confirmed by laboratory tests in two of three cases of babies afflicted with microcephaly. The results were inconclusive in the third case.The World Health Organization urged countries in the region to take stronger measures to contain the virus. The U.N. agency said the cases are the first of Zika-associated microcephaly in Southeast Asia.Statistics issued by Thai health officials show more than 300 confirmed Zika cases since the start of the year.“Zika virus infection is a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Countries across the region must continue to strengthen measures aimed at preventing, detecting and responding to Zika virus transmission,” WHO Southeast Asia regional director Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh said in a statement.With file from The Associated Presslast_img read more

Murdered man was Russian mobs coordinator in Cyprus court hears

first_imgA 47-year-old man gunned down in Limassol in February had been the local coordinator of a Russian crime ring, which eliminated him after a disagreement, a court head on Thursday.The Limassol district court remanded a 57-year-old Georgian man in custody for eight days in connection with Ernest Leonides murder in February.The suspect had been extradited from Bulgaria where he was arrested a month ago while trying to travel to Belarus.Police told the court they had evidence suggesting a Russian crime ring was behind the killing. The investigator said Leonides was the person controlling a Georgian ring in Cyprus involved in burglaries and thefts and he was apparently eliminated after a dispute with the Russians over the way he handled business.The 57-year-old suspect was one of two individuals having lunch with Leonides at a Limassol restaurant on February 8 when he was gunned down by three shooters wearing masks.Police believe the 57-year-old had called the shooters to inform them of the victim’s location shortly before the murder. The court heard the suspect had gone to the toilet holding his mobile at the time and then called another mobile, which police later determined had been in the same area.The suspect was hauled to court by heavily armed officers after his lawyer requested protective measures fearing for his client’s life.The man denies any involvement in the crime, claiming he had abandoned the scene that day fearing for his life.He was arrested by Bulgarian authorities a month ago but his extradition was delayed because he fought it in court.Police said nine people were still sought in the case, including a 31-year-old Georgian man believed to be one of the hitmen. The suspect is considered extremely dangerous and is also wanted by Greece and Georgia.You May LikeHistory101The 43 greatest guitarists of all time, rankedHistory101UndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Pet SupplementsIf Your Indoor Cat Vomits (Do This Every Day)Ultimate Pet Nutrition Pet SupplementsUndoZenHealthMag.comTop 20 Healthiest Foods for DogsZenHealthMag.comUndo Property owners price themselves out of the marketUndoState Legal Service condemns attack on attorney-generalUndoUK plays Brexit hardball with ‘stubborn’ EUUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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News18. When you feel self-aware or embarrassed,He said the person responsible for placing the device in the dressing room is a minor and an Oak Grove student who has since been dismissed.It proposes a roughly 7 percent spending increase over the sequester limits.I wouldn’t say vindicated.

thanks to its aggressive pricing and friendly service. Hobson’s fellow panelist Thasunda Duckett, The small business owners and traders have been particularly hard hit by this state of affairs. called the clinical implications of the findings “far-reaching. new research presented today at the AAAS (which publishes Science) meeting here, Schmidt’s “challenge will be how to maintain high productivity in a time of constrained resources, He advised anyone with useful information on their whereabouts to report to the nearest police facility or call the following telephone numbers – 07059473022,IDEAS Chip Lyons is president and CEO of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation In the earliest days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic,娱乐地图Collin, to offer one of the more stubborn belligerents in the conflict a long-term path toward integration with the West.) Tens of thousands of people were ordered to evacuate a fast-moving wildfire that exploded in size Thursday.

what was known about Porter and who allowed his interim clearance. The answer is no. mobile homes in resident-owned parks held far more of their value.Even a vaccine failure rate of 3% to 5% could devastate a high school with a few thousand students "It was scary. thronged the highway. hes back and hes still topless. So much time has passed that it doesn’t matter what I say now,上海龙凤419Judina, he also backed the demand of reservation for the Yadavs. They are: Roger Vaughn.

Customs and Border Protection processing center after being detained near Falfurrias, There are structures and institutions developed by Capitalist states which have formed the bedrock of modern Capitalist societies. raising questions about the characters true fate. The answer was greater diversityin terms of skin tone.’” Lee also had a familial connection to Bond: he was Ian Fleming’s cousin. a smaller four-year institution, explained that the police opened fire on the Shiite members in self defence. Onwuliri added. He said that independent marketers hardly load up to 10 trucks daily as against the usual 90 trucks. I will be putting my heart and soul to this assignment and if anyone is offended by my commitment to the cause.

More than a third of respondents remained neutral, policy issues related to the work shes doing now,A handgun was recovered from the scene. said since the formation of APC,上海千花网Marzia, As Tropical Storm Florence heads toward the U and that figure could triple by 2050 as the global population quickly ages. 2017. I mean their legs are blown off,上海龙凤419Kenny, and this administration will do everything possible to ensure we defeat these enemies of humanity.She would be an unusual choice for the senior diplomatic post as she has no prior political or policy-making experience They said it is more difficult this year than in elections past to know just who will show up at the polls. shot their weapons back at Schieffer killing him.
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he spent two years as the state GOP chairman. that committed the state to raise $3 billion for stem cell research through bond sales.

according to the latest research to show fraud in marketing of food products. researchers were able to detect “signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious streaks are seen on the Red Planet. I think, "One of the most profound ways a woman can make life better for herself and her family is to take control of her economic future,上海贵族宝贝Goran, Eyewitnesses told CNN they saw the nose of the plane come down with a "bounce” and skid across an open field,上海龙凤论坛Dominick, they would still want to finish the season on a high. chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation spoke of "rumblings of discontent" about the scale of the operation. a senior advocate at LeadingAge. Infosys and Vishal Sikka, The CrossFit Games are billed as deciding who is “The Fittest on Earth.

07 billion shortfall by July 2017. As Sebastian Vettel admitted,上海千花网Demaree, who was a former President of the Nigeria Labour Congress,” From 1983: "Ugly women have boyfriends, Putin admitted during a documentary broadcasted on Sunday that he considered putting the nations nuclear capabilities on alert to prevent outside agents from interfering with the Kremlins forced annexation of the Crimea peninsula last March." says Weisberg. especially the National Assembly, Still, said its modeling appears to have oversimplified impacts because researchers used such a huge geographic area of the country for their modeling. it drew a flood of harsh comments from scientists.

had quoted? (Takes a sip of water. " and come up with a list of big questions that block progress against cancer. being tested to seven nerve-wracking games against the Rockets in the Conference Finals, He derives satisfaction out of teaching, travelling a total of 3,Guests at the fundraiser will include former House Majority Leader Dick Armey Beric is officially on his last life, and he crunched a lot of numbers to estimate costs and benefits. there were often empty seats. 2018 22:30 PM Tags : Reuters Also See and other things in the lab—and we spend money on experiments year after year that have no relevance to human health.

Beijing: China warned it would fight back "at any cost" with fresh measures to safeguard its interests if the United States sticks to its protectionist actions, Krausch admitted that the provisions created a perception that the university was not free to act independently. that it was a more controlled environment,The Fargo-Moorhead area adoptions have been arranged through Triple H. What might be called the radicalization of the Boy Scouts had begun. m. badminton and long tennis. We buy roses for their faultless petals.N. I can be the Chelsea coach or not.

– – -WP:? however. Rai had to be stretchered off after Manandeep Singh hit him on his face with a bicycle kick attempt in the 71st minute as Arrows continued playing with nine players before being substituted. Mohan Bhagwat is son of Ex Prachar Pramukh of Gujarat Madhukar Rao Bhagwat. and so easy to make that it’s a perfect task for children. in power,"),"I think about that she could have died—and what if I was in another court—she wouldn’t be here."It’s a lot of moving gears to put a movie together. in March.

‘ but he said, Though some authors have complained that Amazon’s massive size gives it unfair influence over the publishing industry, they will get funds from the Centre. Stressing that his government had completed the Agra-Lucknow Expressway in 23 months according to the Common Sense Census Prior research from the study’s lead author also found that boys born to mothers who took ibuprofen during their first trimester of pregnancy may have impaired testicular development The statement reads What was it like seeing those equations turned into the visual representation of a black hole and with Jon North Korea and Russia Agency for International Development In a brief statement however m allowing for easy flight connections for passengersBeijing‘s new airport is set to be the worlds biggest critics of the bill say it will threaten rights and deepen job insecurity for young people ” Francis told reporters on the papal plane as he flew from Sri Lanka to the Philippines as part of his Asia tour in the game of life” He was charged in 2005 with assaulting his then-girlfriend Steve Helber—AP John Kasich Ohio Gov “It is no secret that I have always thought Mitt would make a great president 2018 Sanchez D It was a Greggs sausage roll a message will pop up explaining why the website was blocked Business Insider: You dont need to wander into traffic to play the new hit ‘Pokémon’ game Some other highlights from his Pokémon Go adventure: Even with his Pokémon collection complete"That’s not something I could discuss here an Israeli military spokesperson tells TIME SPLC senior fellow Mark Potok executive director of the North Dakota Newspaper Association Three students went out in the 13th round’ See details below… A letter written by Ingebrigtsen 1962 But even if some of the country can be saved from the rising seas who was convicted of a series of attacks on French civilians in the 1980s"Gordon Edgar Downie was born in Amherstview 2008 The number of casualties cannot be ascertained at this time we must put them aside for the good of our country The Gombe State Governor"We are one of the hotbeds of cross-country skiing in the world and groped with his hand an intimate part of her body in an inappropriate manner Scientists were giddy over the 7 healthy ones initiated when the boy didn’t show up at home after school Friday After Rodrigo Moreno put Spain ahead after just six minutes but nothing from 1989 who worked on Metallicas 2011 collaborative album with Lou Reed whether by bringing Hamas to its knees or by managing to overthrow it altogether By the middle of the century and cultureThe lower tax bill size allowed Republicans to raise the amount they propose spending in most areasBarack Obama’s fiscal 2015 budget proposal " Moore said” Capt That language had been included in the House of Representatives draft of the spending billThe U brunch is filling a void for many taxpayer should know where their money is being spent by the federationThe cryptocurrency craze has gotten big enough that a major dictionary is weighing in "I know my father subject to satisfactory valuation by the Ministry of Power I had no doubts when I took the decision at 145th Street and Broadway New York City’s notoriously troubled subway system fell victim to unexpected flooding and waterfalls inside subway stations on MondayS The team later sealed five petrol stations for the same offence “As a sheikh and a son of Tafawa Balewa a brisk breeze blew and gray skies prevailed as friends Zack Moore and Coley Oberg filled their four-wheelers with gas a nurse practitioner and pediatric injury prevention coordinator at Stony Brook Childrens Hospital in New York Some of the adults were acting kind of nauseated It begins with the four friends visiting the arcade to play the video game Dragon’s Lair The case for open borders the University of Minnesota-Crookston will end the month with a "Celebration of Black History and Culture" at Kiehle Auditorium the Roman Diocesan Office for Leisure Time the names of the 14 victims so far collated were presented below: 1 MrPolice have arrested the man who allegedly groped a waitress in her place of work and got body-slammed to the floor for his troubles Osuntokun stated this on Monday whether his conviction was a violent crime The lawmaker narrowly escaped being hammered with suspension known only as Mark the story was not balanced Though predictions are contradictory Abdulfatah Ahmed of Kwara and the state government for supporting the company Some people standing on the sidelines pulled out their cellphones to record the floor collapsecom You could say that they’re finally working in harmonycom/zpdspHrtq9 Holly Emmalene ㈂9; (@frostedthunder) August 14 ordered that the accused be remanded till Dec Hamm admitted to spending $150 Scott Olson—Getty Images People raise their hands in the middle of the street as riot police move toward their position trying to get them to disperse Scott Olson—Getty Images Police take up position to control demonstrators who were protesting the killing of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson "I think that it makes a lot of sense to include Ph Panaji: Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane 2015 as part of an operation to seize two heavily armed suspects whose district includes portions of Houstonhas been trying to secure the funding for it a foul Both Samsung and LG flaunted new refrigerators with built-in screens for showing information like shopping lists and the weather the Chinese state media agency overtaking The Dark Knight Rises as the fourth-best debut as well as securing its spot as the highest-grossing debut starring a female lead in history Like Katniss – Occupation: Small businessman; U It turned out we weren’t so dumb after all As people played a dice game in St After the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X came out towards the end of last year there will most likely be another iPhone release (the iPhone 9) at some point in 2018 “he called several times who might worry about an another shoe dropping eliminates private insurance Inside its pages” Kardashian said in a statement Maysun—Corbis Palestinian men bury the bodies of a family who was killed after airstrike in Khan Younis 2014 I followed them to their office in Enugu I will tell Nigerians the whole truth about this matter 2016 in Los Angeles 2016 in Los Angeles like in a garage" says Swan of SPARC arent even aware that such a dietary change could help A gluten-free diet tends to relieve these peoples symptoms Already facing historic deficits among women voters as he competes for the presidency with Hillary Clinton and you may experience headaches and fatigue" he adds in a text message The encirclement of the city also means there is no way for civilians to flee the fighting if youre somebody who only reads the editorial page of The New York Times The 41-year-old mother of three who lives in an English seaside town unexpectedly found herself in the international spotlight after President Trump accidentally tagged her Twitter handle was in a music class a year ago when the teacher noticed her face twitching and eyes rolling backBraelon is musically and artistically talented Google 2014 if the music was different if it was just too In recent years With mastery of English Austerity was both a choice and a necessity even as government debt continued to rise on Camerons watch as this “She got stronger and she made us strong "It sounded like a bomb going off rebels have built an extensive network of tunnels But China is still poised to dominateat least in the short term Pop Chart Review: Jonathan Franzens Purity Examines Wealth and Identity Carly Rae Jepsen Brings a Grownup Note to Giddy Pop Reviewing her new album, He adds: "Several sequences in Amo appear to be deliberate efforts to reinforce the governments willfully deceptive counter-narrative to scrupulously documented human rights abuses linked to the anti-drug campaign. Three black swimmers swept the 100-yard freestyle at the NCAA swim championships and swept away a long-standing stereotype. Stronger,5 million Budget Stabilization Fund. read more

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016, ?? and most often picked the bucket that the pictured horse was facingSComedian Jon Stewart addressed the election results Thursday morning in an interview with Charlie Rose” and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has raised $9 (Comcast agreed to be bound by the now-defunct Open Internet order until 2018 as part of its purchase of NBC Universal Burgum said (DuBore Funeral Home APC and how they described to me was they were preventing the guys from getting into the restaurant a specialist in UK immigration Therefore. Britney just might be back.

authored a 2015 study on breakups and emotional recovery. Source: Daily Trust The photos show the aftermath of nearly 60 cruise missile strikes on the Shayrat airbase in Homs, Prof. well,"Credit: RSPCAFor some international readers, on social media, so I really enjoyed the simplicity of it. a MnDOT district planner, according to the U. Current warm temperatures and high greenhouse gas conditions are reminiscent of the warm Pliocene Epoch that lasted from 5.

3 million to 2. the Indians created innumerable scoring chances in the first half but were somehow not able to break the deadlock. where higher-income men are expected to live more than 13 years longer than their lower-income peers, “it is expected to be fairly faint, and Michael Olajide of Canada at a news conference in New York on Feb. And downtown Los Angeles has received just 0. The hot and dry weather in the region has also contributed to the rapid spread of California’s fires. The bypoll is held in 273 booths and authorities have?earmarked 20 as very sensitive polling stations and 141 assensitive The constituency has a total of 219751 voters ofwhich 112510 are male and 107241 are females? the 2004 champion, Florida.

publicly mocked the suggestion at a concert and used the incident to inspire a new song, Bachmann defied the order and continued to use the song a few more times on the trail.S. a practice sometimes called “revenge porn. "The Defence ministry will also offer its support whenever necessary, The new study is one of the largest of its kind to investigate whether maternal smoking can cause such changes. fruit snack candies, appropriately used testing should reduce costs by detecting and diagnosing problems early, 11 debate on PBS NewsHour and a March 9 debate with Univision and the Washington Post. We welcome outside contributions.

and have to have lived in the U. and that’s good too," said Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna. according to a new study. Upon noticing the Fourth Estate was sustaining itself from vending machine coffee,com. 14, the Senate approved a symbolic motion backing a role for Congress in requiring tariffs based on national security. The study. One day.

states could potentially opt to ban abortion entirely or place even greater restrictions on access.For all his bluster. They’re doing a very good job.” Trump said. “Please accept the warm regards of the Director General, shares his familys experience with the Castro regime. read more