The legend of the love of a sea fairy and Odyssey inspiration for a perfume that has become a sought-after souvenir of Mljet

first_imgPerfume as a souvenir? Absolutely yes, especially if he is authentic and tells a special story.Tamara Luković, a woman from Zagreb in love with the island of Mljet, especially Goveđari, where she and her husband Zoran from nearby Dubrovnik decorated an old house, a former school, where they live and have a gallery, created a perfume that combines the scents of this wooded island.For the eau de perfume “Nymph Calypso” which can be bought exclusively in the Mediterranean Art-Gift shop in the hotel Odisej on Mljet in the National Park Mljet, it is inspired by the legend of love of a sea nymph and Odysseus who was imprisoned on an island and many are convinced that it is the island of Mljet that has become part of the tourist story of this southern Dalmatian island. “For years I worked in Zagreb as a representative of the most famous cosmetic brands, so after we made several Mljet souvenirs such as Mljet shirt, traditional jewelry, snake ring and earrings Mljet gradas, hand-woven bags, pillows, belts, I thought about a new souvenir and remembered the legend of Odyssey. I found inspiration in the legend of the passion, love of the sea nymph Calypso and Odysseus, who swam after the shipwreck and stayed there for seven years because of love. Smell is a very important aspect of human relationships, so I contacted the French perfume company Aromara Fragonard and told them how I imagined the fragrance and they sent me a few samples made on my ideas from which I chose the one we named Nymph Calypso. Lukovic points out.When we look at the bigger picture, tourists who bought perfume from the island of Mljet, will use it throughout the year, ie for special moments of their lives. So the story and memory from Mljet is alive, present throughout the year because whenever a customer sees or puts on perfume, they will remember the island of Mljet. And those are strong emotions and a special experience. Also, whenever someone asks a proud perfume owner where they come from and what kind of perfume it is, the story again takes on a new dimension full of emotions and experiences. Thus, the story of Mljet is multiplied by word of mouth, and it has always been and will be the best advertisement.What is a special story is that it is a wild and medicinal plant from the island of Mljet, and thus the perfume tells an authentic and unique story. “At the heart of the fragrance are delicate accords of herbs from the island of Mljet sage, carnation or garoful, green apple, lemon and grapefruit, lavender, while woody and musky notes of fir, cedar and patchouli provide a feeling of peace and relaxation as deep, cold Mljet forests. The essence of the fragrance contains jasmine, geranium”, Explains Luković, the author of the perfume that has become a favorite souvenir of tourists visiting Mljet.He adds that every scent takes us somewhere, even when we don’t travel that often, and with the scent of Nymph Calypso we always return to the island of Mljet and the mystical journey with legend can begin. “I think it is a good tourist story that promotes the island of Mljet, so we plan with a men’s cosmetic line, and a men’s fragrance because I see this as a resumption of love between the nymph Calypso and Odysseus in a new tourist way with the best presentation of Mljet”, Says Tamara Luković and reminds that in her gallery, in addition to exhibitions and concerts, she organizes numerous workshops where attractive souvenirs are created and where they will be created, which, like Tamara’s perfume, will remind tourists to stay on Mljet.And the story has another added value and mystery, the perfume can only be bought on Mljet, so if you want to buy it, you have to visit Mljet.last_img

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