Month: August 2017

To Shanghai dragon er a reminder how to prevent the chain into the trap

What is the "

chain trap"? It is popular to say the chain of hair without any effect on the ranking, the chain do not only a waste of time, but also a waste of resources. So, it is very important to avoid the trap of the chain. Here is for you to share how to prevent Shanghai dragon Er into the chain trap.

Methods: to prevent

trap (1) for a single link, send in the chain must view the source code, it may take a bit of Shanghai dragon Er code knowledge, but is actually very simple, usually nofollow tag will add before you send the anchor text of the chain like www.xxx贵族宝贝, as long as see the label, you can think this is a tag chain trap, like the other 301 jump, jump JS chain trap is so identified, Shanghai dragon Er can slowly groping. read more

WeChat search application is coming Shanghai dragon have a chance

has been all that Shanghai dragon has been outdated, many businesses and individuals are not willing to do Shanghai dragon, guard Yuan Kun remind search where there is Shanghai dragon, WeChat search application has set up Shanghai dragon

we have thought about Shanghai dragon is love Shanghai, then think of the Taobao Shanghai dragon, but rarely think of other platforms. However, some people have a search, a search box where there is optimization ranking, but we rarely go deep.

In fact, have a chance? read more

Examples to explain how to write the title of the website

and second points to attract hits:

said the first point matching of keywords:

electronic balance, electronic balance, electronic balance, the price of Mettler sartorius electronic balance, precision balance, Shanghai precision electronic balance

with the above keywords, can usually be directly written: electronic balance | electronic balance price | Mettler electronic balance | sartorius electronic balance | Shanghai precision balance | precision electronic balance, just add a little bit of slightly modified, can be used as the title of the site to use. read more

A network of magical website ranking

how to use the network search hidden clip do Shanghai dragon.

recommended some good network favorites, music collection, good network angle, love Shanghai collection, QQ bookmark, 115 favorites, etc.. At present the most immediate effect of music should be collected, love Shanghai also suggested. We must follow the search engine go.


of their own website, of course, is not just a home page, and pages. Can speed up and improve the inside pages included weight, with the weight of the accumulation of our website will enhance the overall nature. On site keywords, read more

How to find the long tail keywords


2, a lot of long tail keywords ranking tomb.

2, the flow is small, the number is very high, and even most of the words have not been excavated.

for the web site keywords and target keywords, website ranking, user experience and product sales, traffic, as a search engine to a finishing touch effect on website evaluation.

3, occupies the entire site traffic ratio of about 60%-90%.

1, industry analysis

3, the market dynamic observation of

We know that

2, from the search box for the love Shanghai, love Shanghai search (the pathway was derived as the bottom layer > love camp read more

How to adapt to the frequent changes of grassroots webmaster algorithm love Shanghai


with love Shanghai market share continues to increase, the grassroots webmaster love Shanghai dependence is more and more big, after all, occupy Shanghai love home, is equivalent to occupy their own gold, if the site falls on the three page, so almost no money what possible, so a careful analysis of love Shanghai optimization guide became many webmasters have homework! But the love of Shanghai optimization guide, only a general introduction to the optimization principle and love Shanghai, love Shanghai algorithm is dynamically adjusted, such as before the chain often occupied high proportion, but after many of the algorithm to adjust the weight of the chain now. There has been obvious drop, visible constantly adjust for love Shanghai algorithm, as a grassroots webmaster should change timely understanding of love Shanghai algorithm, and at the same time adjustment Technique, so it can be in an invincible position read more

Analysis of Shanghai dragon qiongzesibian under the development direction of unrest

search engine service diversification is good for our Shanghai dragon industry, this will be a big update of Shanghai Dragon technology, will also promote the maturity of Shanghai dragon.

since the domestic search engine All flowers bloom together. Shanghai dominate, love is in the past, so Shanghai Longfeng industries will be diversified, the optimized object is more than a love of Shanghai, the future will also offer for Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, soso, Sogou, 360 different search engine optimization difficulty after all every different. read more

About not that entrepreneurshipGen HTML5 what can you do to overcome the low payment rate

back in 2010, Jobs published an open letter called "T houghts onFlash", which said that HTML5 would rule Web. Such a prediction ushered in the first wave of HTML5 entrepreneurship boom. Huang Ho and Zhao Fei are in the wave of the upsurge in the establishment of Lei friends technology, mainly to do HTML5 games, then won the innovation, workshops and other institutional investment. But not long after, HTML5 went from high to low. Zhao Fei said: "Egret engine has launched five games, but the market was on hiatus." In this regard, the United States Economic Cooperation Group Investment Manager Gao Wenbo to Nandu reporter analysis: "HTML5 in the past two years, standards are not uniform, leading to the development of the entire market is not smooth."." In such an environment, coupled with the crazy growth of A PP, can be like Lei Xing Technology lucky to get financing and survive in fact not much. read more

Case analysis website home page is the K cause and treatment method

can be seen from the figure above the words "16Mn pipe" appear particularly high frequency, I also read his article station, really keywords accumulation is too serious, and keywords almost every time it appears all over the bold treatment, we determined and optimized too, need to add keywords within reasonable range, below is an article in the website.

above we may find the end of the article, there are 4 pure text links, one is the front page of the site, while the other three are exported to links to other sites, these sites should be my friend your own website, the intention is to pass this way to increase the weight of the other several websites (several other website he the same way, but itself >) read more

Calm down right towards positive correction recovery

first we first from the novice easy to make a mistake about places, such as: title, modification of the chain of hair too much, the chain group, the cheating replication rate is too high, too poor readability of the server is not stable, etc..

second I think many veteran will often mistakes, such as friends of the chain too much, excessive site optimization, website structure, the same site modified Dongzuoguoda etc..

Title cannot replace frequent changes even as everyone knows no related words, and especially not related to the content of the site’s words, say you do is a mobile phone title is the fridge, the chain is many novice up a hardy work in hard to do, if the chain less friends even the use of bulk software this result was found in the search engine, K will be miserable, update article, if not the original words to do high quality pseudo original, customers can at least read, is a full article, server space is a flawed, if not stable and don’t care about the money, the replacement of the host in time, do not lose a forest for a tree. read more

Behind Luo Zhenyu mysterious woman 17 years old venture 19 years old when the chairman of the Advi

is a woman who has a lot to do with Ronaldo,

a lot of people know about mind

don’t take off the name of Li Tiantian, micro-blog, Sina in the year before the undercover tiger sniffing the network with "don’t take off my sister" name mix very famous, then people used to call her don’t take off, but rarely by name. Before becoming a logical thinking CEO, the company has been a corporate consultant and has become famous in the industry.

actually, I wanted to write a long time ago, but I didn’t start writing when I didn’t have enough material. After a long period of attention, he slowly accumulated some material before deciding to write her, and probably more than just writing one. If according to experience of view, in fact, don’t take off the fat cattle and the legend of the past can Biro many. read more

From the five aspects of the site is the cause of the K

Links, black chain, chain, or the chain will cause the site to drop right or K stand. Love Shanghai algorithm is quite complex, we don’t need to spend big price to analyze how the link will be punished, for example, everyone said the black chain is easy to drop right, then we give a competitor to hang black chain, competitors will be down right? I’m afraid not. Careful, careful.


linkWhether it is

three, Shanghai



website contains two meanings: stability the stability of web space and updating the site stability. The stability of web space determines the user and search engine can efficiently access the site. General small site, 2-3 days space cannot access will appear drop right phenomenon. If the site was attacked resulting in the website is too slow or inaccessible, also belong to the space is not stable. Site stability refers to update website content, update the chain structure, volatility, volatility is too large is not stable, prone to drop right or K station. The most typical is the chain and suddenly exploded, sometimes a few days did not see growth, this belongs to the update is not stable, very easy to fall right. read more

Gu Fangyuan how to use the Shanghai dragon network money tips

Learn how to use

in the Shanghai dragon network money tips, introduce myself first, I care Fangyuan graduated 09 years of computer application technology, in 2006 began to study Shanghai Dragon technology, June 2009 -2010 year in June in Shenzhen, a Hongkong enterprises as J2EE development programmers and project leader positions, at the same time to provide services for the Shanghai dragon Shenzhen enterprises, enterprise performance each cooperative have macro growth, because I used the enterprise does not make money without charge, breaking more than 90% of the domestic Shanghai Longfeng grey service model, then get the majority of enterprises recognized, I feel very proud, because I can use this to help more people who need help, 2010 6 I formally resigned from the JAVA project leader position, because I said to myself, if you can use their limited time and ability to To help more people realize their dreams, to realize their ideals, not better than work? Gu Fangyuan has since officially entered the Internet marketing and enterprise marketing, has changed me! Before 2010 from the time to make money, make money now automatically, for 1 years now, although income is not much, but I used to work than the salary is more than 5 times more meaningful things is I help people to realize their own value, the Gu Fangyuan hope that through the sharing of Shanghai dragon money experience, let more people get rid of corporate slavery chips, Gu Fangyuan’s mission is to make all dreams and schemes, ambition, and willing to understand Thanksgiving for his best friend tomorrow to live, live a more relaxed, live more meaningful, more exciting. read more

Do Shanghai dragon to let the user experience is good first of all let Baidu experience good


4, the top three to solve what user demand points, to see whether they completely solve the user demand points, if has been solved, so we must further solve the user demand point of innovation. For example, someone opened a restaurant, we also opened a home, how do we want their business goes well? First, than the price, we are.


to let the user experience is good, first of all let Baidu experience good! How can you let love Shanghai more love our website? Why love Shanghai to make our station to the keywords home? In addition to those based on TDK, 301, 404, high quality original Shanghai Longfeng essential foundation, what can we do it? Never thought for a long time also want to give you the most intuitive to share some of his own experience and experience, finally think the actual example seems more convincing! Said, read more

Analysis of 404 examples of page three points you should pay attention to the details of the product

cannot access the page we should first find the cause, and make timely treatment, if it is unable to display should use 404 error page to tell the search engines and visitors related page no longer exists. We need to design a friendly 404 error page. In the production of 404 error page, don’t just go to make a simple page, or simply to jump to the home page. This will give visitors and search engines to leave a good impression. So we should pay attention to what the details in the production of 404 error page? The author on this issue in a 404 error page A5 webmaster nets for example three share some of their own experiences. read more

Analysis of the effect of frequency on the optimization of the keyword density


keyword density distribution, this is also the many Shanghai dragon Er debate. The distribution of keywords, which is title, keywords, description and the content of main part. The more knowledge is key, distribution of title and description in two parts of the most important, especially for the website home page, the two part must be written, generally speaking, the main part of the title keyword appears less than three times better, the best is three times, but not more than four times, some of the main keywords appear 5 – Description 6 times, but not recommended more than 8 times, the emergence of a secondary keywords. As for the content page, may be a little bit less. read more

believe nine wins strong cooperation believe the call will be fully on line advertisingThe pain

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

there used to be a station friend, and our station was basically made at the same time, but his station was sold directly. The flow rate is very high, and the speed of development is several times higher than that of my station. "Why?" he said. "Advertising revenue is too small.". There is one, only more than 2000 members every day, traffic is only about 5000, every day more than 1US income. My PS station, when more than 7000 member, only then has 0.5US income. The difference is on the subject. read more

Analysis of the current situation of domestic and foreign Wangzhuan ClickEFriendsNet crackdown cheat

click Wangzhuan can be divided into foreign click Wangzhuan PTC or Bux station and China click Wangzhuan, mainly carries on the analysis system of the two click Wangzhuan:

why many PTC have such a system, where is the station PTC source of interest? 1, most of the webmaster PTC benefits from membership investment income: all PTC stations offer upgrade services, there will be a lot of concessions after the upgrade, such as lifting line Commission and 50% to 100% or even 200%, you can rent line in fact, is the webmaster robots and so on many benefits. Drawback is: investment risk, investment payback period in 1-3 months, during this period if you can return to this, on behalf of your profit, if you do not stand failure, you can recover the investment losses, PTC! Why station closed, very simple, his membership benefits from investment income, with the passage of time, a member of the investment will be more and more, his income will be more and more, at the same time, owners also pay first investment member, when investment peaked, owners will earn a lot of money, slowly spending will be greater than the income, owners began to play to depend on not paying members, appeared to collapse. In the early days, many PTC stations did so, and the interests of the first, if you want to do a long-term station, such as NeoBux, is not easy, lies in how the owners deal with money. 2, PTC another income alliance promotion income: that is, we click 4 ads every day, is also the webmaster’s source of interest. 3, advertising revenue: for example, click ads at the bottom of the page or above, there are BANNER ads, but also the source of interest for the webmaster. However, the benefits of these two points are far less than the member’s investment income. read more

Expose the shady story of CPA’s advertising fraud softwareWeChat marketing small assistant let your

music as ————————-0.5 yuan

WeChat marketing came into being a new way of the Internet, and many enterprises and individuals have tasted the sweetness of many, the development prospects are also very worth looking forward to, so compared with the traditional Internet marketing, WeChat has the advantages.

Kingsoft antivirus ——————-0.4 yuan


all kinds of cheating tools come along,


Kingsoft shlf1314 translation ————-0.3 yuan read more

n September 3rd Adsense group answered questions written by netizensshlf1314 Adsense will provide

Sina blog cannot be used to apply for shlf1314 adsense. But if you apply for shlf1314 Adsense accounts through other websites, you can advertise on Sina blogs. To put it simply, Sina blog can’t be used for advertising, but it can be used for advertising.

– passers-by small A question: will the Sina blog can apply for shlf1314 Adsense? For Adsense, how long can

– eight medium question: ask, there is not a blogger website under shlf1314, is it possible to use Adsense directly on top of the read more