Month: September 2017

Love the new optimization strategy of enterprise website under the Shanghai algorithm

Optimization of

then the fresh blood should be how to write, is an important issue, many webmaster past is often using high quality pseudo original, seems to be a good method, but the original artifacts have a common characteristic, that is the contents of the old and the gossip, said to focus on the user to open this web site often closed quickly, these are easy to search engine to determine the content of garbage, so from a fresh perspective, should learn to old wine in new bottles, packing the contents become meaningful content, so that it can effectively improve the quality of website content. read more

How to choose the website optimization company the three points you need to know

three reasons: Shanghai Dragon Technology Training

two reasons: the company does not do the bidding


source: Guizhou network company: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝 please indicate, thank you.

is currently engaged in Guizhou, under the Shanghai dragon business company has many, but the main business is the Shanghai dragon, have 3-5 years of experience in this area or the Shanghai dragon company will not exceed 3-5, in the 3-5 company, has been engaged in the Shanghai dragon service is less, if by the company website to Shanghai dragon company, it can be said that a few, so that Guizhou has a professional Shanghai dragon company is relatively small, everyone in the choice must pay attention to this read more

Let the chain be your waves never disappear

to do the optimization, may know the content is king, the chain for the emperor this sentence, we can see the importance of the chain, Links as a chain, the weights of the website promotion, website keywords ranking, and enhance traffic plays an important role. Links can also make people all over the world to find your website, your website really become the waves never disappear. When people exchange Links, how to judge the quality of this website? If you look only at the other site the PR value, you obviously already outdated, many PR cost can hijack, how to judge what kind of website is worth to exchange? First of all to see the other side of the PR value, also should see the other side of the snapshot the best, snapshots is 24 hours, if the snapshot lag at least explain this website is not very good. We should also take a look at this site included, if included is stable, indicating that the site update is persistent, spiders are generally more stable renewal of love. To see you and then keywords site ranking, the ranking is also very important, ranking at least explain this website has a certain flow, but also look at the website domain name registration time,. Finally, the total number of 0 party want to take a look at the website chain best can be maintained at about 30, the maximum not more than 50, if the website of the other side chain too much, then transfer to the weight of your web site also does not have what meaning. read more

Love Shanghai search results page to modify the definition of

that gives people the feeling is love Shanghai but also a big move, according to Shanghai’s "2013 love mentioned Chinese website development trend report" in the "spark plan", will be more strict with you webmaster website content management, at the same time, "love Shanghai green" algorithm and the outside of the building the chain to re set new rules; in essence, is probably the webmaster way blocked. In the last year and this year in this period, Shanghai has put a lot of love, the love of Shanghai enterprises to the bidding promotion route, there are also a number of owners to seek a breakthrough, embarked on the road of network marketing. This is not to discuss this topic. read more

The website of Shanghai Dragon for enterprises need rectification for

article: we all know that the original articles all stressed that only the original articles have the value of things, the concept of love in Shanghai has made some suggestions to say: we make the original article, so it is good to help the search engine to search the site, so as to improve the collection. The original article can also improve the quality of site, so how are we to do the original question; "how to add additional value!" means in this article, I will not say.

the related recommendation: Click to view the contents of the user, when the user needs to see the reading of the article or other things;. For example: some related articles recommended in article pages on both sides, so as not to let the user and return to find related articles, this recommendation will play a role, is to save the user browsing time, thereby greatly reducing the user search time. (the truth! Product information like read more

Only the display URL does not display the title and description of fault analysis

do not know the specific reasons, the author carried out the following treatment:

poisoning or Trojan horse

5, the server problems


, with the IP website not included problems, this website appeared. And the search with the IP website, found this website under the WWW. domain name set 301 to take the lead. Jump to the WWW without the domain name. This is the 301 turning processing results. Normally should have no problem. But when I turned to the 301 test, found in the IE browser, 301 to no effect. This doubt: will it be love Shanghai included with WWW web site, and due to the direct collection of 301, after the change of domain name. This can make nothing of it. Just a guess. read more

Look at the future optimization of the road from the search results The change of love in Shanghai

Google search results

look after the love of Shanghai "Nanchang stomach hospital" the love of Shanghai first website address (copy the link address):

As for the

analysis of the reasons for the change of love in Shanghai, or from the 360 and Google to start, as everyone knows, Google has withdrawn from the China market for a period of time, love Shanghai in the search industry when the boss N for a long time, but before the exit Chinese market in Google, it is always love Shanghai’s younger brother, is in many ways like Google marketing mode. Google has issued a notice in September this year announced the presentation of results has been changed to its search, and describes it as one of the most important innovations in the 12 year history of the company. read more

Novice Shanghai dragon Er how to use nofollow Tags

a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er does not know what is Nofollow Nofolloow? What is the role? And those common ways? Today, Charlotte was Nofollow under simple introduction and use, let us website have better ranking.

because I am using Firefox flow device, so that the plug-in is a Firefox plugin: SearchStatus installation method:

Nofollow is an attribute of the HTML tag value. "It is forbidden to grab a spider crawling, this link. According to my understanding, there are 163 Sina blog blog to add nofollow tags, the main factor is to avoid the weight of their own website spread out. Know how to use the nofollow tag, the website optimization is very helpful. The nofollow tag is one of the important factors in Shanghai Longfeng Er station station optimization. read more

Network marketing topics Shanghai dragon and PPC in the end what

several times since the catastrophe since the algorithm love Shanghai in June this year, more and more Shanghai dragon Er opt out Shanghai dragon circles, and some because the adjustment algorithm affect the ranking and lost their jobs, many people questioned the love of Shanghai the purpose of doing so is to promote its love Shanghai PPC advertising business, there are countless click on the ads and Shanghai webmaster gathered love love Shanghai opposite! And now there is a voice that, Shanghai dragon is dead, PPC is king. In view of this point of view, I give some suggestions. read more

The website of tags tags in the optimization of search function

on the site tags tag of the article, in the network there are many, but they are all empty talk, give up today with actual situation to show the power of tags. Tags can give us what is included? Focus of stationmaster friends have been concerned about, then tags will be able to master a huge amount collected, so how does it bring to the site included the amount of

Of course,

we will use the following calendar fun mobile phone download station analysis, first on a calendar interesting website screenshot. read more

According to the analysis of the intelligent Home Furnishing industry internal optimization is very


for smart Home Furnishing industry website Shanghai Longfeng analysis, draw some conclusions. In the present domestic development of Shanghai dragon with intelligent Home Furnishing industry competition degree concluded: "the only update and release the chain is unable to do the Shanghai dragon." Then how can we effectively put intelligent Home Furnishing industry Shanghai Longfeng optimization do? According to my Home Furnishing for intelligent industry analysis, internal optimization is very important. read more

Analysis of love Shanghai eliminate the chain master the law of quality chain construction skills tw

2, the exposure rate of the chain is small easy to be deleted

so I think outside the chain to do one thing: try to make the exposure rate of the chain increases, at least let the traffic to reach tens of hundreds, too little, it is easy to be removed "love Shanghai

Correlation is relatively small, easy to link

I know, but I always have what good way to solve, because the high correlation has been very difficult to solve, unless I do every inquiry platform, such as love in Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer, some other forums do together are quite uncomfortable, as well do the webmaster forum! If you have a good way to give me support read more

Some measures on how to enhance the utilization of Shanghai dragon website to attract repeat custome

second, use to avoid popups. Now many download sites, information websites to appear a variety of pop, pop and advertising often these closely related, its purpose is to be able to bring some profits to the website. But more pop, will be very easy to cause the user antipathy. If this aversion to reach a limit, then the user is difficult to become your loyal users! So for as long as possible to avoid the use of pop. Of course, as a webmaster, if not profitable nor continue the momentum, so for this, we need a comprehensive consideration, for example, can be placed on both sides of the window where the user browsing, although these places may bring benefits is not too high, but also take into account the benefits and user experience. For the latter can lay a solid foundation for long-term profitability. read more

The chain rapidly improve the rankings of combat skills

Shanghai dragon friends know this sentence: content is king, the chain for the emperor. What do you mean? The website is ranked by internal links and external links two parts of. In this article, the author mainly want to discuss with everybody, if the chain, what kind of the chain to help the largest website ranking.

three, a wide range of

The chain of

two, correlation

on the Internet, the chain there are many forms, and many kinds of effect size of the chain is different. Love Shanghai clearly pointed out that if the spam chain would not easily be included, and if there is a chain of most not included words, then it is very dangerous. The number of the chain is important, even more important than quantity is quality, 1 high quality chain to the top 100 spam chain. When the hair of the chain, we must maintain a good attitude, quality to make the chain. The best that can go to the website to publish high reprint articles, so the chain is not only stable, and the quality is very high. read more

Shanghai dragon R should know how to establish and improve the Shanghai dragon operation team

website with enterprise management, how managers will have what kind of operation effect, management team on the development of Shanghai dragon industry foresight, manager of the Shanghai dragon operation project decisions affecting the entire enterprise, if you don’t fully understand the Shanghai dragon case, customized solutions but is rubbish another piece of paper. Shanghai Longfeng manager needs to have a relatively high level, and the original Shanghai dragon master search engine and method, have more marketing knowledge and experience, can not be confined to the Shanghai dragon technology. What is the Shanghai dragon experience should have enough rights in many companies in Shanghai Longfeng position is too low, but can not mobilize the suggestion on the optimization of other departments, especially in the technology sector, the plan is difficult to implement. read more

Share the search engines fast included tips

1, suitable for the establishment of its own, the information systems such as DEDECMS, 5UCMS, CMS Empire, PHPCMS, forum systems such as DZ1.5, PHPWIND, blog system such as Z-BLOG, WOUDPRESS, classification of information such as MYMPS, PHPMPS, Qi Bo classification information etc.. Choose their own is the best, the search engine will certainly think so.

, our search engine can solve the problem of a majority, so full of content, the search engine is generally not ignored, so how do we make our website as soon as possible to be included? Came to. read more

SKYCC combination marketing software updates faster than ordinary marketing software

industry insiders believe that this is a good trend, not only have an effect to the user using a combination of marketing software, more convenient, can save more resources for the user, allowing users to use more at ease. The source of Dong’ou valve network reproduced please keep 贵族宝贝 Dong’ou valve network copyright link.

SKYCC combination marketing software, a month for a new

The effect of

SKYCC launched in the combination marketing software, presents a comprehensive network marketing concept, insist on the daily maintenance, updated weekly, monthly change database, allowing users to achieve better results. read more

The noble baby Analytics can directly view the search keyword Report

we have been looking forward to this function has finally arrived, after entering the new nobility baby Analytics, you will see the search engine optimization the new features in the Traffic Sources menu (pictured above), you can see the search keywords, entrance page these statistics report, including views, rankings, clicks, click the percentage the data and so on, very practical.

announced the nobility baby now you can check the search engine optimization data report directly in the noble babies in Analytics, if you are pilot pilot users. read more

Using Shanghai Longfeng brand effect let you flow Everfount

title and description are we just begin to contact the Shanghai dragon to most things, but the inertia of thinking Shanghai dragon, let us always to Shanghai dragon to set the title and description, this is not in line with the user experience, but also can play a powerful brand effect, such as the following figure is a typical example.

: the first using the title and description to improve your brand exposure

second: the brand concept and image into the design and content of the site in

before writing this article, babyliu first ask you a question of Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon is for what you do? If you answer: of course is to make the ranking! So babyliu told you, you completely out. Shanghai dragon is not only can enhance the website ranking technology, but can be a powerful weapon to create brand effect. read more

Note the Links exchange

to view this website is many, if the weight of a website is 4, his Links are more than 100, then you exchange with him, almost too much weight, this is the exchange time must pay attention to the quality of the chain, especially the export chain or not exchange, on your site is not what good.


PR value and weight are basically the same, that the site’s ability to size, whether there is convincing, and love of Shanghai is almost proportional to the snapshot. Of course, is also associated with the length of time domain, PR the higher the better, although this is from Google, but still love Shanghai very seriously as a site of PR, after all, the search engine will mature a lot of big brother. read more